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CORK August Ivanovich

( Military leader, commander of rank 2)

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Biography CORK August Ivanovich
Cork August Ivanovich (22.7.1887, d Ardlan Tartu County Lifland province - 12/6/1937, Moscow), military leader, commander of rank 2 (1935). The son of a peasant. Educated in Chuguyivske Infantry School (1908) and Nikolaev Military Academy (1914). Participant 1-st World War, Lieutenant Colonel. In August. 1917 - Feb.. Before 1918. Soldiers' Committee of the Western Front. In June 1918 joined the Red Army. Since October. Early 1918. Branch staff of the Western Front and the beginning. Division 9-Staff of Army. In Feb.. - May 1919 beginning. Staff of the Estonian Army. In August. October 1919. 1920 Commander of the 15 th, in October. 1920-May 1921 - 6-armies. Supervised the defense of Petrograd against the troops of the gene. NN. Yudenich, assault and capture Perekopa Yushunskaya positions. During the Civil War was awarded 2 orders of the Red Banner (1919, 1920) and honorable revolutionary weapon (1920). In May 1921 the commander of the Kharkov Military District, pom. Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Crimea. Since 1922 the commander of the Turkestan Front, led military operations to defeat and destroy Basmachis in Central Asia. In 1924-25 pom. Commander and Commander of the Western Military Region. On Feb.. 1925 commanded the Red Banner of the Caucasian Army, with the Nov.. 1925 - Forces of Belarus, Western and Leningrad military districts. In 1927 he joined the Communist Party (b). Some time was early. Office supplies WPRA. In 1929-35 commander of the Moscow Military District. Since 1935 the beginning. Frunze Military Academy. 12/5/1937 arrested. Charged with violation of oath, treason, betrayal of the peoples of the USSR and the Red Army. Pleaded guilty to involvement in the military-fascist conspiracy. However MN. Tukhachevsky п?.п?. Uborevycha I.E. Yakir and others were convicted by the Special 12/6/1937 presence, which included major generals, and sentenced to death. Shot. In 1957, rehabilitated.

To use material from the book.: Zaleski KA. Stalin's empire. Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary. Moscow, Veche, 2000

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Cork August I. (1887, d.Ardlan Livonia lips. - 1937) - cos. military leader. From a poor peasant family. He studied at the four-year-uch School in g. Yuriev, then in uch-Chuguyivske Infantry School, from K-cerned, was released a second lieutenant in 1908. In 1914 he graduated from the Cork Nikolaev Military Academy of the General Staff, av1917 - military school pilots observers, after which he was appointed to the headquarters of the army in the West. Front. In Feb.. 1918 after the dissolution of staff was dismissed from service with the rank of lieutenant colonel, and in June, voluntarily joined the Red Army ( "I must honestly say that I was going to keep up with the Bolsheviks from the very beginning of the October Revolution"). He served in the Operations Division Vseross. Chief of Staff, then Chief of the Operations Intelligence Division 9-Staff of Army. He was assistant commander of the 7 th army defending Petrograd from NN Yudenich, an adviser to the People's Commissar for Military Affairs of the Estonian labor communes and Chief of Staff of the Estonian Army. From June 1919 to October. 1920 commanded the 15 th Army, to the paradise-led military operations in the West. front against Poland. Over the able leadership of Cork was twice awarded the Order of the Red Banner. In October. 1920 Cork was appointed commander of the 6 th Army, operating against the PN Wrangel on the Southern Front. In November, troops of the army attacked, the main impact on the Perekop direction. "For the energetic and able leadership of army operations, resulting in the defeat and destruction of Wrangel's army" Cork has been awarded an Honorary roar. weapon with attached Order of the Red Banner. In June - October. 1922 Cork was assistant commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Crimea Frunze that characterized him thus: "Large military worker, with great military experience and an excellent theoretical knowledge. Has a great initiative, great energy and efficiency ". In 1922 Cork held various senior positions in the army. In 1927 he joined the Communist Party (b). He was a military attache in Germany, the head of the Office of Supply of the Red Army, commanded troops Moscow. Military District. In 1935 Cork was awarded the title Commander II rank, he was appointed Chief of the Military Academy. M.V. Frunze. Cork - the author of articles on the training of troops, military history and theory. Was repressed during the Stalinist terror. He was rehabilitated posthumously.

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CORK August Ivanovich, photo, biography
CORK August Ivanovich, photo, biography CORK August Ivanovich  Military leader, commander of rank 2, photo, biography
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