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Skrypnik Nikolai

( Party and state leaders)

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Biography Skrypnik Nikolai
photo Skrypnik Nikolai
Skrypnik Nikolai (13.1.1872, Sloboda Yasinuvata Bakhmut County Ekaterinoslav province - 7/6/1933, Kharkov), party and state leaders. The son of a railroad employee. He studied at the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology (not finished). In 1897 joined the RSDLP, Bolshevik. Conducted party work in Tsaritsyn, Samara, Yekaterinoslav, Yaroslavl, Odessa. Repeatedly arrested and deported, escaped from exile. Not been subjected to serious harassment. In 1905-07 Secretary of the Petrograd Committee RSDLP, directed the Central Committee in Riga and Krasnoyarsk. Since 1913 editor of the Bolshevik "Journal of Insurance" (St. Petersburg). In 1914 included in the composition of the editorial board of Pravda, in the same year, was arrested and exiled in the Tambov province. In June 1917, Secretary of the Central Council of Factory Committees. Vokt. 1917 members of the Petrograd Military Revolutionary Committee. In 1917-18 a candidate member of the Party Central Committee. Since December. 1917 in Ukraine, the People's Commissar of Labor and Industry. Since March 1918 before. CPC and the People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. In July 1918 - January. 1919 member of the board of the Cheka, the early. Division for Combating Counter-Revolution, then - the secret-political division - the most terrible division Cheka. One of the main organizers of terror during the Civil War. He actively participated in designing and implementing chekist provocations, t.ch. against BV. Savinkov. Since January. 1919 People's Commissar for State Control of the Ukrainian SSR and at the same time early. Special departments of South-Eastern and Caucasian fronts. Supervised conduct punitive operations, execution of hostages, etc.. Since April. 1920 People's Commissar of Workers and Peasants' Inspection USSR. Since July 1921 the People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR, which has launched a relentless struggle against members of non-Communist parties. In the 1922-27 People's Commissar of Justice and Attorney General of Ukraine. Organized persecution of supporters L.D. Trotsky, and then the "new opposition". In 1927-33 the USSR People's Commissar of Education. Since 1923, a candidate for membership, with 1,927 member of the CC, CPSU (b). He was a member of the ECCI. Since 1927 before. Council of Nationalities of the USSR Central. On Feb.. 1933 Deputy. prev. SNK and before. Gosplan USSR. Was accused of Ukrainian nationalism, and that the head of "national bias Skrypnik". During the meeting of the Politburo of the CC CP (b) of Ukraine considering his question, he shot himself.
To use material from the book.: Zaleski KA. Stalin's empire. Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary. Moscow, Veche, 2000

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Skrypnik Nikolai (January 13. 1872, Sloboda Yasinuvata Bakhmut y. Ekaterinoslav lips - July 7, 1933, Kharkov). From family railway. employee. In St.-d. Traffic in 1897. External students passed the exam for the course of real uch-я+п¦ in Kursk: in 1900-1901 he studied at the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology; expelled for revolutionary activity. Was a clerk, worker, accountant. Participant Revolution of 1905 - 1907 period, the delegate of the 3rd Party Congress (1905). secretary. PC Party, for organizing an armed uprising in Riga sentenced in absentia to death. Repeatedly arrested, cited. In 1913-14 member of the editorial "Journal of Insurance, the newspaper" Pravda ". In 1914, exiled in Tambov Province.

February Revolution of 1917 caught in Skrypnik Morshansk, then in Tambov, in the late. May arrived in Petrograd. At the 1 st Conference. factory committees (FZK) in Petrograd (30 May-3 June) was elected secretary. Central Council (CA) FZK. In a speech at the 3rd All-Russia. Conf. Trade Unions (21-28 June) justified the slogan of control over production-tion as a mobilizing workers and poor peasants to gain power. In discussing the relationship between trade unions and FZK said: "No need to proclaim the subordination of factory committees, trade unions, . and to establish a joint and organized activities, . to the factory komitetyty have common problems with trade unions, . that social movement of workers developed "(" 3rd All-Russia,
. Conf. Professor. Unions. Verbatim-Fitch. Report. M.. 1927,. 339). From CA FZK entered the All.

Delegate 6 th Party Congress (b) (26 July - 3 August) from Petogradskoy organization. While welcoming the congress on behalf of the CA FZK Petrograd, argued that the new organization of the working class had arisen through direct action RSDLP (b) [cm. "6 th Party Congress (b), with. 161] The report "The Party and Professor. unions, spoke of the need to integrate factory committees and trade unions to the Bolshevik. platform, about the dangers of "neutrality" of trade unions as a means of diverting the workers from the political struggle, that the onslaught of counter-revolution is in the unions' desire to ... not only ideological, but also to the organization. with the party roar. S.-Democracy "(ibid.,. 232). Propose, on behalf of Professor. section of the Congress a draft resolution to-swarm recommended that all Party members to fully contribute to the unity of the workers in prof. org-tion and pointed out that reciprocal representation of the Party and trade unions "... finally unite the actions of Org-tions, fighting for the same ultimate goals" (ibid.). Elected Candidate. in tsp. RSDLP (b).

August 16th Central Committee instructed Skrypnik an insurance conference in. August 20. the decision of the Party Central Committee put the gas to the Editor. "Proletariat" (ref. Pravda, August 13-24.) Headed fab.-Head. and insurance departments. Introduced to the Editor f. "New Way" (body CA FZK). During performances gene. L.G. Kornilov (August) studied the formation and arming troops Kp. Guard. Speaking Sep 10. on the 3rd Petrograd. Conf. FZK with the report on the evacuation and "unloading" of the capital (from the roar. troops), noted that in the Commission the time. Prospect Island is being developed withdrawal plan "... almost the whole prom-sti Petrograd, that, in his assessment," ... it is sabotage under the auspices of state-wa "and that" unloading "of Petrograd - is one manifestation of counter-revolution "(October. roar-tion and factory committees, h. 2, Moscow, 1927,. 30). Participated in the Democratic Conference (Petrograd, Sept. 14-22.) Entered in the Pre. Sep 28. CA FZK at a meeting called for the transfer of power in the hands of the Soviets. Candidate was nominated. in cases. Inaugural. Coll. (from the Tambov Province.) elected not.

October 10 was made at the 4 th Petrograd. Conf. FZK, pointed to the urgent need to convene Vseros. Conf. FZK, because the struggle for workers' control can not be conducted in isolation, the factory committees to inform and support each other in creative. work to implement the planning pro-wah, can not be organized control over the prom-Stu within one city, you must create Vseros. Center workers' control.

October 16. at an expanded meeting RSDLP (b) said on behalf of the FZK Petrograd: "Everywhere noticeable craving for Practical. results, the resolution did not satisfy. Feels that managers do not fully express the sentiments of the masses "[" The Protocols RSDLP (b), with. 961 objected to the defensive tactics of a swarm-pressed L.B. Kamenev and G.E. Zinoviev, against their requirements to guarantee the success of the uprising: "All the arguments to the-rye is given here - only the delay" (ibid.,. 101). Advocated decides preparations for an uprising with the aim of taking power. Opening October 17 all-Russia conference FZK, noted that "... by the roar. gust proletarian factory committees are bitter struggle with the counter-tion in the pro-wah "and she called the" urgent need for Vseros. association "(Oct.. roar-tion and factory committees, h. 2,. 140). Not agree with the delegate from Kharkov that FZK converted into an auxiliary force capitalists to provide a bearing Ave everything necessary, taking raw materials and fuel, they contribute to the exploitation of workers. He insisted that "by intervening in households. case pr-ment workers are struggling with a particular system, economical system. Revolution of the explosion "(ibid.,. 180). Elected member of. Vseros. CA FZK. Introduced by CA FZK in Petrograd. VRK.

Delegate 2-Russia Congress of Soviets of the RNC (25 - 27 October) (later of the CA FZK co-opted into the Central Executive Committee). At the meeting of the CA FZK Petrograd on Oct. 25 said that the question of power no longer exists and ".. be expedient measures to correct the direction of households. collapse. We must immediately bring all the forces in the areas and take into account all the materials at the plants and fuel. Given the inevitability of a lockout factory owners in the area of finance, we need full control. All the forces we need to strain for creative. work. We now test that we must endure "(TSGAOR, f.. 472, op. 1, q. 62. ll. 73-74).

Participated in the battle against the troops under Pupkova п-.пг. Kerensky - P.N. Krasnov. In November, member. Commission ANC org-tion of the Supreme Economic Council and the development of the first provision of it. Nov 30, was elected vice. Chairman of the Presidium of the Petrograd City Duma. In December. directed RSDLP (b) in Ukraine, where in Kharkov entered the first Soviet. Prospect of Ukraine (nar. secretary. Labor, Trade and Industry). Since March 1918 before. Nar. Secretariat (pr-va) of Ukraine and People. secretary. Foreign. Affairs tsp. Bureau VUTSIK. One of the organizers of the CP (b) U, a member of the board since July of the Cheka, the early. Department for Combating Counter-Revolution, Secret Operations Division. From January 1919 to state. and desks. work. In an atmosphere of Stalinist repression wrongly accused of having links with ukr. Bourges. nationalists committed suicide.

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Skrypnik Nikolai, photo, biography
Skrypnik Nikolai, photo, biography Skrypnik Nikolai  Party and state leaders, photo, biography
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