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Milstein Solomon Rafailovich

( One of the leaders of state security, Lieutenant-General)

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Biography Milstein Solomon Rafailovich
Milstein Solomon Rafailovich (1899, Vilna - 14.1.1955), one of the leaders of state security, Lieutenant-General (9.7.1945). Son roofer. Received his education in primary school in Vilna Jewish Teachers' Institute (1915) and the gymnasium in Vilna (1920). Since August. 1920 he worked in various parts of the Food Commission of the Red Army. In May 1925 transferred to the Special Division 11 th Army, then served in the special section in the Caucasus. Since January. 1927 Georgia Secretary of the GPU, from April. 1931 - Secret-operative management of the embassy of the OGPU ZSFSR. In May 1929 joined the Communist Party (b). Milstein was seen L.P. Beria, who brought him to her in Nov.. 1931 appointed as his assistant secretary of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of Georgia. On 20.2.1932 Head. backroom, to 27/2/1934 - a particular sector of the CC CP (b) Georgia. At the same time in March 1934 before. Council of Physical Education and Sports of the Georgian Soviet Union, and from July 1936 - Committee on Physical Fitness and Sports under the CPC, Georgia. On Nov.. 1937 1 st Secretary of the Communist (Tbilisi), with the Sept.. 1938 3rd secretary of the Tbilisi City Party Committee. In December. 1938, as posletogo L.P. Beria, head of the NKVD, he remembered his executive assistant, summoned him to Moscow, December 29. appointed to one of the most important positions - vice. early. Investigation of the NKVD. On 31.3.1939 beginning. newly created Chief Transport Directorate of the NKVD of the USSR, led the organization of the apparatus of the new department, to complete his devoted staff, worked out its task, the direction of the. 26/2/1941 Milstein was the beginning. essential to the newly created Soviet KGB, 3rd (secret-political) governance, but on March 11 transferred to the timber industry of the USSR People's Commissariat of the 1 st Vice. Commissar. When after the start of the Great Patriotic War, the KGB, NKVD and re-united in a single agency, Milstein 19.7.1941 became the 1 st Vice. early. Office of the special divisions of the NKVD. Thus he remained until 10.8.1941 and another deputy. Commissar lesproma. That management Milstein was during the war the most important - it led the counterintelligence in the Army, followed the political condition of the units. 24/9/1942 Milstein was charged is already well known to him the direction of work - Transport management NKVD (from 12.5.1943 - 3rd management NKGB USSR). Here he "tighten the screws" on the railways, which have been declared major activity - the rear front of hostilities. 26/2/1944 Milstein has authorized NKVD, led the organization of transport in the deportation of Kabardino-Balkaria of the Balkar People. In May 1946 he again led the Port Authority MGB. Since June 1947 i.o. early. General Directorate of the railways and water transport MGB. 27/11/1947 Milstein lost his seat, and in January. 1948 was a decrease in transferred to the Ministry of Railways of the USSR and became the beginning. Kazan Railway. Career Milstein actually ended: after spending 4 months in reserve ICS, then 2 months early. Trust, he returned to 30/3/1951 USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs 1 st Vice. early. the camp of the Office of corrective labor camps, mining enterprises. 19/3/1953 Beria appointed his old employee Deputy. Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, PO Box. Mexica. After the fall of Beria arrested on 30.6.1953. 30/10/1954 Military Collegium of the USSR Supreme Court sentenced to death. Shot.

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Milstein Solomon Rafailovich, photo, biography
Milstein Solomon Rafailovich, photo, biography Milstein Solomon Rafailovich  One of the leaders of state security, Lieutenant-General, photo, biography
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