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Redens Stanislav Franzevich

( One of the leaders of state security, the Commissioner of Public Safety 1 st rank)

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Biography Redens Stanislav Franzevich
Redens Stanislav Franzevich (17.5.1892, Minsk Mazowiecki Lomzhinskoy province - 21.1.1940), one of the leaders of state security, the Commissioner of Public Security of rank 1 (26.1 1.1935). The son of a shoemaker, a relative I.V. Stalin was married to the sister NS. Alliluyeva. Educated at College of the plant (1907). Since 1907 he worked at the Dnieper Metallurgical Plant (Kamensky). In 1914 he joined the RSDLP, Bolshevik. Vsent. 1914 drafted into the army. In 1915, discharged for sickness, worked in factories. In 1917, Secretary of Kamensky Committee RSDLP (b), the Secretary of the Union of Metalworkers of Dnieper plant, secretary of the Polish Social-Democracy of Poland and Lithuania. In 1918, sent from Ukraine to Moscow, where it is mandated to accompany confiscated from the population values. In 1918, appointed an investigator of the Cheka, and soon became secretary of the Presidium of the Cheka, and personally F.E. Dzerzhinsky. In April. 1919 Redens moved to Odessa and then in Kiev CHK.S Feb.. Before 1920. Odessa, Kharkiv from 12/8/1920, from December. 1920 Crimean Cheka. Gave "cleansing" the Crimea after the evacuation of Russian Army General Baron P.N. Wrangel Island, which cost zhizii those who believed the promises of the Soviet government on the petition, had not gone into exile. On 12.7.1921 Deputy. beg.. 5/9/1921 beginning with. Administrative and organizational management of the Cheka. 1 1.9.1922 Redens again led the Crimean department of the GPU, and stood before 25/4/1923. GPU Crimean Autonomous Republic. In June 1926, patrons Redens Dzerzhinsky summoned him to Moscow and made his assistant. of the USSR Supreme Economic Council and the Secretary of the Presidium of the Supreme Economic Council. In 1926-28 Secretary of the Board and managing the affairs of People's Commissariat of Workers 'and Peasants' Inspection of the USSR and CCC, CPSU (b). In 1927-34 a member of the CCC. from 1934 - the Central Auditing Commission CPSU (b). On 10/11/1928 OGPU plenipotentiary in ZSFSR and before. Transcaucasian GPU. On 17.5.1931 before. GPU Belarus, with 25/7/1931 - Ukraine. In 1932 received the assignment to develop (with SV. Kossior) a special plan for the elimination of "core kulak and counterrevolutionary Petliura nests". In November: 1932 arrests had about 2 thousand managers of collective. One of the main organizers of the famine in Ukraine (1932-33), which claimed nearly 4 million lives. Following the breakdown of the grain procurement plan in January. 1933 withdrawn from the Ukraine and 20.2.1933 appointed ambassador of the OGPU Moscow region (with a beginning 15/7/1934. Office of the NKVD Moscow region). Headed "events" that followed the assassination of SM. Kirov cleaning Moscow from various opponents and "non-proletarian elements". Since 1937 member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. According to the memoirs NS. Khrushchev strongly abused alcohol. 22/11/1938 arrested as a participant in the Polish sabotage and espionage group. 21/1/1940 sentenced to death. Shot. In 1961, rehabilitated. His wife, Anna Alliluyeva (1896-1964), with 1917 members RSDLP (b), during the Civil War - an employee of the Odessa Cheka. In 1948 she was arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison for spying in 1954 released. His son Vladimir Alliluev wrote memoirs, which praised Stalin - the murderer of his father.

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Redens Stanislav Franzevich, photo, biography
Redens Stanislav Franzevich, photo, biography Redens Stanislav Franzevich  One of the leaders of state security, the Commissioner of Public Safety 1 st rank, photo, biography
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