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Milutin Vladimir Pavlovich

( Statesman)

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Biography Milutin Vladimir Pavlovich
Milutin Vladimir Pavlovich (24.10.1884, d Alexandrov Lgovskiy County Kursk province-30.10.1937), politician. Son Teacher. He studied at St. Petersburg University. In 1903 joined the RSDLP, Menshevik. In 1910 he moved to the Bolsheviks. Conducted party work in different cities. Repeatedly arrested, held in prison for about 5 years. In 1917, a member of the Saratov Committee RSDLP (b), before. Samara Board. Since April. 1917 members RSDLP (b). In October. 1917 members of the Petrograd Military Revolutionary Committee. 26.10.1917 entered into the first of SNK Commissar of Agriculture. In November. 1917 called for the creation of a coalition government in protest against the decision of the Central Committee 4/11/1917 filed an application to withdraw from the Central Committee and CPC,. 29/11/1917 admitted his mistakes and has withdrawn his resignation from the Central Committee. Elected member of the Constituent Assembly. In March-April. 1918 i.d. before: the Supreme Economic Council of the RSFSR, in Nov.. 1918 - March 1921 Deputy. prev. VSNKh. In 1920-22 a candidate member of the RCP (b). In 1921-22 Deputy. prev. Economic Conference of the North-Western Region. In 1922-24, the representative of the Comintern in Austria and the Balkans. In 1924-28 a member of the Board of People's Commissariat of Workers 'and Peasants' Inspection of the USSR. In 1924-34 a member of the CCC, CPSU (b). From 3.3.1928 to 23.1.1930 Governor of the Central Statistical Office and at the same time since Dec. 1929 to April. 1934 Deputy. prev. Gosplan. Since April. Before 1934. Superintendence of the Committee on academics and academic institutions of the USSR Central. The author of works on economics, in t.ch. Agrarian Policy in the USSR "(1926) and" History of Soviet economic development "(1928). 26/7/1937 arrested. 29/10/1937 sentenced to death. Shot. In 1956, rehabilitated.

To use material from the book.: Zaleski KA. Stalin's empire. Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary. Moscow, Veche, 2000

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

In the 1917 revolution
Milutin Vladimir Pavlovich (5 noyab.1884, D. Alexandrov) Lgovskiy y. Kursk Province., -30 October. 1937). Genus. family sat. teacher. He studied in St. Petersburg. un-te. Tsp. RSDLP since 1903, a Menshevik, a Bolshevik since 1910. Conducted desks. work in Kursk, Moscow, Orel, St. Petersburg, Tula. Over the roar of. activities had been arrested 8 times, was in jail 5 times, 2 times was in exile.

After the February. Revolution of 1917 before. Saratov Soviet RNC, member. to-ta RSDLP (b). Affairs. 7 th (April) Vseros. Conf. RSDLP (b), in a swarm-elected member of the CC. June 2, saying the decision in April. Conf. on DOS. program directions RSDLP (b), noted that they "require its specification and development and, finally, you want to make quite a few new items (" Materials on the revision partlrogrammy, M., 1917, with. 6). During the 1 st All-Russia. Congress of Soviets of the RNC (3-24 June), when analyzing the causes of economical. crisis at a joint meeting finans.-Economic. and the working sections of the Congress on June 15 noted: "... the bourgeoisie does not care about how to regulate production of" and "engaged in sabotage and lockouts ..."," save the country from ruin can only councils, taking their hands of state. power "(TSGAOR, f.. 6978, op. 1, D. bbd 54, 55): The Congress elected a member of the Central Executive Committee. At the 6 th Party Congress (July - August.) Report "On economical. position "of the country on July 31 said Milutin, . that in the growing crisis "workers' control - a real tool to combat disruption, . there, . where he managed to, . situation really improved ", . He was the "first breach, . K ц¦цЁц+ we break through, . to enable workers closer and directly enter into the regulation and management of production-tion "[" 6 th Party Congress (b), . with,
. 152, 154]

August 6. 1917 issue of the 2-nd Petrograd. Conf. factory committees discussed RSDLP (b) and seconded to participate in its work Milutin. The report on the current situation and workers' control, he noted the challenges facing the working class: in the field of external. policies - ending the war: in the internal - the transfer of power in the hands of the proletariat and the poor cross-wa: in the economy - workers' control over production-tion and distribution of products (see: "Oct. roar-tion and factory committees, "t. 2, L-AM, 1927,. 202). Since the objections he made Menshevik FA. Cherevanin, we see that it is impossible to eliminate the bourgeoisie from the regulation of pro-wah. Delegates in the majority (80%) voted for the resolution proposed Milyutin. At the 1-st All-Russia. Conf. factory committees (17-22 October). Milutin made a welcome address on behalf RSDLP (b) and report on workers 'control, in a rum-argued that the establishment of workers' control in decomp. branches households. Originally, life is. form of the working class towards obschegos. Regulation of pro-wa: it should be extended to banks, transport, trade (TSGAOR, f.. 472, on. 1, q. 3, l. 86); in the organs of workers' control 2 / 3 vote must be given to the workers, 1/3- to-uch.-techn. personnel: the successful implementation of workers' control is possible only if the transfer of power to the Soviets. With requirement of anarchists refer pr-ment in the hands of workers can not agree, tk. is not closer to socialism, you have to pass a transitional stage, "which is the introduction of workers' control over production-tion" (October. roar-tion and factory committees, "t. 2,. 194).

In 1917 in Moscow, publ. kn. "How much is the war and who should pay for it, in a swarm-discovered mechanism for enrichment of the capitalists and the dramatic impoverishment of the workers during the war. Saratov to-t RSDLP (b) published his pamphlet "Why do we need a Dem. Republic "(St. Petersburg. 1917). It provides answers to questions about the nature and objectives Dem. Republic, establishing. Assembly.

During the discussion of the uprising at the enlarged meeting of the Central Committee on October 16. Milutin said: "Either we take the first step. or this step will be taken by our enemies. The resolution is not enough to take into account the second term, ie. the possibility of not rising to-Roe suggests our initiative, but the collision, to-Roe is the result of objective conditions "[" The Protocols RSDLP (b), with. 97] Report MILYUTINA on workers' control was envisaged at the 2 nd All-Russia. Congress of Soviets RNC. Milutin came to the editor f. "Enlightenment" and ed-va "Surf". October 21. CC instructed YA.M. Sverdlov, I.V. Stalin and the Bolshevik leadership Miliutin. fraction of the 2 nd Congress of Soviets. On the morning of Oct. 24. Petrograd. VRK appointed MILYUTINA organizer Ask. case (he was a member of. Gore. Council): Arriving at 7 h. special evening in the presence of food, Milutin invited employees to come into contact with VRK to protect Ask. stocks and correct supply of the city. U Ask. stores was exhibited protection.

In the first Soviet. Prospect of Milutin was appointed People's Commissar of Agriculture. Describing the Decree on Land, noted that "one of the most acute, the biggest questions Russian. history was resolved radical and decisive manner "(Milutin VP, Zem. question in Russia, P., 1918, with. 3). In November. advocated the creation of a coalition. pr-va with the Mensheviks and SRs, indicated disagreement with the policy of the party, walked out of the CC, pr-va. Later characterized his position as an error.

Since 1918 Deputy. prev. VSNKh. The report on the economical. situation and economical. Policy on May 23 at the 1 st All-Russia. Congress of Councils of National Economy stated: "... conduct of socialism in Russia - not a utopia, and not an abstraction, but a necessity dictated by the iron conditions of life, its fragile, the balance of forces, to-Roe is to make the country" [Milutin VP, Sovrem. economical. development of Russia and the dictatorship of the proletariat (1914-1918 gg.), Moscow, 1918, C. 491

Milutin - one of the founders of owls. Statistics. "Before us is - it is a record of what we have, without which in general is impossible any proper management of our vast and besides disordered x-va. Then the work of statisticians should reveal the full picture of pro-wah on tap. areas, . and, . Finally, . Building on past statistics, . gave us the story of digital, . has been done in the field of labor and prom-sti with the old forms of production-va, . the real statistics should indicate, . that we will, . it should serve as the foundation of the new method pro-va - trustification prom-sti, and the creation of large owls,
. Rural x-in "(" Ekon. Life. 1918.19 dec.).

From 1921 to the leading state. work. In publications MILYUTINA investigated ch. features held in the country's nationalization of prom-sti, emphasized the importance of workers' control and nationalization as DOS. events in the formation of a new way of pro-wah. They talked about the prevailing initiative "from below" in the nationalization pr a bearing in the first months Owls. power, the high specific gravity of major pr a bearing heavy prom-sti among the nationalized at that time to the f-and s-ing, the regularity of DOS. phases of the nationalization. In July 1937, and was arrested on October 29. Military. Top panel. Court of the USSR on charges of belonging to the counter. org-tion "right" sentenced to death. Rehabilitated in May 1956.

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Milutin Vladimir Pavlovich, photo, biography
Milutin Vladimir Pavlovich, photo, biography Milutin Vladimir Pavlovich  Statesman, photo, biography
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