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Alexander Izmailovitch Adolfovna

( The revolutionary)

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Biography Alexander Izmailovitch Adolfovna
Alexander Izmailovitch Adolfovna (1878, Russia - September 11, 1941. Medvedovsky forest, near Mr.. Eagle). Of the nobility, his father - an artillery officer. In Revolutionary Party since 1901. Participant Revolution of 1905-1907, member of. Battle of the detachment of the volatile northern region. January 14, 1906 participated with п?.п?. Pulihovym in an attempt to Minsk Governor PG. Kurlov and police chief DD Norov. 16 Feb.. 1906 sentenced to death, commuted to perpetual drudgery (Pulihov - hanged). At Nerchinsk prison met MA Spiridonova. IK. Kakhovska etc.. figures of the AKP.

As a result, Febr. Revolution of 1917 liberated. Worked in Chernigov Province. the peasants desks. propagandist and organizer. By autumn arrived in Petrograd, ran in tsp. Inaugural. Sobr.ot Petrograd, but was. At the inaugural. Congress Party of the Left SRs (PLSR: Nov. 19-27.) elected a member of. CC participated in the October. Revolution of. He was a Left Socialist-Revolutionary faction of the All 2-4-th convocation. Since December, a member of the Presidium of the All In the formation of the block of the Bolsheviks and Left SRs was scheduled member of the ANC - People's Commissar of the palaces, but to address the Central Committee PLSR left on desks. and owls. work.

In April - May 1918 was in charge of organizational and propaganda department of the Peasants' section of the Central Executive Committee. In the Left Socialist-Revolutionary mutiny July 6, 1918, did not participate, but was arrested and soon released. In ed-ve PLSR "Roar. socialism "has released a brochure entitled" post-revolutionary errors "(Moscow, 1918). in which he wrote:

"This is, firstly, Germany's capitulation to imperialism" and, therefore, a betrayal of our brothers in the Ukraine, Finland, Latvia, Belarus, Lithuania and Bessarabia. Hence the inevitable slow, . but the faithful delivery of the October positions on all fronts against the bourgeoisie of all countries, . and Russian including, . and hence, . delay in the development of world revolution, . heavy blow to the Internationale, . betrayal of his legacy, . barred any compromise with any imperialism,
. The second mistake - a departure from the October position in domestic politics and economics of decentralization, ie. from the appropriate distribution of government among all the organs of Soviet power, the centralization, ie. to the connection vsezahvatyvayuschey power in the hands of only the Central Government, only one head. And the third mistake - a distrust of the Central Government for the most numerous and the core of the working class of Russia - krestyanstvu ... The third mistake is digging an abyss, where the risk of collapse with a crash all the gains of the October Revolution had, if this error will become deeper and deeper ". Especially critical of Izmailovitch and Peasants' Red Terror ".

Beginning in 1919 was subjected to repeated arrests and exile, from 1923 in exile. In 1937 the Military. Top panel. Court of the USSR sentenced to 10 years in prison on charges of belonging to terroristich. org-tion, and 8 Sept.. 1941 sentenced to death. Rehabilitated for 1937 and 1941 in 1957 and for the 20's - early. 30-ies. in 1989.

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Alexander Izmailovitch Adolfovna, photo, biography
Alexander Izmailovitch Adolfovna, photo, biography Alexander Izmailovitch Adolfovna  The revolutionary, photo, biography
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