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Lomov George Ippolitovich

( Party and state leaders)

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Biography Lomov George Ippolitovich
Lomov A. (Oppokov G. I.) (1888-1938). A member of the Bolshevik Party from 1903. Party work conducted in St. Petersburg, Ivanovo-Voznesensk, Moscow, (Saratov. After the February Revolution, a member of the Moscow Regional Office and the Moscow Committee RSDLP (b). The October days - a member of the Moscow Military Revolutionary Committee, deputy chairman of the Moscow Council. At the II All-Russia Congress of Soviets joined the ANC as the People's Commissar of Justice. In 1918 - "Left Communist". Was a member of the Presidium of the Supreme Economic Council and deputy chairman, deputy chairman of Gosplan, a member of the CC CP (b) of Belarus, a candidate and a member of the CC, CPSU (b).

Materials Used book. F.F. Raskolnikov at her post. M. 1964.

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Lomov A. (real name - George Ippolitovich Oppokov) (28.1.1888, Saratov - 2.9.1937), party and state leaders. The son of a nobleman. Educated at the Faculty of St. Petersburg University (1913). In 1903 joined RSDLP, Bolshevik. In 1905, a member of the Saratov RSDLP Committee and commander of the combat brigade. Since 1907 he worked in Ivanovo-Voznesensk in Moscow. In 1910-13 - in the Arkhangelsk province in exile, during which participated in the polar expeditions. In 1913 led the Party work in Moscow, one of the founders of the Union of Metalworkers. In 1914, exiled from the capital. In 1917, a member of the Moscow Regional Office and the Moscow Committee RSDLP (b), Deputy. prev. Mossovet. In 1917-19 a candidate member of the CC. In October. 1917 members of the Moscow Military Revolutionary Committee. Immediately after the October Revolution became part of the 1 st SNK RSFSR as the People's Commissar of Justice (Oct.-Nov. 1917). In 1918, belonged to the "Left Communists, who oppose a peace with Germany. In 1918-21 member of the Presidency and Deputy. prev. Supreme Economic Council of the RSFSR. In the hands of Lomova focused leadership Fuel Supply. In 1921-23 a member of the Siberian office of the Central Committee of the RCP (b), a member of the Sibrevkom, before. Siberian Industrial Bureau of the Supreme Economic Council, a member of the Central Committee and before Uralbyuro. Uralekonomsoveta. Since the end of 1923 before. Neftesindikata, a member of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Economic Council, a member of the Moscow Committee of the CPSU (b) and the Moscow City Council. In 1925 a candidate member in 1927-34 a member of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b). Since the autumn of 1926 before. government "Donuglya, member of the Politburo of the CC CP (b) of Ukraine. In 1927-30 a member of the Organizing Bureau of the Central Committee. In 1939 before. Soyuznefti and member of the Presidium of the Supreme Economic Council of the USSR, actually had the rank of minister. In 1931-33 Deputy. prev. State Planning Commission. In 1934-37 a member of the Commission's Bureau of Soviet control. In 1937, Stalin ordered the denunciation of Lomov and sent it to VM. Molotov, who put on the document resolution: "For the immediate arrest of the scum". In June 1937 arrested. Sentenced to death. Shot. In 1956, rehabilitated.

To use material from the book.: Zaleski KA. Stalin's empire. Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary. Moscow, Veche, 2000

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In the 1917 revolution
Lomov A. (cf.. Pham. and the name Oppokov George Ippolitovich) (28 January. 1888, Saratov, - 2 Sept.. 1937). Of the nobility. He graduated from the Juridical. Faculty of Petersburg. University (studied in 1906-10, and in 1913 passed an external state. exam). Tsp. RSDLP since 1903, the Bolshevik. Part. work conducted in Saratov, St. Petersburg. Ivanovo-Voznesensk, Moscow. Participant Revolution of 1905-07. Collaborated in the gas. "New Life" (St. Petersburg), The Wave "(Saratov) and" Struggle "(Moscow), w. "School and Life" (Saratov). Affairs. 3rd (Second Obscheros. ") Partners. Conf. (21-23 July 1907, Kotka, Finland). In late. 1907-08 tsp. Mosk. District to-ta, MK RSDLP, Liability. organizer Lefortovo District. Since 1909 tsp. PC and his Executive staff. commission secretary. RSDLP. Belonged to the "Vperyod". In July 1910 he was arrested, sent to 3 years under the surveillance of the police in the province of Archangel. Conducted desks. work among the exiles and local workers, participated in scientific. expeditions to the North. Arctic Ocean. In Feb.. 1913 amnesty (in connection with the 300 th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty). Again led desks. work in Moscow and Saratov, collaborated in "Pravda" During the 1-st world. War Internationalist. Edited legal workers "our newspaper" (1915, Na 1-9, Saratov), worked on the island of "Mayak", health insurance and trade unions. In April. 1916 exiled to Irkutsk Province.

After the February. Revolution of 1917 he returned to Moscow. On instructions Eng. Bureau of the Party Central Committee visited a number of industrial. Cities. At the 1-st Moscow. obschegor. Conf. RSDLP 3.4 April. reported on the preparation obscheros. desks. Conference. Were published in the gas. "Social Democrat" and "The Truth", in w. "Education", "Work", "Spartacus". At the 1-st Moscow. Region. Bolshevik conference (19-21 May.) elected a member of. Mosk. Region. Bureau. Affairs. 7 th (April) Vseros. Conf. RSDLP (b). May 11 at the 3rd Moscow. obschegor. desks. addressed the conference in support of its decisions. At Moscow. Region. Congress of Soviets RNC (28 May - 2 June) elected member of. Mosk. Region. Office of the Council. In the July days at a meeting of partners. activists in Moscow on July 4 insisted on the capture of post, telegraph, telephone. station etc.. institutions, but his proposal was rejected. At the 2-nd Moscow. Region Conference. RSDLP (b) (July 21-23) made a report on the revision of his political part of the minimum program. Roar-tion in Russia, as claimed Lomov, goes much further than the Revolution of Western countries. With this in mind, our tactics must be based. Life pit melkoburzh. elements and give hands-on in the hands of more consecutively. layers of the proletariat ". Speaking about the draft Party Program, developed by VI. Lenin and GL. Sokol'nikov, Lomov expressed dissatisfaction with both, demanded a public debate and processing of the program due to changes in the general conditions of economical. life "; in essence, opposed universal izbirat. law, to-Roe, in his opinion, does not guarantee democracy and the interests of the proletariat (see: "The span. Roar-tion ". 1930? 2 / 3, with. 116, 118, 119).

Affairs. 6 th Party Congress (b) (July 26 - August 3.), Where he spoke in the debate on the report of the VP. MILYUTINA on economical. position; agreeing with DOS. conclusions of the rapporteur, Lomov pointed to the need to say in the resolution of sabotage, not only Russian, but also the Foreign. capitalists, the disorganizing the economy of the Provisional. Prospect Island, the interest in workers' control as the proletariat and the bottom of the village, the need Vseros. control over production-tion and distribution [see: "6 th Party Congress (b), with. 145, 155-561 was a commission to draft the resolution on his political position, introduced I.V. Stalin: Elected Candidate. in tsp. Central Committee. Subsequently, he wrote: "A number of our comrades elected to the Central. sitting in jail, part of the Central Committee was forced into hiding. Therefore, even though I was a candidate, immediately after the Congress joined the Center. K-ta "(" Span. Roar-tion ", 1927," 10,. 166). At the meeting of the Central Committee on October 3. informed about the situation in Moscow. desks. org-tion and the Center, prom. region, the mood of the workers, brought to the attention of the resolution Moscow. Region. Bureau RSDLP (b) from Sept. 27-28., in a swarm-Bolsheviks' participation in the Pre-Parliament was considered a mistake and demanded that the Central Committee to take a clear and determined. line on the uprising. October 5. elected member of. Mosk. Region. Executive Committee of Soviets RSKD. At meetings RSDLP (b) 10 and 16 October. voted for the resolution of the uprising. October 11. at the Congress of Soviets North. area said that although Moscow and not part of this region, but at the moment of danger for the Revolution of washing. proletariat and the garrison could not remain aloof from the events, to-rye are important for the whole of Russia (see: 'Work Path ", 1917, October 13.). October 20. at the meeting of the boards and sinks. Professor. Unions said: "... the publication of decrees of the Council, we just did not think to resolve the struggle of workers and capital: in the decrees, . if insufficient, . to employers workers' demands, . be followed by action "(" Moscow,
. Council Prof.. Unions in 1917. Protocols ", M., 1927,. 166). October 22. addressed a meeting of the Petrograd. Council reported on the defeat of the troops ACCESSED. Prospect Island Kaluga Council.

24-25 October. was in the Smolny Institute, participated in hands-ve uprising. On the morning of Oct. 25. VP. Nogin Lomov and informed about events in the capital MK RSDLP (b) and the Moscow City Council. Affairs. 2-nd All-Russia. Congress of Soviets of the RNC. Elected to the first Owls. Prospect Island to the post of Commissar of Justice, but this work actually started. Evening Oct. 26. on the instructions of the Central Committee, left for Moscow, entered the Revolutionary Military Committee, advocated the active fighting against the forces of K-ta Societies. Security and Gore. Duma. 14 Nov.. elected member of. Presidency and Deputy. prev. Mosk. Council RDA. "He lived in the Moscow Soviet, - recalled Lomov - threw everything but work in it, and of the Council traveled only at meetings and rallies. For the most part, presided at the meetings "(DP Konovalov, GI. Oppokov-Lomov, Saratov, 1976,. 16). Members to establish. Coll. (from Vladimir izbirat. District).

Since January. 1918 in Petrograd, member. Presidium of the Supreme Economic Council, Deputy. prev. Supreme Economic Council, headed the republic's fuel supply. During the debate on war and peace - "Left Communist", argued against the conclusion of the Brest peace, for the announcement "roar. war Germany. At the 7 th EXT-rennom Party Congress (March) elected candidate. in tsp. CC RSchb). Later on owls., Desks. and households. work. He was arrested in June 1937 and by decisions of the military. Bar Top. Court of the USSR shot, Sep 2. 1937; rehabilitated in 1956.

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Lomov George Ippolitovich, photo, biography
Lomov George Ippolitovich, photo, biography Lomov George Ippolitovich  Party and state leaders, photo, biography
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