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PRIMAKOV Vitaly Markovich

( Military figure, Corps Commander)

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Biography PRIMAKOV Vitaly Markovich
Vitaly Markovich Primakov (18.12.1897, place Semenovka Chernigov province - 12.6.1937, Moscow), military leader, Corps Commander (1935). In 1914 he joined the RSDLP, Bolshevik. Son Teacher. Educated at the Higher Military Academic Courses (1923). In 1917, a member of the Kyiv Committee RSDLP (b). He participated in the storming of the Winter Palace, and then in the suppression of speech, General P.N. Krasnov's troops under the command of the red starting and Gatchina. In January. 1918 formed the 1 st Regiment of Red Cossacks. Then the commander of a Cossack regiment, a division. Sokt. 1920 Commander 1 Corps Red Cossacks. During fighting near Eagle - Kursk and successes in the Soviet-Polish war, was awarded 2 orders of the Red Banner (1920, 1921). Maintain discipline through punitive measures, t.ch. known extrajudicial execution of several people in 1922. In 1924-25 beginning. Higher Cavalry School (Leningrad). In 1925-26 was as a military adviser in China. In 1927-30 military attache in Afghanistan and Japan. In 1931-33 a corps commander. In 1933-35 Deputy. Commander of the North Caucasus Military District, Deputy. Inspector of higher military educational institutions. Since 1935 Deputy. commander of the Leningrad Military District. 14/8/1936 arrested. The investigation. where he was tortured, he testified, which later were arrested, many commanders and commissars in t.ch. AI. Haecker, B.S. Gorbachev Kutyakov etc.. Pleaded guilty to involvement in the anti-Soviet, Trotskyist, military-fascist conspiracy. However MN. Tukhachevsky, Yakir, п?.п?. Uborevich Special session of the Supreme Court of the USSR 111.6.1937 sentenced to death. Shot. In 1957, rehabilitated.

To use material from the book.: Zaleski KA. Stalin's empire. Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary. Moscow, Veche, 2000

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Vitaly Markovich Primakov (1897, borough Semenovka Chernigov Province. - 1937) - cos. military leader. Genus. Domestic teacher. As a schoolboy in 1915 for distributing antiwar leaflets in the army garrison of Chernigov was sentenced to life exile in Vost. Siberia. Released February roar. 1917 as a member of the Kyiv Committee of the Bolshevik. As a delegate II Vseross. Congress of the Soviets during the October Revolution, a detachment commander in the capture of the Winter Palace. Participated in the defeat of the rebellion п?.пє. Kerensky - P.N. Krasnov. In 1918 formed a regiment of Red Cossacks in the WPRA. During the Civil War, commanded a cavalry regiment, brigade, division, corps, distinguished himself in many battles and was awarded three Orders of the Red Banner. In 1923 he graduated from the Higher Military Academic Courses commanders of the Red Army and in 1924 became head of the Higher kavshkoly in Leningrad. In 1925 - 1926 was a military advisor to 1-st National Army in China. In 1927 - 1930 served as military attache in Afghanistan and Japan. Since 1931 has held command positions, becoming in 1935, corps commanders, deputy. commander of the Leningrad military district and a member of the Military Council of the People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR. Author of several works on military and historical topics. Subjected to repression during the Great Terror. He was rehabilitated posthumously.

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PRIMAKOV Vitaly Markovich, photo, biography
PRIMAKOV Vitaly Markovich, photo, biography PRIMAKOV Vitaly Markovich  Military figure, Corps Commander, photo, biography
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