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PAVLOV Dmitry Grigorievich

( The military commander, Army General)

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Biography PAVLOV Dmitry Grigorievich
Pavlov Dmitry Grigorievich (23.10.1897, d Vanyuh Kostroma - 16.10.1941), military commander, Army General (1941), Hero of the Soviet Union (21/6/1937). Educated at the Frunze Military Academy (1928) and academic courses at the Military Technical Academy (1931). Participant 1 WWI. In 1919 joined the RKP (b) and the Red Army. In the Civil War commander of the platoon, squad, assistant commander of the regiment. In 1928 the commander of the cavalry and mechanized regiments, the commander and commissar of mechanized brigade. As an instructor participated in the Spanish Civil War. Member of fighting with the Japanese on the CER and the Russo-Finnish War, 1939-40. From 1937 to early. Armor Management WPRA. Since 1937 member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. In 1938, along with other military sent a letter to I.V. Stalin called for an end to repression in the army. In 1939 a candidate member of the CC, CPSU (b). Since June 1940 the commander of Belarus (from July 1940 West) Special Military District. In 1940, speaking at the meeting, said: "We are enemies of the people was so much that I doubt that they were all enemies". In mid-June 1941 addressed to Stalin and the People's Commissariat of Defense, two coded with a request to withdraw the troops on the field position, trying to get permission for partial Mobilization part of the county, asked the district units to strengthen communication and tanks. Since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War became commander of the Western Front. The complete lack of preparedness for war, as well as the failure of Stalin and the senior military and political leadership to take into account the many reports of impending war, our troops Pavlova came in almost a hopeless situation. Thus the rate demanded the offensive, while the Pavlova had not the strength even to defend. There had equipped defensive positions, which corresponded to the prewar concept of war, the troops were defeated: in 17 days of 625 thousand. Front man has lost about 420 thousand. Summoned to Moscow and arrested. Due to the fact that Stalin did not intend to assume responsibility for the defeat, Pavlov (along with early. Staff, Major-General VE. Klimovskih, beginning. communication, Major-General A.T. Grigoriev and the commander of 4 th Army AA. Korobkov) was charged with cowardice, the deliberate collapse of the management and delivery of the front to the enemy without fighting. He was sentenced to deprivation of military rank and the death penalty and confiscation of property. Shot. In 1956, rehabilitated.

To use material from the book.: Zaleski KA. Stalin's empire. Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary. Moscow, Veche, 2000

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Dmitry Pavlov, G. (1897, Dr.. Vonyuh Kostroma Province. -1941) - Cos. military leader. Genus. a peasant family. In 1914 he volunteered for the front, was wounded, was in captivity. Since 1919, he served in the Red Army and joined the RKP (b). During the Civil War fought in the South, South-West., Turkestan fronts. In 1922 he graduated from Omsk highest Cavalry School in 1928 - the Military Academy in 1931 - academic courses at the Military Technical Academy. In 1936-1937 fought in Spain on the Republican side of the tank brigade commander and was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet. Union. Back in the USSR, was appointed head of the Red Army Armor Management. In 1939-1940 participated in the Soviet-Finnish war. Since June 1940 commanded the forces of the Belarusian Military District. Since the early days of World War II Army General Pavlov became commander of the West. Front cover of the band-cerned sostavlyala470 miles - from the southern border of Lithuania to the p. Accept. This was done to the main thrust of the fascist army group "Center". Left without destroying aircraft on the ground and without tanks, Pavlov was unable to hold the defense, and 8 days of fighting to avoid encirclement remains part of the Soviet. Army had been driven 350-400 miles. Pavlov and his closest associates was arrested and charged with treason. At trial, Pavlov abandoned the "confessions" made in the interrogation room, that did not stop his sentence, beginning. communications staff at the front A. Grigorieva, commander of 4 th Army, General A. Korobkova, beginning. Front headquarters in. Klimovskikh to death for participating in the "conspiracy" and the deliberate opening the front to the Germans. The life of these people and. V. Stalin had paid for their own failures in foreign policy and preparing for war. Pavlov's family had been deported. In 1957 the Military Collegium of the USSR Supreme Court overturned the verdict "for lack of evidence."

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PAVLOV Dmitry Grigorievich, photo, biography
PAVLOV Dmitry Grigorievich, photo, biography PAVLOV Dmitry Grigorievich  The military commander, Army General, photo, biography
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