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Vladimir Karelin

( Lawyer, journalist)

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Biography Vladimir Karelin
Karelin Vladimir (23 Feb.. 1891, Smolensk, - 1938). Of the nobility. Lawyer, journalist. Eser in 1907 (by dp. data, from 1909). In 1913-14 employee gas. "Journal of Smolensk, in 1915-16, Kharkov gas. "Morning". During the 1-st world. War "internationalist". Was under police surveillance, spent a year in jail and 5 years in exile.
After the February. Revolution of 1917, one of the leaders of org-tion AKP Kharkov. Regularly published in "Proceedings of the South" (Kharkov), in "Land and Freedom", "Banner of Labor", w. "Our Way" and "Banner of Labor". In July, elected in Kharkov Gore. Duma, took over as its chairman, sought democratization mountains. government, the implementation of 8-hour. working hours, occupational health. In early. August. participated in an extended 7-th Council of the Party, to-rum along with 34 delegates (out of 78) criticized the Central Committee, the policy of the SR - members of the coalition. Provisional. Prospect Island, insisted on a "uniform Sots. min-va ". Was listed as obschepart. candidates in tsp. Inaugural. Coll. Identified the AKP and the Commission of the Central Committee of the 7 th of the Party. August 22. at a meeting of the Kharkov Gore. Dumas said: "The problem of democracy - download in their hands all the threads of power, to follow, not retreating, the path of social gains; meet before the end of his roar. duty "(" Proceedings of the South ", Kharkov, 1817, 24. August.). Member Dem. meeting, a member of the Provisional Council of Elders. Council Ros. Republic (Pre-Parliament). Demanded education in the Pre organizationally independent of the Central Committee of the SGP fraction capable of performing its role Vseros. Left Socialist-Revolutionary Center. October 15. 8 th Petrograd. Conf. Socialist elected to the PC.

October. roar-tions met ambiguous: welcome (with reservations) the transfer of power to the Soviets, but believed a mistake armament. overthrow of the Provisional. Prospect Island, unlawful negative attitude VI. Lenin and LD. Trotsky to others. Sots. parties to the prospect of cooperation with them. Concurrently. thought pernicious policy of the Right SRs and Mensheviks, not wishing to seek a compromise with the Bolsheviks. October 25. at a meeting of the SR - delegates to the 2 nd All-Russia. Congress of Soviets RNC warned: "Isolation of the Bolshevik disastrous. We [the Left SRs .- Author] OCH. idea - the establishment Dem. authority. We're playing now the role of conciliators and to lose that role can not. We should offer the Bolsheviks to form a block roar. democracy, and in this block we go ". On behalf of the Left SRs suggested: "If there is formed a homogeneous Bolshevik. pr-in, then we vote against this ... but the Congress will stay, we enter into [new-Author] CEC. The Government will support it "(Banner of Labor", 1917, October 27.). Karelin's suggestion was rejected by right-wing SRs. At the same meeting was elected to the commission for negotiations with the Bolsheviks. October 26. in connection with the refusal of hands-va RSDRGKb) of a "homogeneous Sots. Prospect Island, the Bolshevik Central Committee rejected a proposal to participate in the CNS.

He was elected to the All 2-convocation, it was headed by the Municipal Department. At plenary meetings of the Central Executive Committee and the Left Socialist-Revolutionary factions have repeatedly advocated the freedom of the press, for the separation of powers and strict control over the activities of the Central Executive Committee CNS commissariats and departments. At the time of the first Government. crisis (3-4 nov.) held his own-on. witness - "a policy of isolation of Lenin, avoiding at the same time isolation of Bolshevism as a whole", he hoped that "soon the same time, moderate Bolsheviks [L.B. Kamenev, VP. Nogin etc. - Author] will vote with us, forming a majority in the All "(" Proceedings of the South ", 1917, Nov 7.). I think that this way will be finished with the course of the dictatorship of the proletariat, with his political repression, the split in the camp, the roar. democracy, the danger, retracting CET. war. In early. Nov.. entered during. Center, Bureau of the Left SRs to convene inaugural. Congress. At the Congress (19-27 Nov..) Elected member of. CC, yielding to count woo votes obtained only DB. Kamkov, MA Natanson and MA Spiridonova.

One of People's Commissars of the 7 - Left SRs, included in the SPC, the decision of the Central Executive Committee on 12 December. and ANC from December 13. led the People's Commissariat of State. property; served as commissar reluctantly, only at the insistence of the Central Committee of PLSR, and in such a way that "they are not prevented the party. work "(Petrograd. Echo, 1918, January 13.). SPC participated in the meetings less often than the rest of the Left SRs, but always played an opponent of the Bolsheviks in the debate on penal policy Owls. power, competence of the Cheka, the People's Commissariat, etc.. He was opposed to extreme measures, extrajudicial persecution.

Members to establish. Coll. (from Kharkov izbirat. District). He tried to warn him of the dissolution, was looking to an agreement with the majority of the Social Revolutionaries. At the meeting of the Left SR - members to establish. Coll.. Held for Multi base. hours before the start of his work, insisted that the "Declaration of Rights of Working and Exploited People", to-Rui on behalf of the Soviet. Prospect Island was to announce the opening inaugural. Coll., Changes were made a compromise and made softening neck-ryh language ( "Izvestiya Sovetov RSKD g. Moscow and Moscow. Region. ", 1918, Jan. 6.).

January 14. 1918 Karelin had been authorized to participate in the ANC as a member of the delegation in the peace negotiations in Brest-Litovsk. Considering the conditions of the Brest Peace harmful to the Revolution of, was one of the initiators of the gap the government unit, exit Left SRs from SNK. March 18 folded these powers to the Central Executive Committee. By decision of the Central Committee of PLSR in the 2 nd floor. March - May, participated in a so-called. "South of the delegation, which was designed to agitate for the breakdown of the Brest peace, strengthening the influence of the Left SRs in the Cossack regions of the Don, Kuban and Ukraine, org-tion of military units

Party. After the 2 nd Congress of the PLSR (17-25 May.) Comrade. prev. Presidium. Practically with Kamkov and PP. Proshyan determined the course of the party. Spring - summer was a member (as candidate) in the Prospect of Owls. Ukraine - "Povstanch. nine ". Remaining tsp. Central Executive Committee, spoke at meetings against the decrees Ask. dictatorship and Poor Peasants. May 9 during the discussion at the plenum of the Central Executive Committee "of the Decree on Food said: the draft law is replete with recipes extremely risky, extremely risky experiment ... in-rye in the country may in negligence cause excesses stabbing ... and we do not get bread "(" Minutes of meetings of the All 4-th convocation ". Stenografich. report, Moscow, 1920, with. 255). Karelin saw a danger that the policy committees existed to face in the confrontation between two forces that are the foundation of the republic: "labor of the cross and the proletariat" (Banner of Labor ", 1918, 12 June).

. Resolution CC PPSR dated 24 June, which involves the breakdown of the respite next terroristich
. acts against the most prominent representatives of the germ. imperialism ", was put into a group of 4 persons., k-swarm was instructed to" work out our tactics and slogans of the regular policy "(" Red Book of the Cheka, t. 1, Moscow, 1989,. 185-86). For active participation in the Left Socialist-Revolutionary mutiny on July 6-7, was sentenced (in absentia) to 3 g. prison. Gone over to the not easy. position in December. 1918 went to Ukraine. In Feb.. 1919 in Kharkov, the Cheka arrested. evacuated to Moscow in October. released. From 1921 Counsel decomp. institutions in Kharkov. Sep 26. 1,937 arrested, according to decisions of the military. Bar Top. Court of the USSR on 22 Sept. 1938 shot. He was rehabilitated posthumously.

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