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NEVSKIY Vladimir Ivanovich

( Member RSDLP from 1898, a professional revolutionary, a Bolshevik.)

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Biography NEVSKIY Vladimir Ivanovich
photo NEVSKIY Vladimir Ivanovich
Nevsky, Vladimir Ivanovich (02.05.1876 - 25.05.1937) - a member of RSDLP from 1898, a professional revolutionary, a Bolshevik. Party work conducted in Rostov-on-Don, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Kharkov and other cities. Repeatedly subjected to repression of the tsarist government. After the February Revolution of 1917-one of the leaders and organizers of the Military Organization of the Central Committee and RSDLP (b). He actively participated in the October armed uprising, a member of the Petrograd Military Revolutionary Committee. After the October Revolution - on a Soviet Party and scientific work: People's Commissar of Communications, Deputy Chairman of the All-rector of the Communist University. YA. M. Sverdlov, deputy director of Istpart, director of the State Library of. Lenin.

See. F.F. Raskolnikov at her post. M. 1964.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Nevsky Vladimir Ivanovich (cf.. Pham. and the name Krivobokov Theodosius I.) (2 May 1876, Rostov-on-Don - 25 May 1937). From the family of the merchant. He graduated from the Natural Science. Dept., Kharkov University (1911). Tsp. RSDLP since 1898. After a 2-second Party Congress (1903) Bolshevik. Participant Revolution of 1905-07 (the southern. City. Moscow, Voronezh, tsp. Military. org-tion with RSDLP): Minister. 4 th Party Congress (1906). Repeatedly he was arrested, cited. In 1913, a member of the editorial gas. "The Truth", member. Eng. Bureau RSDLP. Since 1914, led the roar. work in the Urals.

In the days of Feb. Revolution of 1917 in Tokyo. In March, summoned to Petrograd, introduced in the Petersburg Committee and its Executive staff. commission (bureau): one of the leaders of the Military. org-tion with RSDLP [May - when RSDLP (b)]. In April-July and from October. tsp. editorial gas. "True Soldier". Affairs. 7 th (April) Vseros. Conf. RSDLP (b) of the Military. org-tion. One of the organizers and the delegate Vseros. Conf. front and rear military. org-tion RSDLP (b) (16-24 June): presented reports on the aims and tasks of military. org-tion and the obscheros. Soldiers. the cross, the newspaper. In particular, said: "Never had the village so close to not coming to the city, as now. None of the Revolution of no such huge cross. mass concentrated in the army, has never been better conditions to ensure that the Army develop a powerful bulwark Revolution of "(" The Party of the Bolsheviks in the army in the social. Revolution of ". Sat. dock-ing, MA, 1977,. 183). He was elected a member of the All-Russia. Center, Bureau of Military. org-tion with RSDLP (b). Considers that the conditions are ripe for the transition of power to the Soviets RNC. On July events Nevsky recalled in 1932: "Now there's nothing to hide, that all of Liability. military leaders. org-tion, ie. ch. arr. NI. Podvoisky, the writer of these lines ... their agitation, propaganda, the enormous influence and prestige in the military. parts contributed to a mood, to-Roe led intervention ". And further: "When the military. org-tion, upon learning of speech, machine-gun regiment, sent me ... to persuade the masses do not speak, I begged them, but urged so that only a fool would conclude from my speech about 'that act should not be "(October. armament. uprising in Petrograd ". Memoirs, L., 1956,. 143).

After the events of July left Petrograd, forged ties with local military. org-governmental organizations of the Party in a number of provinces. In early. August. returned to Petrograd, created the Military. org-tion with RSDLP (b) the commission of agitators for the village. In August-October. member of the editorial gas. "Soldier", August 20. the meeting RSDLP (b) put the gas to the Editor. "Proletariat" (led Soldiers. and cross. departments), from October (before March 1918) member of the editorial Gas. "Rural poor".

October 11. on the 3rd Petrograd. obschegor. desks. Conf. gave a presentation on the preparation of Cr. Guard to armament. insurrection, October 15. at a meeting of the Petersburg Committee (b) - a report on the readiness of the Military. org-tion in Petrograd to the fighting, but expressed doubts about the readiness of others. towns and villages to support the uprising in Petrograd, pointed to the uncertainty of the 5 th Army North. front (nearest to the capital) (see: "The first legal PCs of the Bolsheviks in 1917, Leningrad. 1927,. 310-12). Came from the Military. org-tion with the Party Central Committee in Petrograd. VRK. On the eve of the uprising sent to Helsinki and Vyborg to coordinate the actions of the military. org-tion RSDLP (b). October 24. returned to Petrograd, participated in the occupation headquarters of the Petrograd. VO, J.-d. node in the org-tion storming of the Winter Palace.

On Nov.. 1917 Deputy. Commissar, in July 1918 - March 1919 People's Commissar of Transport of the RSFSR. At the 2 nd exceedingly. Vseros. J.-d. Congress (rivers. 1917 - January. 1918) was elected member of. College Vikzhedora. 6.8 March 1918 cases. 7-th Congress of the RCP (b) of the Military. org-tion with the Party Central Committee. From 1919 to dp. gos., desks. and scientific. work. One of the first historians of the Bolshevik. Party. Military. Top panel. Court of the USSR 25 May 1937 sentenced to death, the sentence for execution in the same day. Rehabilitated June 1, 1955.

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NEVSKIY Vladimir Ivanovich, photo, biography
NEVSKIY Vladimir Ivanovich, photo, biography NEVSKIY Vladimir Ivanovich  Member RSDLP from 1898, a professional revolutionary, a Bolshevik., photo, biography
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