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Aaronovitch Pyatnitskaya Joseph

( The Party leader)

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Biography Aaronovitch Pyatnitskaya Joseph
Pyatnitskii Joseph Aaronovitch (real name - Iosel Oriolovich Tarshis) (17.1.1882, Vilkomir Kovno province - 30.10.1938), party activist. Son cabinetmaker. He worked as a tailor in Kovno and Vilna, the Vilna secretary of the union tailors. In 1898 joined the RSDLP, Bolshevik. Since 1901 an agent of "Iskra". Repeatedly arrested. In 1902, escaped from prison in Kiev, emigrated. In 1905, a member of the Odessa Committee RSDLP. 906-08 in charge of technical affairs of the Moscow Committee (MC) RSDLP. In 1908 he went to Geneva (Switzerland). In 1913-14 he worked as an electrician in Volsk and Samara. In 1914, exiled to the Yenisei province. In 1917, a member of the MK RSDLP (b), the executive committee of the Moscow City Council, Battle of the Party Center and the Military Revolutionary Committee. In 1918-22, a member of the Bureau RCP (6). in 1919-20 before. CC brotherhood. In 1920, Secretary MK. From 1921 he worked in the Comintern Executive Committee, since 1923 secretary, since 1928 member. In 1920-21 a candidate member since 1927 Member of the Party Central Committee. In 1924-27 a member of the CCC. Since 1935 Head. Department of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b). In 1937, arrested and in October. 1937 removed from the Central. Sentenced to death. Shot. In 1956, rehabilitated and restored in the party.

To use material from the book.: Zaleski KA. Stalin's empire. Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary. Moscow, Veche, 2000

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Pyatnitskii (cf.. Pham. and the name of Joseph Tarshis) Osip Aaronovitch (1882, Mr.. Vilkomir Kovno Province. - 1938) - cos. desks. and State. figure. Genus. Domestic worker carpenter. In 1896 worked as a couturier in the cities Panevezhe, Kovno, Vilna. From 1898 - to the roar. Traffic. In 1900 participated in the defeat of the police station and the release of arrested workers. Autumn of 1901 became an agent of gas. Iskra. In 1902 he was arrested, escaped and emigrated to Germany. In 1903 in London, met in. I. Lenin and actively participated in the preparation of the II Party Congress, after-cerned to become a Bolshevik. During roar. 1905 - 1907 was a member of the Odessa Committee of the Party. In Moscow, head of technical affairs of Moscow. Party Committee. In 1908, after a short arrest, went to Geneva, led the party organizations. conferences, a member of the Foreign Bureau of the Central Committee. In 1913 he returned to Russia. In 1914 he was arrested and after 6 months. prison sent to the Yenisei Province. After the February roar. 1917 he returned to Moscow. Was secretary MK RSDLP (b), went to the Party. center for leadership of the October uprising in Moscow. In 1917 headed the union of railwaymen. In 1918 became a member of the Executive Committee of the Moscow City Council and the Central Executive Committee. From 1921 he worked in the Comintern. Since 1927 elected member of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b). In 1935 he was transferred to work in the CC apparatus. In 1937, dared to openly oppose the granting of emergency powers NI. Ezhov, against the massacre of NI. Bukharin and was destroyed I.V. Stalin. Rehabilitated posthumously in 1956.

Used materials kn.: Shikman A.P. Figures of national history. Biographical Directory. Moscow, 1997.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Pyatnitskii (cf.. Pham. Tarshis) Iosif (Osip) Aaronovitch (January 17. 1882 g. Vilkomir Kovno Province., - July 29, 1938). From family cabinetmaker. Since 1896 worked as a ladies 'tailor' in Panevezhe. Kovno, Vilna. In a-d. movement since 1898. Since 1901 the agent gas. 'Spark'. After a 2-second Party Congress (1903) Bolshevik. Participant Revolution of 19054) 7 (Odessa, Moscow). Affairs. 6 th (Prague) All-Russia. Conf. RSDLP (1912), was appointed head transp.-techn. of CC. Repeatedly he was arrested, he lived in exile since 1914 in the Yenisei link.

After the February. Revolution of 1917 came on March 23 in Moscow and sent to MK RSDLP and Moscow. By RD at work among the railway, one of the organizers of the extraterritorial desks. and owls. J.-d. district (united ca. 20 thousand. Moscow Railway. J.-d. node on the ring the District railway.). At Moscow. obschegor. desks. Conf. (3-4 May.) Elected a member of. MK Bolsheviks. Since April. Member of the Executive Committee of Moscow. Council RD. Affairs. 7 th (April) Vseros. Conf. RSDLP (b) from Moscow. org-tion. Since May, before. Executive Committee of the Board RD Mosk. J.-d. node. Affairs. 6 th Party Congress (b) (26 July -3 August.) From the wash. org-tion. On August 22. Members of the Executive, the commission (bureau) MK party in Sept.. elected as a member of the secretariat to-ta. In early. October. for the discussion of Moscow. mountains., env. and Region. to-ing RSDLP (b) of Lenin's 'Letter to the CC, MC, PC and the Council of Petrograd and Moscow Bolsheviks' (about the opportunity to begin armament. Restore. in Moscow), said that Moscow initiative insurrection itself can not take, but it can and should support the statement, when it starts in St. Petersburg. His opinion argued poorly armed workers' detachments Kp. Guard, a weak bond MK installment of the garrison. October 11. MK directed the party in Petrograd for information RSDLP (b) on the point of view sinks. at the beginning of the Bolshevik uprising in Moscow. October 17. Interregional meeting on the sink. desks. Joint asset. with VE. Yakovleva (informed of the decision of the Central Committee of October 10. of armament. Restore.) presented a report on the visit to Petrograd, meetings with members of the Central Committee and VI. Lenin. October 20. newly elected member of the secretariat MK RSDLP (b).

On October 25. member of the militant Party. Center for Hand-woo armament. uprising in Moscow and Moscow. region.: later entered the Moscow. VRK. Concurrently. from October 26. WRC member Jean-d. District. Was storoynikom decides action opposed negotiating representatives of the Moscow. Council RD and Moscow. SRW with the commander of Moscow. IN Regiment. KI. Ryabtsev. In the days of fighting one of the leaders of Action krasnogv. detachments Mosk. railway. node. October 28. organized interception tel. negotiations on the direct line sinks. Bureau Vikzhel. Regiment. Ryabceva with headquarters Top. General Headquarters in Mogilev and the headquarters of West. Front in Minsk for the dispatch of military. assistance in Moscow: October 29. participated in the org-tion distribution of weapons Kp. Guards found a Mercantile Article. Sokolniki Kazan, railway. cars with 40 thousand. rifles; ensure avoidance of possible arrival in Moscow the counter. forces. 4 Nov.. made a report on the activities of militant Party. Center for Joint. Moscow meeting. mountains., env. and Region. to-ing RSDLP (b).

On December 11. prev. Vseros. exceedingly, Congress of the Union of artisans and workers yellow. roads in Petrograd of Congress sent a delegate to the 2-nd exceedingly. Vseros. Congress of Railwaymen (5-30 January. 1918, Petrograd), on to the rum-elected Vikzhedora. Since January. 1918 Member of the Executive Committee of Moscow. Council RDA. The delegate of the 3rd All-Russia Congress of Soviets (Petrograd, 23 - 31 January), elected a member of the Central Executive Committee. One of the organizers of the Joint Railway Trade Union Congress of the RSFSR. From 1921 to the state and party work. Unreasonably repressed; rehabilitated in 1956.

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Aaronovitch Pyatnitskaya Joseph, photo, biography
Aaronovitch Pyatnitskaya Joseph, photo, biography Aaronovitch Pyatnitskaya Joseph  The Party leader, photo, biography
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