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SMIRNOV Konstantin Illarionovich

( Archbishop)

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Biography SMIRNOV Konstantin Illarionovich
Cyril (Smirnov Konstantin Illarionovich) (April 26. 1863, Kronstadt-20 Nov.. 1937). In 1887 he graduated from St. Petersburg. Theological Academy with a degree of Candidate. theology, was ordained to the priesthood. In 1902 he was tonsured a monk. Since 1904 Bishop Gdovskii, from 1909 - Tambov and Shatsky. In 1913, elevated to the rank of archbishop.

As a monarchist, had never approved of the pogrom mood. Most of the time spent in the diversion of their dioceses, there was always a sudden, when he was not expected. In his sermons showed a good knowledge of drug. life: drinking, swearing, prejudice people against the literacy and schooling - the usual subjects of his sermons. Educating people in the spirit of Eng. Orthodox. church was its DOS. life purpose. He is a strong faith and a lucid mind.

After the February. Revolution of 1917 gave the telegram on March 4 chief prosecutor SW. Synod VN. Lviv: ".. Clergy Mr.. Tambov decided to welcome in your face the dawn of a new life for Pravosl. Ros. Church, seeking a broad scope for its application of grace to cause rel. educate people and to implement in his life teachings of Christ's love and truth and establish the life of the church itself on the internal meaning and spirit of the canons of the church ... "(Chernihiv Diocesan Bulletin, 1917, N 10-11, 18 March,. 181). From the "Words", words spoken in the same day, at vespers liturgy: ".. So far we have lived under the constant supervision of the guardians deputed to us, with persistent reminders from the outside:" Do not set foot here, "do not, do not say it". Now is the time when we need inside ourselves and find instructions on how to decide and carry out a different matter, so as not to come out of him harm, not only for ourselves, how many other people connected with us in one State. device, do not come to harm Our Great Motherland "(ibid.. with. 247-48). In "Word", uttered in the Tambov Cathedral on March 7 at the Te Deum on the occasion of making Russia a new state. device, Cyril said: "... At this time,. pr-ve we have our legitimate authority ... to-swarm to obey in all honesty, not through fear but for conscience. Especially grave misfortune for the country would be if the days of the beginning of freedom of expression be overshadowed any anger and vengeance for the past. Let this be our last lot of what rightly indignant, but was beaten out of words can not throw, the past it was still our domestic past, the past of our country ... And we, if we do not hold out over the mockery of its past, then write a first page of his new history, to-Rui next generation will be reading from the paint on the face of shame, will be ready to snatch it, but there are no scissors. K eq could cut anything from our history. Especially someone to remember the answer before history. This is for you, our hope and our glory - dear soldiers of Russia Grand Army ... Perform the same this debt with all the patience and dedication "(ibid.,. 249-52).

At Vseros. Local Council Ros. Pravosl. Church (August. 1917-1918) was elected before. Department of Teaching God's law and was a member of a number of others. Divisions. Is among the 25 candidates for the post of Patriarch of All Russia. At the Council acted supporter of the patriarchate. He headed a delegation to the Council п-.пг. Kerensky to demand the restoration of the patriarchate. At the Council elected a member of the Synod.

During October. armament. Restore. visited the besieged Moscow. Kremlin from the cadets expressed their support.

March 19, 1918 appointed Metropolitan of Tiflis and Baku, Exarch of the Caucasus. But to the destination he was unable to attend due to military. Action. From the middle. 1918 Metropolitan of Kazan and Sviyazhsky. The will of Patriarch Tikhon was raised the first candidate for mestoblyustitelstvo, but to accept these responsibilities had not been able. Decree of the Presidium of the Cheka in August. 1920 concluded in Solovetsky monastery, in January. 1922 amnesty, but in August. arrested and deported in the Komi region of 2 years: in December. 1,926 arrested in Vyatka, in March 1927 sent to Siberia for 3 years, in 1930, a reference renewed for 3 years after his release he lived in Gzhatsk, in 1934, arrested and exiled for 3 years in Kazakhstan. By order of the troika of the NKVD on the South Kazakhstan region. shot in 1937. Rehabilitated in 1989.

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SMIRNOV Konstantin Illarionovich, photo, biography
SMIRNOV Konstantin Illarionovich, photo, biography SMIRNOV Konstantin Illarionovich  Archbishop, photo, biography
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