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Preobrazhensky Eugene A.

( Party and state leaders)

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Biography Preobrazhensky Eugene A.
Transfiguration Eugene A. (3.2.1886, Volkhov Orel province - 13.7.1937, Moscow), party and state leaders. The son of a priest. He studied at the Faculty of Moscow University (not finished). In 1903 joined the RSDLP, Bolshevik. Conducted Party work in Orel, Bryansk, Moscow, the Urals, in Siberia. In 1904-05 a member of the Ural Regional Bureau RSDLP. Since the autumn of 1909 in exile in Irkutsk province. Since March 1917, Comrade before. Chita Board. In 1917-18 a candidate member of the Party Central Committee. Since January. 1918 a candidate member of the Ural Regional Committee of the RCP (b). In 1917-18 belonged to the "Left Communists, the enemy of peace with Germany, said that" Lenin's whole plan is, strictly speaking, an attempt to save the life of Soviet power through suicide ". Since May 1918 before. Presidium of the Ural Regional Committee of the RCP (b) directly involved in the murder of Nicholas II, his family and his companions. Together with NI. Bukharin wrote "The ABC of Communism" (1919). In 1920-21 Secretary of the RCP (B) and a member of the Organizing Bureau of the Central Committee. From 1921 before. Finance Committee of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) and the SNK of the RSFSR, before. General Directorate of Professional Education of the RSFSR People's Commissariat of Education. The leading Soviet economist 1920-30-ies. Developed a plan for industrialization of the country at the expense of the peasants, acted "for the primary accumulation of capital at the expense of the peasantry". Opponent introduction of the NEP. He was one of the editors of the newspaper "Pravda", a supporter of L.D. Trotsky. In 1924-27 Deputy. prev. Main Concessions Committee, member of the People's Commissariat of Finance of the USSR. After the defeat of the Trotskyists 13/10/1927 expelled from the party "for organizing an illegal anti printer". Since January. 1928 sent in Uralsk, where he worked in planning bodies. In 1929-30 the State Planning Commission member of the Tatar ASSR. The summer of 1929 with K.B. Radek and I.T. Smilga sent a letter to the CC, where he said about the "ideological and organizational break with Trotskyism". In January. 1930 reinstated in the party and was appointed Deputy. prev. Nizhny Novgorod Regional Planning Committee. Since 1932 member of the Board of the People's Commissariat of Light Industry of the USSR, deputy. early. Division of the USSR People's Commissariat of farms. In January 1933 the newly expelled from the CPSU (b). arrested on 26.1.1933 and the special meeting at the OGPU sentenced to 3 years of expulsion. In December. the same year restored. Finally expelled from the MIC (b) in 1936. 20/12/1936 Arrested. 13/7/1937 sentenced to death. Shot. In 1988, rehabilitated in 1990, reinstated in the party.
To use material from the book.: Zaleski KA. Stalin's empire. Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary. Moscow, Veche, 2000

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Transfiguration Eugene A. (15 Feb. 1886 g. Bolkhov Orel lips - July 13, 1937, Moscow). From the priest's family. In 1907-08 he studied at the Juridical. Faculty are Mosk. Zap in RSDLP since 1903, the Bolshevik. In Rev-tion party 1905-07 December. armament. Restore. Moscow, tsp. Ural region. Bureau RSDLP. Repeatedly arrested, with the fall of 1909 in exile in Irkutsk Province.

After the February. Revolution of 1917 with ser. March Comrade. prev. RDA Council, member. Bureau of K-ta Societies. org-tions Cheats. He played for the cooperation of these org-tions for the conditional support Tips Time. Prospect Island, tk. thought originating roar-tion 'is bourgeois in its aims, but is carried out by the roar. proletariat and the cross-va '(Zabaikalsky Work ", Chita, 1917, 31 March): In order to achieve socialism' is not only needed a second, this time by the Socialist. roar-tion, but the fact that the development of our prom-sti reached such an extent that the elimination of capital could be accomplished easily and painlessly. In the meantime, to us this far '(ibid., 1917, 22 March). Affairs. 1 st Vost.-Sib. Congress of Soviets RSKD (7-13 May.) tsp. Bureau. At the congress, said: "I do not agree that the seizure of power by the working class leads to the implementation of socialism ... It is possible that the RDA Board would be compelled to show the requirements within the Burj. system '(cm - Agalkov V.T, the Soviets Siberia 1917-18, Novosibirsk, 1978 with. 20-21). Affairs. 1-st All-Russia. Congress of Soviets ROD (3-24 June). on the f-rum said: 'I think that we are on the eve of a fracture in Russian. Revolution of, and perhaps we will soon have to say that the Russian. roar-tion was over, that the Russian. roar-tion gave the maximum that it could give '( "1 st Congress of the Soviets', m. 1,. 218). The congress announced the Bolshevik. resolution on the war. He worked in the Commission on th. question. June 20, said: '-. representatives Heb., Musulm. and all others. the proletariat, are interested in how to create your priv. passage, the culture, not by association with their own bourgeoisie, and by association with the proletarians dp. Nationalities. For these reasons we are against the cultural and nat. autonomy, and in any case does not infringe on the rights Dep. nationalities' (ibid., t. 2,. 176). At the same meeting, introduced by the Bolshevik resolution condemning the policy ACCESSED. Prospect Island, postponed the decision of issues relating to the implementation of th. the rights of oppressed peoples, the Congress resolution did not (see. ibid,. 182). June 22 from the Commission on th. subject made a resolution on combating anti-Semitism, to-heaven was unanimously adopted (see. ibid,. 239-40). Elected member of. VTsIK. On the way to the Congress of Soviets (in May-June) and thereafter worked in the Urals, in Zlatoust, a member of the local to-ta. Affairs. 2-nd Ural region. S. d'. Conf. (14-18 July), Comrade. prev. Bureau, elected a member of Region. to-ta: sent to Petrograd and Moscow in order to pass the Central Committee and Moscow. Region. Bureau of the Central Committee of the decisions of the conference and, if necessary, enter into Org. Bureau for convening the Congress.

Delegate 6 th Party Congress (b) (July 26 - August 3.) Elected candidate. in tsp. CC. Polemics with the rapporteur CC I.V. Stalin, who argued that the peaceful Revolution of the period was over and should be removed from the slogan 'All Power to the Soviets! ". P. said: "... if we had ended roar-tion in its first stage, or not?" The role of the petty bourgeoisie in the next stage Revolution of us still not clarified. Departure of the right for two reasons: the proletariat and breakthrough Front. The petty bourgeoisie is confronted with the need to protect the country, but to protect the country need a camera, to-ing is in the hands of the imperialists ... convergence of the petty bourgeoisie began with the imperialists ... It is possible that the victory of the counter-tion may be more profound than we think, and then the roar-tion in th. finished within. In this case, I can not agree with the assertion of the inevitability of a new explosion. I think it quite possible agreement between the counter. bourgeoisie, capitalists, landowners and peasants ... But another possible. On the basis of inability to resolve all conflicts of the petty bourgeoisie with a large and subject to military. success at the front we will be faced with a new explosion Revolution of. But who will be its members? With t. Stalin meant by "the poorest cross-wah"? As a Marxist, lit-re there is still no definition of a poor cross Islands, a rum-in resolution. If it is - the laborers or the layer cross-va, to-ing during the radical zem. Reform is not playing, and wins, then I will tell: the role of the Soviets is not yet over. Their composition may change. The slogan "All power to the Co-vetam!" should be retained as long as the possibility of RGM. Revolution of not excluded. Here talked about the new explosions. What kind of explosion? If the explosions, a party to-ryh will. Only the proletariat, to-rye absolutely will not be supported by broad drug. layers, we have repeated on July 3-4. But if the speech will have resonance in the cross-ve, they will have great significance. And in that sense I am in favor of those bombings, but as for an auxiliary, not as a DOS. means of struggle "[" 6 th Party Congress (b), with. 115-161

In the voting of the item 9 resolution "On his political position" in a rum-before roaring. classes of Russia had the task of taking power and its direction "in alliance with the roar. proletariat of the advanced countries in the world and to Sots. reorganization of the Society "(ibid.,. 244), suggested a different formulation: "to direct it to the world and, if flying, Revolution of the West, to socialism" (ibid.,. 250). Congress rejected the amendment.

After the Congress returned to the Urals. "In Mr.. Zlatoust, where I returned to work, our party among the workers was in the minority, even in October. days. Most of the workers was for the c-r-s [Socialist-Revolutionary-Authors]. In October. days I have been involved in armed. demonstration of our party with the slogan "All Power to the Soviets!" and the complete loss of workers voices persuaded Zlatoust W-yes, along with others. colleagues to support the transition of power to the Soviets. We succeeded only in part "(" Pomegranate ", with. 590). Ran in the inaugural. Coll. on Ufim. Lip. At the 2 nd All-Russia. Congress of Soviets RNC (25-27 oct.) elected member of. VTsIK. On the 3rd of the Ural region. desks. Conf. (2-5 January. 1918) elected candidate. membership in the region. to-ta Bolsheviks. Tsp. Editorial Board of "Ural worker".

Affairs. 3rd All-Russia. Congress of Soviets RSD (10-13 January. 1918), in a polemic with the United Internationalists defended the view that "the roar-tion did not weary soldiers and not greedily stretching to the land owners, farmers, according to United Internationalists. Similarly true that the Bolsheviks few proletarians ... Bolsheviks did not turn a blind eye to the fact that the peasants were not yet sufficiently clear to imagine Sots. system, but further development of the Revolution of creates objective conditions for K-ryh to carry out cross-socialization of the land "(" Pravda ", 1918, January 27.).

. In the spring, during the Brest peace negotiations, one of the leaders of the Left Communists: "Paper treaty with Germany, not based on the real balance of forces, poses no security for Owls
. authorities ... Roar. War, however weak, we were not prepared for it, is inevitable ... This war will strengthen the Owls, the power inside the country and no damage to the outer. front will not be able to throw it "(" The Ural Worker ", 1918, 3 March)," The whole plan of Comrade. Lenin is, strictly speaking, an attempt to save the life of the Soviet. power through suicide "(ibid., 6 March). Since May, before. Presidium of the Ural Regional Committee of the RCP (b), one of the organizers of anti-antises. performance of the Czechoslovak. Corps. Then the ruling party., Owls. work. Author (Joint. with NI. Bukharin) The ABC of Communism "(M. 1919). In 1927, 1933 was expelled from the party. Unjustifiably repressed; posthumously rehabilitated.

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    Preobrazhensky Eugene A., photo, biography
    Preobrazhensky Eugene A., photo, biography Preobrazhensky Eugene A.  Party and state leaders, photo, biography
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