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Biography MAYOROV llya
Mayorov Ilya A. (1891, Dr.. Gordeevo Yumatovskoy parish. Sviyazhsky y. Kazan Province. - 11 Sept. 1941, Medvedev's Wood. near Eagle). From farmers. Eser since the Revolution of 1905-07. Studied at the Juridical. f-te Univ Zap. For belonging to the Cauldron, org-tion AKP in April. 1,914 arrested and deported in July to 3 years in Siberia.

After the February. Revolution of 1917 he returned to Kazan. Elected to the Board of CD. In June - Nov.. prev. Sviyazhsky county zem. to-ta and the county rural council, believed that the cross-in must be immediately and wresting power from the parasites of our Mother Earth "; June 16 signed a decree zem. to-ta on the distribution among the peasants of landlords' land, livestock and equipment ( "Roar. combating cross-va Kazan, lips. the eve of October ", Kazan, 1958, with. 631). Org sought-tion of county, township and rural councils, cooperated with the Bolsheviks: advocated the unity of peasants and workers against the exploiters. In response to accusations of Bolshevism, in disregard of the laws said on August 14. at a meeting of the Earth. to-ta: Rus. roar-tion is accomplished not by the rules ... CET. law and the laws of history "(ibid.,. 643). Closest assistant leader of the Left Socialist Kazan AL. Kolegaeva, after the departure of-cerned at the 2-nd All-Russia. Congress of Soviets RNC has replaced him as before. "younger" (Left Socialist-Revolutionary) Provincial Committee and before the AKP. Lip. Council KD. Member of the struggle for the establishment of the Soviet. power. In November. elected member of. Inaugural. Coll. At the 1 st Congress of the PLSR (19-28 nov.. Petrograd) elected candidate. in tsp. CC.

Affairs. 3rd All-Russia. Congress of Soviets CD (January 13. 1918, Petrograd). Joint 3 rd All-Russia. Congress of Soviets of the RNC and CD (13-18 jan., Petrograd) was elected member of. The Central Executive Committee, entered the Executive Committee of the cross section of the Central Executive Committee. However Kolegaeva was the author of "Basic Fixes. Law on the socialization of land, by definition, VI. Lenin - "the world's first law abolishing all private ownership of land" (PSS, m. 35,. 330). Congress approved the law and approved it, "General Provisions", the other articles sent for revision to the cross section of the Central Executive Committee. Since January. member of the board of the People's Commissariat of the RSFSR, left it in the middle. June, obedience to the decision of the Central Committee PLSR.

April 24. 1918 was made on the 2 nd Congress of the PLSR (17-25 May., Moscow) with a report on RGM. politics. "The task of this Congress - recycling old RGM. program and its specification in the spirit of time ", - said Maj." The issue of socialization of land is complicated by the results of the Stolypin zem. Law, planted trees in the village of private ownership of land ... It is so complicated the situation that the Socialist-Revolutionary Party, once in power, could not imagine it is clear the real form of the socialization of the land ... Broken away from the opportunist. Party of the Left Social-p. with cross, . mass publish law, . to-ing is now and the program of our party but ...": the law to take "under the pressure of opposing forces, . under pressure from the Bolsheviks, it sometimes there are fundamental flaws in terms of purity of the idea of socialization of the land ..,
. That is why is indispensable to review and mint version of this law in the commission, specially chosen for this purpose desks. Congress, that he fully reflect the face of the Left Social-p. in the earth. question "(" The Banner of Labor ", 1918. April 30.). The congress elected a member of. CC PLSR. Soon published a booklet "On our RGM. Program "(" The practical conduct of the socialization of the land ", Saratov, 1918), where he wrote:" The socialization of the land or the socialization of the land consists of three OCH. points: the destruction of private property in land, the replacement of its employment land use and distribution of equalization. basis for consuming and labor rate. The first of these points have already found its Practical. implementation, as in the publication of DOS. law, and in fact of the alienation of land -. The second point is only beginning to be. Finally. third point is also out, but not yet in the form which we are going to give him. Zem. redistribution occurred not in a use-labor standards, and "how could, in a hurry, where consumers. where the yards, where the workers'. The most important factor in the development of. x-va, and perhaps. entire Russian. Revolution of "Major, was" the expropriation of all unearned zemledelch. x-in. Regarding the third element of the formula Mayorov, wrote: "I do not want to say that equalization. distribution of land to a use-employment rate is absolutely pointless, but I stress that it is of insignificant value, as throughout the course of RGM. evolution, and in the sense of approximation to socialism ". On the development of DOS. provisions of the new RGM. program PLSR stated: "... we must not only accelerate the process of replacing sovr. working team of the community and the municipality, but to testify before the toiling masses, that these two forms of x-va Naib. advantageous ... Our Party. program must now include an indication of the benefits of collective land to the sole, and not only in the purely economic, but cultural and educational, in the sense vospitat. values and approach to Sots. the ranks of the Society.

After the 2 nd Congress PLSR left the board of the Commissariat and returned to Kazan. Participated in May in the lips. Conference of the Left Socialist elected to the Provincial Committee: local org-tion PLSR delegate to the 3rd Party Congress (June 28 - July 1, 1918, Moscow). At the Congress, in the debate, distanced himself from loyal to the Bolsheviks, Left SRs, said: "... go to the Kremlin for Lenin!", Accused the Bolsheviks in the persecution of labor cross-va. protested against these committees existed, fixed prices, death, terror and finished the statement: "The proletariat, worn out, goes to the roar. scene on, replacing it is a cross-vo "(CPA IML, f.. 564. op. 1, D. 4, l. 278): elected member of. CC. Participated in the Practical. CC PLSR actions aimed at disrupting the peace of Brest. 24 June 1918 was elected to the Bureau of the CC (except for him, L.B. Golubovskii and MA Spiridonov), a-rum instructs accounting and distribution of all parties. forces "to implement" a number terroristich. acts against the most prominent representatives of the germ. imperialism, "the unleashing of armament. uprising against the occupiers ( "Red Book of the Cheka, t. 1, Moscow, 1989,. 185). After the defeat of the Left Socialist-Revolutionary revolt in Moscow on July 6-7. returned to Kazan, moved to not easy. position; acted org-tsiyah Left SRs and the press in support of the policy of the Central Committee: participated in the 4-th Congress of the PLSR (2-7 oct., Moscow): to return to Kazan arrested in the early. Nov.. evacuated to Moscow. 27 Nov.. 1918 Roar. Tribunal in the Central Executive Committee for participation in the counter. conspiracy CC PLSR sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. For reasons of health (tuberculosis), pardoned by the Central Executive Committee. In 1919, arrested again. Since 1923 he was in exile: an economist: he married MA Spiridonova. In 1937, arrested on January 8. 1938 Military. Top panel. Court of the USSR sentenced to 25 years imprisonment, and on 8 Sept.. 1941 - to be shot. Rehabilitated in 1990.

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