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Matvey Skobelev I.

( Member RSDLP, Menshevik)

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Biography Matvey Skobelev I.
photo Matvey Skobelev I.
Matvey Skobelev I. (1885 - 1938) - a member of the RSDLP, Menshevik, from 1903, Deputy IV of the State Duma, one of the leaders of the Social Democratic faction. In 1917, Mr.. - Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Petrograd Soviet of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies, in May - August - Minister of Labor of the Provisional Government. In 1918, Mr.. left in the Caucasus. In 1920, Mr.. emigrated from Georgia to France. It helped to establish trade relations with Soviet Russia, France and Belgium. Since 1922. - Member of the RCP (B.). Since 1924. worked as a Soviet foreign trade. Was subjected to repression and rehabilitated posthumously.
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Matvey Skobelev I. (1885, Baku - 29 July 1938). From industrialist family, sectarian-Molokan. Tsp, RSDLP since 1903, the Menshevik. Participant Revolution of 1905-07 in Baku, in 1906 led the strike, because of the threat of arrest emigrated. Affairs. RSDLP on the 2 nd Congress of the International in Copenhagen (1910). He graduated from the Vienna Polytechnic (1912): worked in the red. Pravda LD. Trotsky. From 1912 cases. 4 th State. Duma of the Russian. Caucasian population: played on Budget and economical. Questions. The summer of 1914 led Baku strike. During the 1-st world. War Defencist ". In 1915 he served on the court (without loss of parliamentary powers) 4 months. imprisonment for an article in the Baku working paper.

In the days of Feb. Revolution of 1917 took part in the org-tion Petrograd. Council, 27 Feb.. tsp. its executive committee, elected comrade. prev., then one of the hands. speeches Sveaborg and sailors in Kronstadt. On April 13. tsp. Bureau of the Executive Committee of the Petrograd. Council. At the 1 st Congress of the Military. and Workers' Affairs. Army and rear Zap. Front (7-17 May., Minsk) and antivoen. rally the soldiers of the Petrograd. Garrison (20 April.) called for the continuation of war. April 30. at a meeting of the Petrograd. Council made a presentation on the convening Intern. Sots. Conference and on appeal to the Socialists of all countries: said: "We want peace soon, but not a separate world, behind the French. and English democracy "(" Roar-tion 1917, t. 2,. 91). May 4 nominated to the Prospect Island.

On May 5, Minister of Labor of the Provisional Government. Speaking May 13 in Petrograd. Council, promised to return to the People. treasury profits acquired by the capitalists in the war, bring the rate of taxation of profits up to 100%. May 22 Provisional. Prospect of seconded IG. Tsereteli and Skobelev in Kronstadt, tk. its Board RNC announced May 17 that does not recognize the Provisional. Prospect Island, and negotiations ended in an agreement.

30 May to 1 st Conference. Petrograd. factory committees outlined two ch. objectives: to make peace and establish households. life of the country. Opposed to workers' control over production-tion, arguing that the state should. regulation prom-sti, and the factory committees to assist the state-woo. At the 1 st All-Russia. Congress of Soviets of the RNC (3-24 June), speaking on June 19 for continuation of the war, said: "Everyone must do their duty until the end, everything must remain in their seats ..." ( "1 st Congress of the Soviets", t. 2,. 88).

June 24 said the threat of "what the harvest, which may give the land will not be realized and the country enters a period of famine, and hence the death of the revolution ... Local forces, the local org-tion, all classes of the urban population are sent to do field work to save the harvest "(ibid.,. 416-17): elected deputy. prev. Central Executive Committee.

June 28 publ. treatment "to all the workers of Russia, which condemned the independent actions and fight for higher wages, to disrupt rye-prom-st ', offered to settle conflicts with employers through the reconciling, Chambers. In early. July traveled to North. front in connection with the refusal of some parts to obey military orders: calling "to spare no effort to free Russia". He was a commission established to stop the riots during the July crisis (July 3-8). In early. August. traveled to Baku, where the strike is averted 60 thousand. Petroleum, proposing to develop new oil prices, to-rye would raise the salaries. Wave of indignation aroused workers Skobelev circulars issued: August 22 - limiting control law factory committees for dismissal of workers: from August 28 - banning of factory committees in working hours. Delegate of the Unity Party Congress (August), elected candidate. in tsp. RSDLP (o). Actively opposed the Kornilov revolt. On the night of Sept. 1. with ND. Avksentiev and A.S. Zarudny Resigns. At a joint meeting of Central Executive Committee and the RDA Board All-Russia Council KD 1 September stated that "the transfer of all power to the Soviets at the moment would be a crime against the revolution" ( "The Revolution of 1917" t. 4. S. 149), opposed the arming of the workers. He explained his departure from the times. pr-va desire for closer contact with democracy.

Following the August 31, the Petrograd Soviet Bolshevik resolution on the "authorities" with all the SR-Menshevik Presidium of the Petrograd Soviet on September 6 Skobelev resigned.

September 8 in Novocherkassk on meeting the great circle acted as a member of the delegation of the Central Executive Committee against the federation Cossack regions, called to rally around the Provisional Government.

Sept. 16 at the Democratic meeting stated: "... Without the industrial bourgeoisie ... we are an industrial and economic activity not cope ...", defended the idea of coalition with the Cadets are not complicit in the Kornilov (ibid.,. 219)

. October 3 - 5 in closed session, the Central Executive Committee elected from the "revolutionary democracy" as a delegate at the forthcoming Paris Conference of Allies, . Skobelev, which was supposed to seek a review of contracts in order to achieve peace without annexations and indemnities, . on the right of nations to self-determination.,

. October
. revolution has not. During negotiations with Vikzhel was nominated on November 1 at the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs. Believe that negotiations with the Bolsheviks disastrous for the working class and the revolution, was released on November 1 from RSDLP (o).

Nov. 9 at a meeting of Org-tion within the K-T salvation and Rev-tion, said: "... The power of the Soviets - it does not have the power of democracy and dictatorship, and with the dictatorship of the proletariat, as against the proletariat ... Rescue Committee should establish a democratic government, . that would ensure the timely convening of the owner of the Russian land - the Constituent Assembly ... We believe, . that the army sufficiently conscious elements, . Gripping to end the experiment in Petrograd .. "(" Roar-tion 1917 ", . t,
. 6. with. 3).

On the night of 9 to 10 November between the ap. Gotz, VM. Chernov and Skobelev, was at headquarters, and VM. Zenzinov and IG. Tsereteli (Petrograd) had a conversation on the direct. Of the reported rates: bringing the Bolsheviks to power is unacceptable, . but because of the sentiment in the army not to aggravate the issue: the organization of the central government to rely on the boundary of the Government of Ukraine, . Don, . Kuban, . Turkestan: "the country will suffer for some time the state of collapse, . has not set a counterweight to the Bolshevik adventure ... "(ibid., . with,
. 109). December 22. railwaymen at the Congress harshly criticized the policies of the Bolsheviks.

January 5. 1918 at a meeting of the Constituent Assembly, a member of-cerned, was elected from the Caucasus, Skobelev said: "For 10 months of the Russian Revolution is the first time was shot working demonstration ... and demanded a "special commission to investigate the circumstances surrounding this shooting, and those responsible for it" ( "to establish. Coll., "With. 69). Soon went to the Caucasus, in 1920 - in Paris. Promoted the establishment of trade relations between Soviet Russia and France.

In 1922 he joined the RKP (b). Since 1925 - in Moscow, the Soviet work. 29 July 1938 sentenced by the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR to death on charges of involvement in a terrorist organization. Rehabilitated in 1957.

Used materials article AL. Rayhtsgum in the book.: Politicians Russia 1917. Biographical

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Matvey Skobelev I., photo, biography
Matvey Skobelev I., photo, biography Matvey Skobelev I.  Member RSDLP, Menshevik, photo, biography
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