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Snout George L.

( The Party leader)

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Biography Snout George L.
Snout George (Yuri) L. (06.08.1890, mar'ins'kyi sugar factory Cherkassky County Kiev province - 01.02.1937, Moscow), party activist. The son of factory manager. He studied at the Faculty of Economics of St. Petersburg University (in 1910 excluded). While studying at the school participated in 1905-07 in the revolutionary movement in Kiev, anarchist. In 1910 he joined the RSDLP, Bolshevik. Since 1912 secretary of the Kyiv Committee of the RSDLP. Repeatedly arrested. In October. 1914 escaped from exile in Switzerland. Since 1915, together with VI. Lenin edited the journal "Kommunist. After the February Revolution, returned to Russia. Sapri. 1917 members. then before. Kiev RSDLP Committee, member of the Kiev Council. Railed against the "April Theses Lenin. In October. Before 1917. Kiev Revcom. On Nov.. 1917 Deputy. In December:. 1917 to the beginning of March 1918 the chief commissioner of the State Bank, one of the leaders of the Left Communists, who oppose a peace with Germany. During the Civil War before. Provisional Workers 'and Peasants' Government of Ukraine (1918). Since 1920 directed the restoration of Donbass, Deputy. prev. Gosplan RSFSR, before. Main Concessions Committee. Opponent introduction of the NEP. Since 1923, Deputy. prev. VSNKh. In 1923-27 and 1930-36 member of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b). In "Letter to Congress" VI. Lenin described the Piatakov: "Too uvlekayushiysya administrating and the administrative side of the work to be relied upon in a serious political issue". After Lenin's death was made in support of L.D. And Trotsky against. V. Stalin. In 1927, the trade representative in France. "Repent" and became an active supporter of the Stalin's Line. In 1928 Deputy. prev., from 1929 before. Board of the State Bank of USSR. since 1930 member of the Bureau, in 1931-32 Deputy. prev. Supreme Economic Council USSR. Since 1932 deputy., 10.6.1934 1 st Vice. People's Commissar of Heavy Industry of the USSR. 28/7/1936 arrested his wife. During the preparation process of G.E. Zinoviev, L.B. Kamenev and other publicly demanded the death sentence for them, but during the interrogation of the defendants, they have shown in Piatakov as a party to the conspiracy. Then the same stage Piatakov decided not to appoint a public prosecutor at the trial of Kamenev - Zinoviev, as previously planned. 11/8/1936 Pyatakov had a conversation with sekdetarem Central NI. Yezhov, . during which said, . that "the appointment of the prosecutor saw as the greatest confidence in the CC and went to this from the soul", . simultaneously Pyatakov "asked him to provide him with any form of rehabilitation, . particularly, . For its part has made a proposal to allow him to personally shoot all those sentenced to death in the process, . in t.ch,
. and his former wife ". 12/9/1936 arrested. As one of the main defendants brought to trial "Parallel Anti-Soviet Trotskyite Center" 30/01/1937 sentenced to death. In his final statement said: "Do not deprive me of one, the citizens judge. Do not deprive me of the right to conscience. that in your eyes, even if it is too late, I found the strength to break with his criminal past ". Shot. In 1988, rehabilitated.
To use material from the book.: Zaleski KA. Stalin's empire. Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary. Moscow, Veche, 2000

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Snout George (Yuri) L. (August 6. 1890 mar'ins'kyi sugar zd, Cherkassky in. Kiev Province. - Jan. 30. 1937, Moscow). From family engineer manager s house. Students real uchchtsa participated in the events of Revolution of 1905-07 in Kiev; belonged to the anarchists. In 1907-10 student economical. Faculty Petersburg. Zap: in 1910, joined studench. S. d'. org-tion: in the same year removed from Zap for the roar. activities. Upon returning to Kiev in 1911 member, since 1912 secretary. Kiev to-ta RSDLP. As had been repeatedly arrested, in 1912 he was arrested again: in 1914, together with EB. Bosch. became his wife, exiled to Irkutsk Province. where in October. this year, ran through Japan and moved to Switzerland. Since 1915 Pyatakov in collaboration with VI. Lenin edited the Well. Kommunist. In a dispute with Lenin Pyatakov, Bosch and NI. Bukharin denying the significance of th. gos Islands and the importance of th. question.

After the February. Revolution of 1917 in Norway, returned to Russia, but at the border because of a false passport was arrested, taken to Petrograd, then in Kiev. Involved in the work of the Kiev-ta RSDLP. March 23, made a presentation on the platform of the Central Committee and convened on March 28 desks. Meeting ", March 28 to endorse the t-Pyatakov platform, to swarm, stated:" The development of manufactures, power and social power of the proletariat in Russia have not reached that level, with a rum-working class could carry out a social revolution. Establishment Socialist. system, which is the ultimate goal of all our activities, therefore, not included among the tasks facing us in the course of making a revolution "(" Chronicle of the Revolution ", 1931," 4,. 151). April 2. at a meeting in Kiev Univ RSDLP when discussing the question of convening Ukr. th. congressional representatives ukr. parties and societies, org-tions suggested "... to begin an aggressive attack against the separatist movements, that it is like a knife in the back with a roar. movement "(ibid.,. 157) pointed out that St. d. impermissible to no religion 'or th. propaganda (cm. ibid,. 158). He was a member of the editorial board of the gas. Voice of the Social-Democrat ". April 4. elected as a member of the Kiev-ta RSDLP (shortly before it began.): the same day at a meeting of the Kiev-d C.. org-tion in discussing the resolution on the war, stated that " '. there are moments when necessary self-defense, not an imperialist, and she self-defense, to-heaven does not allow the defeat of the country and the freedom. We are not indifferent to the fate of Russia, but the weapons will not solve the question of war and peace. We encourage the whole proletariat to resist imperialism ... "(ibid.,. 160). April 9. the discussion in April. Lenin's theses on the to-those made against them, stating that "the formula" peace without annexations "- decorative phrase" clean water defencism (cm. ibid,. 177). At the initiative to Piatakov-T adopted a resolution to the swarm-recognized theses "... in general, unacceptable" (Ukr. ist. magazine. 1989, Ns 4,. 96). April 15. at the district meeting of the Bolsheviks in Kiev in the resolution of the relation to time. pr-woo, on the proposal Piatakov made provision that in Russia "-. OCH. prerequisites for successful Sots. coup itself, without concurrently. Sots. Revolution of Europe, no "(" The Great October. Sots. roar-tion and the victory of the Soviet. power in Ukraine ", h. 1, K., 1977,. 111): the same day at a meeting of the Kiev org-tion of the Bolsheviks was elected a delegate to the 7-S (April) All-Russia. Conf. RSDLP (b): April 19. at a meeting of Bolsheviks Pyatakov and his supporters, refusing to submit the Kiev org-tion at the conference, together with MA Saveliev (supported Lenin's thesis), have made his re-election (cm. ibid,. 123).

Speaking at the 7-th All-Russia. Conf. RSDLP (b) on April 29., Said: "... in the present. we have an era x-va, to establish a close and indissoluble link between the nations ... Under these circumstances, the independence of nations is utterly impossible, and nobody needs.. independence of the nation is outdated the moment, impossible, obsolete. The requirement of independence ... Based on the analysis of the era of imperialism, we say that a struggle for socialism as the struggle under the slogan "off limits" ... we imagine at the moment can not "[7-I (April) conference. RSDRGKb) - with. 212-141 As a member of the RDA of Kiev on May 24 at a meeting of the Council in the debate about joining the socialists during. pr-in claimed that democracy must achieve a total transfer of power in the hands of the Soviets. Only then will create a unified, strong state. power - the power of the majority of the people to paradise-can cope with the impending households. catastrophe and end in the interest of world democracy carnage peoples "(" Under the banner of socialism ', 1969, "8,. 45). June 15 at the Kiev region. Conf. Trade Union statement said: 'The Bolsheviks believed that the will of the proletariat is expressed in his advice to-Eye should be given all power' (ibid.). During the summer - autumn Pyatakov Multi base. once elected in the Center. Rada. During performances gene. L.T. Kornilov (August) was before, K-ta Revolution of protection created by all Sots. parties; August 29. at a meeting in Kiev Gore. Duma called '.. forget all the old accounts ... all unite to fight the counter-tion '( "The Great October. Sots. roar-tion and the victory of the Soviet. power in Ukraine ', with. 457) - under the influence Piatakov Bolshevik faction in the Duma Duma supported the appeal, in a population-rum urge support ACCESSED. Prospect Island. In Sept.. elected before. executive committee of the Kyiv Council RDA.

Member Dem. Meeting in Petrograd (14-22 sept.) -, became part of the Pre-Parliament: Sept. 24. Kiev obschegor. Conference RSDRGKb) withdrawn from it. October 25. elected before. Kiev Revcom. Despite criticism from the center, Pyatakov, still not believing in the possibility of Socialist. Revolution of continued policy of cooperation with others. Sots. parties, before becoming. K-ta Salvation Revolution of created at the suggestion of the Mensheviks. October 27. condemned the position of center. Rada, arguing against an uprising in Petrograd, said: 'Center. Rada plunged a knife into his back roaring. Petrograd, to you. comrades ukr. workers and soldiers appeal primarily a fervent appeal not go for the Rada, which has become the path of shameful compromise, and all forces to support the uprising of the Petrograd. colleagues '(Under the Banner of Socialism'. 1989? 4,. 46). October 28. arrested by the troops of the Kiev headquarters VO: October 31. the intervention center. Rada and representatives of the Socialist. parties released.

6 Nov.. summoned before. SNK Lenin in Petrograd, was appointed deputy. Hd. State Bank Commissioner, with the Dec-Hd. Commissioner. Elected members to establish. Coll. (from Chernigov gub.). Oppose the conclusion of peace with Germany on its proposed pr-tion conditions: was one of the leaders 'Left Communists'. January 15. 1918 signed a Statement of the Central Committee members RSDRGKb) and the People's Commissars of the immediate convening partners. conference to address the issue of peace, and in the case of the conclusion of the conference without a signed will leave their posts in the party and government. 22 Feb.. signed a statement in the CC group of its members and the People's Commissars, in a rum-stated that the conclusion of peace '.' is the surrender vanguard Intern. proletariat to the Intern. bourgeoisie '[Minutes RSDLP (b). with. 2091 24 Feb.. was one of the signatories of the declaration in the CNS that can not '... to take responsibility for making germ. ultimatum ... ' and goes down as the CPC (ibid.,. 223). After the signing of the Brest peace left in the early. March post Hd. Commissioner of the State Bank and moved to Ukraine. He participated in battles with the germ. occupiers, was one of the leaders Partisi. movement, one of the founders of the CP (b) U, before. Provisional. Workers cross. Prospect Island Owls. Ukraine. From 1919 to partner. and State. work.

Arrested n 1936. At the trial of a so-called. Parallel antises. Trotskyite. Center (Jan. 1937) Military. Top panel. Court of the USSR sentenced to death. Rehabilitated in 1988.

Used Materials And Articles. Graceful and Tourist Office. Maximova in the book.: Politicians Russia 1917. Biographical Dictionary. Moscow, 1993.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Pyatakov George L. (1890, mar'ins'kyi sugar factory Kiev Province. - 1937, Moscow) - cos. desks. and State. figure. Genus. Domestic sugar plant manager. Twice expelled from the Kiev real uch-я+п¦ St.. Catherine: in 1905 for leading the "student revolt" in 1907 for "bold dispute" with the priest. He was an active member of the anarchist circles. In 1907 he entered the Economics Dept., St. Petersburg, Zap, joined the Social Democratic student organization. In 1910, for participation in the university riots was deleted. Repeatedly been arrested. In 1914, exiled to Irkutsk Province., Ran through Japan to Switzerland, where, in collaboration with VI. Lenin, edited by J.. Kommunist. After the February roar. 1917 he returned to Petrograd, then moved to Kiev, leading the city committee RSDLP (b). Railed against the "April Theses, Lenin, not believing in the possibility of Socialist. roar. After the victory of the October uprising was caused by Lenin in Petrograd and was appointed deputy., Then the Chief Commissioner of the State Bank. As one of the leaders of the "Left Communists", . opposed the conclusion of the Brest Peace, . after its signing, . not wanting to share "responsibility for taking germanskogo ultimatum", . left his post and went to Ukraine to fight the Germanic invaders (led political work ..,
. repaired justice and punishment, went to the exploration and was a machine gunner). During the Civil War was a member of the RVS Army Division Commissioner, the Commissioner of the General Staff Academy. After mastering the Crimea is one of the leaders ( "pyatakovskaya troika) mass executions of white officers who came to the advertised registration. He was one of the founders of the CP (b) U and first chairman of the Ukrainian People's Commissars. Served responsible households. job: deputy. Chairman of the Supreme Economic Council, Deputy. People's Commissar of Heavy Industry, chairman of the State Bank. I believe that the introduction of the NEP mistakenly. Agreed with a so-called. "law of primitive socialist accumulation", in a rum-socialism must be built, as well as capitalism, the exploitation of the older households Islands. VI. Lenin in his "Letter to Congress," wrote about Pyatakov: "Man is certainly an outstanding commitment and outstanding ability, but too much zeal for the administrative side of the work to be relied upon in a serious political issue". At the XV Congress was expelled from the party as the leader of the Trotskyist opposition. In 1928, after the declaration of repentance to derogate from the opposition, was reinstated in the party. In July-August. 1936 Pyatakov was to be appointed as prosecutor at the trial of GE Zinoviev and L.B. Kamenev, but due to the fact that he himself was prepared, as another victim, his nomination was withdrawn. Feeling that the danger was hanging over him, Pyatakov, according to the report NI. Yezhov. V. Stalin had asked to "any form of rehabilitation" and, in particular, on a proposed "to allow him to personally shoot all those sentenced to death on the process, including his ex-wife". Was removed from the Central Committee and in Sept.. 1,936 arrested. At the trial, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to death. Rehabilitated in 1988.

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Snout George L., photo, biography
Snout George L., photo, biography Snout George L.  The Party leader, photo, biography
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