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Jan Rudzutak Ernestovich

( Trade Union and statesman)

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Biography Jan Rudzutak Ernestovich
Rudzutak I. E. - Race. 1887 Mr.. in Kurland Village in the family farm laborer. Up to 15 years was a village shepherd, 18 years of age entered the toolmaker, where he met with the revolutionaries and came to Riga organization RSDLP (b). In 1906, Mr.. elected as a delegate to the London Congress, this year it goes into hiding and became a professional propagandist for the organization of the Riga. In 1907, Mr.. was sentenced to 10 years in prison, who served first in Riga prison and then was transferred to Moscow in Butyrskaya, where he was released on February Revolution. Since 1917. active in many of the party, professional and business organizations. At the XII Congress of the Party was elected secretary of the Central.

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Jan Rudzutak Ernestovich (3.8.1887, farm Caune Goldingenskogo County Kurland province - 29.7.1938), trade union and statesman. The son of a laborer. Education was in elementary school (graduated from Grade 2). From 1903 he worked at the plant "Oto Erbe" (Riga). In 1905 joined the RSDLP, Bolshevik. Conducted party work in Riga and Vindava. In 1907, arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Released on February Revolution. In 1917, itinerant instructor Moscow City Council, the secretary of the Moscow Union of Textile Workers, a member of the presidium of the Moscow Council of Trade Unions. In 1918, before. Moscow Regional Council of National Economy. From May 1918 to October. 1921 Member of the Presidium of the RSFSR Supreme Economic Council, before. Tsentrotekstilya. Since 1918 member of the Bureau, in 1920-21 - General Secretary of the All. In 1919, before. General Directorate of Water Transport Commissariat of Railways. In 1921, before. Central Union of Transport Workers. At the same time in 1919, 21-member TurkkomissiiVTsIK and SNK of the RSFSR, and then in March-Oct. 1921. stood before. Turkbyuro RCP (b). Since 1920 member of the RCP (b), many times was a different time of the Organizing Bureau of the Central Committee (August. 1921 - March 1922, April. 1923 - May 1924, a candidate member in March-August. 1921 and April. 1922 - April. 1923). In 1922-23 before. Central Asian bureau of the CC RCP (b) and, finally, from April. 1923 to May 1924 - Secretary of the RCP (b). 26/4/1923 Rudzutak became a candidate member of Politburo. 2/2/1924 Rudzutak replaced F.E. Dzerzhinsky's post of Commissar of Railways of the USSR. In addition, 16.1.1926 P. became deputy. prev. SNK and the Council of Labor and Defense of the USSR and held that post for more than 11 years - until the moment of arrest. And on July 28 the same year was again raised - became a member of the Politburo. In 1928, before. Committee Chemicalization the national economy of the SNK. 11.6.1930 resigned as Commissar. 9/10/1931 Rudzutak received one of the most important posts in the party - before. CCC, CPSU (b) and the People's Commissar of Workers and Peasants' Inspection of the USSR and, on the existing tradition in the party, as head of the supervisory body, 10.2.1932 was dismissed from the Politburo. 11/2/1934 Commissariat was eliminated and converted to CCC, Party Control Commission of the CC, CPSU (B), while her right greatly curtailed. 10/2/1934 Rudzutak again became a candidate member of Politburo, but remained without a new appointment, and concentrated on his work in the CNS. In an article in Pravda 1/1/1937 Rudzutak he wrote: "Through their agents - Trotsky and his gang - Nazism tried to thwart by wrecking our economy, . their hands they wanted to kill the best people in our country, . brain and the heart of our country, Comrade Stalin ",
. 24/5/1937 arrested. Accused of Trotskyism, and spying for Germany and 28.7.1938 sentenced to death. Shot. In 1956, rehabilitated and restored in the party.

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Jan Rudzutak Ernestovich, photo, biography
Jan Rudzutak Ernestovich, photo, biography Jan Rudzutak Ernestovich  Trade Union and statesman, photo, biography
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