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Nekrasov Nikolai Vissarionovich

( The leader of its left wing cadets)

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Biography Nekrasov Nikolai Vissarionovich
photo Nekrasov Nikolai Vissarionovich
Nekrasov Nikolai Vissarionovich (1 Feb.. 1879, Petersburg - May 7, 1940). Genus. family priest. He graduated from the Institute of Railway Engineers (1902). Professor Tomsk technological. Inst. Two years was abroad. Affairs. 1 st Congress of the Cadets (1905) from the Tauride Province., Where he was head of the Yalta branch of the Party. Affairs. 3rd State. Duma of Tomsk Province.; Elected to the commission of communications and financial. After 1910 Mason, was a famous "Masonic Five" (together with AI. Konovalov, MI. Tereshchenko, п-.пг. Kerensky I.N. Ephraim). In 1912 elected to the State 4-S. Duma. In 1909-17 member of the Central Committee of the Cadets, the leader of its left wing.

Since late. 1915 spoke in favor of active cooperation with the Socialist. parties defencist plan: its demands: "Dem Unity. elements of the country, a close relationship with the party th. groups, democracy and active methods of operation in the country and State. Duma (Dumova-2, with. 68). During the 1-st world. member to the war-ta Sib. ob-va feed the sick and wounded soldiers and victims of war, a member of the Special Meeting on Defense gos Islands. 6 Nov.. 1916 elected Comrade. prev. 4 th State. Duma. However AI. Guchkov participated in the preparation of a conspiracy to shift Nicholas II, was a supporter decides Action. Most others insisted that the Duma did not obey the king's decree to suspend its work until April. 1917. In this case the position of Nekrasov, as pointed out by VA. Obolensky, AV. Tyrkova and others, beings. influenced by his personal relations with hostile P.N. Miliukov, ambition Nekrasov: "He is greedy for praise and illegible in the media", - noticed Tyrkova (ibid. with. 72).

During Feb. Revolution of 1917 initially supporters of the military. dictatorship: a member of the Interim Committee of the State Duma. On the night of March 3 was a draft decree declaring the Russia republic. Miliukov wrote: "I then had reason to believe NV. Nekrasov's simply a traitor "(Startsev, VN, Domestic policy of the Provisional Government, LA, 1980,. 119). From March 2 to July 2, Nekrasov - min. Railways. In his first speeches in front of the railway said that "transformation of state. Life must rest on the will of the people "," let the railway world is organized as he wants and understands "; sought to dispel rumors about the existing differences between being. pr-tion and the Council of the RNC: "No one no one no decision imposes". Speaking March 24 at the Department of Communications Zemgora said to satisfy the demands of workers and employees on salary increase: "Arr-tion drug. masses - this is our first depot, and when this is done, then no excesses are not afraid of anybody "(Journal of Southern Railways, 1919," 14/15, with. 20).

In March - April. at meetings of the Central Committee and the 7 th Party Congress, the Cadets played the most active supporter of the establishment mezhpart, governments. coalition. April 24. said this at a reception at the Tauride Palace, delegates from the military units serving the army: "I like the formation of Provisional. Prospect Island, and now find it necessary to include in the Provisional. Prospect Island representative democracy, SOC. during her ... "(VI Startsev, Revolution and Power, M., 1978,. 217). However, in an interview with newspaper correspondents, he also said that as a result of governments, the crisis on the night of May 3 "We want to save the continuity of power, rested on the possible outcome - to establish a personal dictatorship. We decided to transfer all the power in the hands of one man, were even summoned experts state. right to register the new order of government in the form of a decree ACCESSED. Prospect Island Senate '(' Eng. Word ', 1917, 16 May). At the 8 th Congress of the Cadets on May 9 Milyukova sharply criticized for his negative attitude toward government, a coalition with the Socialists, for vneshnepolit. course, called upon the party to abandon the principle of supporting pr-va "in so far - because, considered the first task of pr-va acceleration inaugural convocation. Assembly.

May 27 issued by the Government. Circular on Joint. of Jean-d. Administration with the trade union of railwaymen: the latter was granted the right societies. control and monitor the work of railway. and provide guidance Liability. persons. Participant 1 st All-Russia. Congress of Soviets of the RNC (June). In late. June delegation pr Islands (п-.пг. Kerensky, MI. Tereshchenko, IG. Tsereteli) participated in the negotiations with ukr. Center. Rada and the preparation of the draft declaration, which served as one of the reasons governments. crisis. July 7 stated (along with Tereshchenko) the press that the Prospect of a very dissatisfied with the publication of the case VI. Lenin (charges in state. treason). During the July crisis came out of the Cadet Party and 8 July, was appointed deputy, the Minister-President of the Provisional. Prospect Island. July 21 after Kerensky's resignation: in a new coalition. pr-ve from July 24 to deputy positions. Prime Minister, and mines. Finance was represented by Ros. Radical Dem. Party. August 12. spoke at the State. meeting with a report on finance. situation of the country, in a rum-said: 'To save the country, we need all these three elements - and order, and the victim, and defense "(' State. meeting ', with. 43). In the early hours of speeches gene. L.G. Kornilov, Kerensky Nekrasov promised its full support. With his participation was compiled cable railway, urge them not to execute the order of General. To prevent armament. collision supported the view of Ministers A.S. Zarudny and Tereshchenko resignation of Kerensky, for which he was immediately removed from the government.

In early Sept.. appointed Lieutenant General Governor of Finland. The work of the two promised to be guided by the slogan: loyalty and legal order: the most rigorous manner to comply with Finley. Constitution: "... I hope to meet by Liability. Finley. circles as loyalty to the legitimate rights and interests grew. statehood "(" Speech ", 1917, Sept. 13.). October 17. meeting time. Prospect Island, made a presentation on the situation in Finland.

After October. Revolution of taking part in the meetings of the underground ACCESSED. Prospect Island, but his appeal "to all citizens of Ros. Republic did not sign. Managing sinks. office "Sinkredsoyuza, statistician in Narkomprod. From 1919 he lived and worked in Kazan. In March 1921, arrested and brought to Moscow in May, released after a meeting with VI. Lenin. Later recalled: "When I was taken to the Kremlin, I, despite the experience scared ... Vladimir Ilyich rose from his chair, shook hands and invited him to sit down ... asked ... "Where would you want to work?" Without hesitation, I replied that I would like to work in cooperation - "Here, here, and we first discussed it with friends and decided to recommend to you Tsentrosoyuz (Dniprovskyi SP, Cooperator. 1898-1968, Moscow, 1968. S. 343-44). In 1921-30 tsp. Board Tsentrosojuz RSFSR and the USSR. He taught in Moscow. University and Moscow. in-those consumers'. 3 Nov.. 1930 arrested and on April 25. 1931 College of the OGPU sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in the case of a so-called. "RSDLP (m)". In March of 1933 prematurely released, worked on the construction of the channel Moscow - Volga employees. June 13, 1939 re-arrested and sentenced by the Military. Bar Top. Court of the USSR was shot May 7, 1940. Rehabilitated in 1990.

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Nekrasov Nikolai Vissarionovich, photo, biography
Nekrasov Nikolai Vissarionovich, photo, biography Nekrasov Nikolai Vissarionovich  The leader of its left wing cadets, photo, biography
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