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Pinkevich Albert P.

( Bolshevik)

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Biography Pinkevich Albert P.
Pinkevich Albert P. (January 5, 1884, Dr.. Urundi Ufa Province .- Dec. 25. 1937, Moscow). The son of a Polish nobleman, exiled to the Urals for participation in the uprising 1863-64. In 1902 he graduated from Ufim. high school and enrolled in Kazan, Univ. In 1903-08 tsp. RSDLP, Bolshevik. Participant Revolution of 1905-07 (in Samara, Yekaterinburg, Lower. Tagil). In 1907 he was arrested but soon released, was under police surveillance. Newly enrolled in the Univ and graduated with honors in 1909. He taught at the cadet corps and Volsky Volskaya teachers' seminary, then in Petrograd.

After the February. Revolution of 1917 actively participated in obschestv.-on-literary. life. "I walked in - indicates Pinkevich in his autobiography, one of the closest associates of" New Life ". Took part in the org-tion S.-d. Group Petrograd. teaching and the group "Free labor". In my immediate part ... Petrograd organized. Branch Vseros. Glaziers Union, and then created Vseros. Union of the same org-tion. Member of the Board and the Board Vseros. Union, I was on October. 1918 ". According to the list of St. E-internatsnonalistov elected Petrograd. Gore. Duma, and then Gore. Boards. In August. Delegate Merge, Party Congress. Permanent opponent of the Bolsheviks at rallies and meetings. At held in October. Novgorod Province. Congress of Soviets and Democritus. org-tion, according to F.F. Raskolnikov, the chairman had been elected came from Peter "novozhiznenets, AL. Pinkevich, author of popular works on natural history ... Report on the current situation was made by me. The debate was attended Pinkevich, Left SR Romm and others. Pinkevich, generally produces a very decent impression polemic gently. Arguing against this tactic, it is especially reproached us, the Bolsheviks, for the preparation of the coup, threatening CET. war ... "(Raskolnikov, FF, Kronstadt and St. Petersburg in 1917. Memoirs. 2 rad.. M.. 1990. with. 224).

October. roar-mation not received. October 27. gas. "New Life" wrote about his statement in Gore. Duma: "The representative of the faction Menshevik-Internationalists Pinkevich strongly protested against the statements to to have been made from this podium, on behalf of the Bolshevik. These statements, he considers a continuous violation of the truly revolutionary. and true-Dem. Platform. The new power is not universally accepted by the Congress of Soviets, from a left-cerned a number of factions. Congress generally represented only a minority of the Soviets, and, most importantly, there is no Soviet KD. There is the speaker and against interference in the competence of the commissioners VRK Mountains. government ... ". Speaking in Petrograd. jur. Duma on October 30., Pinkevich said that can not be attributed to the camp of counterrevolution all opponents of the Bolsheviks: "If anyone who is against the Bolsheviks, there is a counter-revolutionary, I do not understand the difference between a roar-tion and anarchy ... The Bolsheviks are subject to all the unbridled passions of the masses, but we have nothing but the moral. force. We protest against the violence and pogroms, as with that, and with others. hand. Our goal is to find a peaceful way out "(see: Reid, D., Ten Days to a rye-shocked the world, Moscow, 1957,. 176). Despite differences with the Bolsheviks, Pinkevich accepted the offer of cooperation with the Soviet. power. Already in October. (initiated by AV. Lunacharskogo) joined the cult-clearance, commission, and then actively involved in efforts to transform schools. Delegate exceedingly. Party Congress (of) (30 Nov., Dec. 7.), elected member of. CC.

In May 1918 headed the Council of Experts on People's Commissariat of Education under the Education Union communes North. area. By Hand. Pinkevich and direct his participation has been developed version of the draft Regulation on the Unified Labor School, a K-rum, as opposed to the project RSFSR People's Commissariat of conservation-fun task of school hours, The systematic. study subjects, mandatory homework. Tsp. RCP (b) since 1923. Pinkevich - one of the organizers and the first rector of the State. ped. Inst. AI. Herzen (Petrograd) and Ural State University Press, rector of the 2 nd Moscow State University, was on the leading work in the system Narcompros. From St.. 300 works, many of to-ryh transferred to the Foreign. languages.

The verdict of the Military. I believe the court collegium of the USSR shot. Rehabilitated in 1956.

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Pinkevich Albert P., photo, biography
Pinkevich Albert P., photo, biography Pinkevich Albert P.  Bolshevik, photo, biography
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