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Kosior Stanislav Vikentiyovych

( Party and state leaders)

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Biography Kosior Stanislav Vikentiyovych
Kosior Stanislav Vikentiyovych (6.11.1889, Hungarians Siedlce province - 26.2.1939), party and state leaders. The son of a worker, a Pole. Educated in the Sulina primary school (1902). In 1902 enrolled at metal workshops Sulina plant. In 1907 joined the RSDLP, Bolshevik. Part of the Party Committee RSDLP Donetsk-Tartu smelter. In 1912-14 on illegal work in Kharkov, Kiev, Poltava. Since 1915 in Moscow. Four times he was arrested. In 1915 he was exiled for 3 years in Irkutsk province. Released February Revolution and moved to Petrograd, was executive secretary of Narva-Peterhof district committee RSDLP (b). In October. 1917 Commissioner of the Petrograd Military Revolutionary Committee, member of an armed uprising. In early 1918 a member of the Committee of Revolutionary Defense of Petrograd. Belonged to the "Left Communists, who oppose a peace with the Germans. In March 1918, was appointed national secretary of Finance of Ukraine, from April. 1918 Member of the Organizing Bureau of the convening of the 1 st Congress of the Ukrainian Communist Party. Since August. 1918 on the underground work in Ukraine, Secretary of the Kyiv Committee of the underground CP (b) of Ukraine. In May 1919 - December. 192 (1 secretary of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of Ukraine and at the same time in July-Dec. 1919 Head Zafrontovogo Bureau of the CC CP (b) of Ukraine. Since December. 1920 Member of the Board of People's Commissariat of Food Ukraine (Ukraine). In 1922-25 Secretary of the Siberian office of the Central Committee of the RCP (b). Since 1923 a candidate member, since 1924 member of the CC ON (b). From 1.1.1926 to 12.7.1928 secretary of the CPSU (B) and a member of the Organizing Bureau of the Central Committee. On 19.12.1927 a candidate for membership in the Politburo member 13/7/1930. In July 1928 replaced LM. Kaganovich as General Secretary of the CC CP (b) of Ukraine. At the July Plenum of the Central Committee. (1928) in his speech explained the difficulties in the campaign of grain growing resistance of the kulaks (while NI. Bukharin and his supporters tried to call for a more pragmatic policy in the countryside). He was one of the most loyal supporters I.V. Stalin led the collectivization in the Ukraine, which claimed millions of lives. One of the main causes of famine in the Ukraine (1932-33), which claimed nearly 4 million lives. Actively participated in the organization of mass repressions in Ukraine in 1935-38, being members of the troika, which condemns to death tens of thousands of people. In 1931 while a member of the Presidium of the Central Executive Committee. In 1 No. 37 was elected to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. At the XIII Congress of the CP (b) of Ukraine (May 1937) reported on the complete defeat of the Kiev regional party committee and the City Party Committee. According to the memoirs NS. Khrushchev, "Kaganovich said Kosior as the organizer weak, and therefore prevent promiscuity and the weakening of leadership". 19/1/1938 Kosiora removed from Ukraine and was appointed Deputy. prev. SNK and before. Soviet Control Commission in SNK. 3/5/1938 arrested. 26/2/1939 sentenced to death. Shot. In 1956, rehabilitated and restored in the party.

To use material from the book.: Zaleski KA. Stalin's empire. Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary. Moscow, Veche, 2000

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Kosior Stanislav Vikentievich (1889, Mr.. Wд?grцЁw Sedletskii lips., Poland - 1939) - cos. State. and desks. figure. Genus. Domestic worker. The family moved to the Donets Basin, then in the village Sulin, where in 1899 he graduated from the three-class Kosior uch-School at the factory. In 1904 began working as a fitter. In November. 1905 participated in a factory strike. In 1907 Kosior joined RSDLP. In 1908 - 1911 Kosior led Sulinskiy organization RSDLP. In 1910 he created a circle of players, who had served, the cover of the underground work and gained a wide popularity among the masses. Kosior are briefly detained, and in 1911 had been administratively expelled Ekaterinoslavskuyu lips. In 1912 - 1914 Kosior was on the illegal work in Kharkov, Poltava, Kiev. In 1915 he has been working in Moscow, but was arrested and sent to 3 years in Siberia. In March 1917 Kosior returned to Petrograd, was a delegate VI Party Congress (b). He led the Bolsheviks to mobilize forces against the insurgency L. G. Kornilov. Participated in the October Revolution in Petrograd, was Commissioner of the SRW. In 1918 Kosior led an illegal party. work in Ukraine, the German-occupied. At the conclusion of the Brest peace played together with the Left Communists. In 1919 - -1922 engaged partners. work, solve the food problem, a member of the Board of People's Commissariat of the USSR. In 1922 he became secretary of the Siberian office TSKRKP (b), in 1925 - 1928 was the secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b), in 1928 - 1938 - General Secretary of the CC CP (b) of Ukraine. In 1936 Kosior was a member of the drafting committee to finalize the text of the new Constitution of the USSR. After the mass repressions in Ukraine Kosiora blamed a lack of vigilance, and removing from office, was appointed deputy. chairman of the SNK. In May 1938 Kosior was repressed. Minutes of his interrogations destroyed. He was rehabilitated posthumously.

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Kosior Stanislav Vikentiyovych, photo, biography
Kosior Stanislav Vikentiyovych, photo, biography Kosior Stanislav Vikentiyovych  Party and state leaders, photo, biography
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