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Vsevolod Nikolayevich Merkulov

( One of the leaders of state security, the Commissioner of Public Safety 1 st rank)

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Biography Vsevolod Nikolayevich Merkulov
Vsevolod Nikolayevich Merkulov (1895, Zakataly - 23.12.1953, Moscow), one of the leaders of the state security, the Commissioner of Public Security of rank 1 (4.2.1943), Army General (9.7.1945). The son of an officer. He studied at the physico-mathematical faculty of St. Petersburg University (not finished). Educated in the Orenburg school ensigns (1917). In 1916, drafted into the army. Participant 1-st World War, Ensign. In Sept.. 1917 he served in the 331 th Infantry Regiment Orsk. Since March 1918 he lived in Tiflis, unemployed. Since August. 1918 clerk and a teacher at the school for the blind. In Sept.. 1921 hired by authorities of the Cheka, he worked in the apparatus of the Transcaucasian and Georgian Cheka (later the GPU), with the Feb.. 1929 - the GPU Ajar Autonomous Republic, from May 1931 - the GPU ZSFSR. In 1925 joined the Communist Party (b). From 1931 to the Party work. In 1931-34 pom. Secretary of the Transcaucasian Regional Committee of the CPSU (b), which at that time was L.P. Beria, who was his closest aide and confidant, later always enjoyed the patronage of Beria. Wrote a pamphlet about Beria's "true son of the party of Lenin - Stalin". In 1934-37 Head. Soviet-sales department of the Regional Committee. In 1937-50 member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. In 1937-38 Head. industrial and transport department of the CC CP (b) Georgia. Participated in the organization of mass repression. In August. 1938 called Beria to Moscow and was appointed deputy 1/9/1938. early. General Directorate of State Security (GUGB) NKVD. From 15/12/1938 1 st Vice. Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR and the beginning. GUGB. Supervised cleaning apparatus of henchmen NI. Ezhov, continued the policy of arrests and repression. Considered one of the most brutal NKVD, personally supervised the torture of suspects. In the 1939-52 term, in 1952 a candidate member of the Party Central Committee. Consistently advocated the complete independence (in t.ch. and of Public Prosecutions) GUGB. Autumn of 1939 led the operation to "identify and isolate" harmful elements in Poland and then the mass cleansing in Western Ukraine. In 1940 was a member of the troika responsible for the preparation and approval of the hit list captured Polish officers, exercised the main leadership of the operation. When 3.2.1941 from the NKVD was isolated Commissariat for State Security, Merkulov became Commissar. 20.7.1941 KGB, NKVD and were re-united, and Merkulov again became the 1 st Vice. Beria, . where he was responsible for managing 2-m (counterintelligence) and 3-m (secret-political) offices, . Office commandant of the Moscow Kremlin, . 3-m Special Section (searches, . Arrests, . surveillance), . 1 st Division (protection of the government) and part of the mobilization,
. The author of the play "engineer Sergeyev" on Soviet patriotism and the fight against "fascist henchmen" (under the pseudonym Vsevolod Rocco). 14.4.1943 KGB, the Soviet Union once again became an independent agency headed by Merkulov 4/5/1946 removed from his post and replaced by BC. Abakumov. This was one of the lesions Beria, who was "at loggerheads" with Abakumov. Commission of the Central Committee, chaired by AA. Kuznetsova considered errors Merkulova and accused him of that during the war was stopped prosecution Trotskyists. Almost a year Merkulov was out of work and only 25.4.1947 has been appointed early. General Directorate of Soviet property abroad at the Council of Ministers of the USSR. 27/10/1950 appointed minister of state control of the USSR. Shortly after the arrest of Beria, Merkulov 18.9.1953 was also arrested, . 16/12/1953 and officially withdrawn from the post of Minister in connection with the, . that the USSR Prosecutor's Office opened criminal, . anti-state actions Merkulova during his work in the organs of the MGB and MVD of the USSR ",
. Special session of the Supreme Judicial Court of the USSR, along with Beria and other 23/12/1953 sentenced to death. Shot.

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Vsevolod Nikolayevich Merkulov, photo, biography
Vsevolod Nikolayevich Merkulov, photo, biography Vsevolod Nikolayevich Merkulov  One of the leaders of state security, the Commissioner of Public Safety 1 st rank, photo, biography
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