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Rakitnikov Nikolai Ivanovich

( Member of the Working Group of the Party 'Nar. will ')

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Biography Rakitnikov Nikolai Ivanovich
photo Rakitnikov Nikolai Ivanovich
Rakitnikov Nikolai Ivanovich (1864, Selco Godneva Vasiljevskaya parish. Gzhatsk y. Smolensk Province., - 1938). He studied at Kronstadt and the 3rd St. Petersburg. gymnasiums. He graduated from the Juridical. Faculty of Petersburg. Zap. Since 1885 tsp. Working Group of the Party "Nar. Volya. Arrested in 1887 and in 1888 was exiled for 3 years in Vologda. lips., sickness transferred to Astrahanmkoy lips. Since 1891 in Saratov worked zemstvos, assisted the party "Nar. Law. From 1897 member of Socialist Party, to-paradise since 1902 served as the Party Central Committee. Participated in the development of the JDP program, delegate desks. Congresses. One of the organizers of the Cross. Union, the AKP, led by a cross commission under the Central. Participant Revolution of 1905-07. Persecuted, lived in exile. In 1909, in connection with the unmasking E.F. Azefs out of the Central Committee. During the 1-st world. war - "an internationalist". From 1916 - in Russia, was under police surveillance.
After the February. Revolution of 1917 organized and led to the Saratov-t JDP, ed. gas. "Land and Freedom". Affairs. 1-st All-Russia. Congress of Soviets CD (May), was elected to the presidium of the congress. Participated in the 3rd congress of AKP, May 25 elected before. Congress: May 30, made a presentation on the AGR. question, stating that "the AKP should not compete with the Bolsheviks in the extreme ... We are with a clear conscience can look at the future, as well know that Vseros. Council KD said that he hoped to finish. the question occurred in the inaugural. Coll. "(Rev-tion 1917". t. 2,. 230). June 3 elected member of. Central Committee. Was included in the editorial board of the center body of the AKP - gas. 'Case of the People'. In June Rakitnikov delegated the AKP during. pr-in - Comrade. min. agriculture in Hd. zem. to-tu.

Autumn elected member of. Inaugural. Coll. October 30. participated in the negotiations with the representatives of the Socialist Vikzhel. parties on behalf of the Central Committee of the AKP made a statement that 'their official. Bolsheviks 'participation in pr-ve would have made any combination unacceptable' (ibid., t. 6,. 31). and suggested that 'resort to a three-day cease-fire of warring parties across the country in order to make possible the formation of "new uniform Sots. pr-va ', is responsible for its creation of a commission' the meeting '(ibid.). 14 Nov.. participated in the meeting of the Central Committee of the SR, on a rum-adopted a resolution confirming the need for education pr-va of representatives of all Sots. parties and the transfer of power in the country Nar. Council to convene inaugural. Coll. In November. the 4 th congress of AKP's re-elected to the Central Committee, received Naib. number of votes, then elected to the Presidium of the Central. Belonged to the 'left center' AKP considers inadmissible armament. against the Bolsheviks to the inaugural. Coll. In December. participated in the 2-nd All-Russia. Congress of Soviets, CD, and 'right' part of the Congress elected in the. Executive Committee. He was a member of RGM. Commission of the SR fraction inaugural. Coll. On December 16. tsp. subcommittee on the development of DOS. of the earth's. bill.

At the meeting of the Central Committee on January 19. 1918 Rakitnikovu was commissioned to compile an abstracts for partners. agitators and propagandists of the ANC adopted the Decree on Peace and DOS. Law on the socialization of land. Participated in the development of RGM. Commission of the Central Committee 'right at any time. distribution of land in 1918 ". At the 8 th Party Council (May) identified with M.L. Kogan-Bernstein of non-weapons in. against the Bolsheviks. After the transition of power in the Volga region to the supporters inaugural. Coll. participated in Komuch, but the fall joined the party. opposition, speaking for the Joint. action with Kp. Army against AV. Kolchak and for rejecting his political struggle against the Bolsheviks, while maintaining the ideological struggle with. At the 9 th Council of the AKP came out of the Central Committee and joined the group VK. Volsky - KS. Burevogo 'people'. After 1920 from his political activities away. He worked in the field of statistics. In early. 1937 arrest and the decision of the Special Meeting of the NKVD on June 1, 1937 was sentenced to 5 years of corrective labor camps. April 15. Decision 1938 'troika' of the Office of the NKVD Krasnoyar. edge sentenced to capital punishment. Rehabilitated in 1989.

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Rakitnikov Nikolai Ivanovich, photo, biography
Rakitnikov Nikolai Ivanovich, photo, biography Rakitnikov Nikolai Ivanovich  Member of the Working Group of the Party 'Nar. will ', photo, biography
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