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SMILGAIvar Tenisovich

( Party and state leaders)

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Biography SMILGAIvar Tenisovich
photo SMILGAIvar Tenisovich
Ivar Smilga Tenisovich (1892 - 1937) - in the Bolshevik Party was in 1907. Party work conducted in Moscow and St. Petersburg, after the February Revolution was a member of the Kronstadt Committee RSDLP (b), was chairman of the Regional Committee of the army, navy and working in Finland. After October - authorized SNK RSFSR in Finland, a member of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic, Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Economic Council. During the trade union discussion 1920 - 1921 he. - A supporter of Trotsky's platform. In 1927, Mr.. XV Congress of the CPSU (b) expelled from the party as an active leader of the Trotskyist opposition. In 1930. was reinstated in the party. Subsequently, for the anti-Party activities of the newly excluded.

See. F.F. Raskolnikov at her post. M. 1964.

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Smilg Ivar Tenisovich (2.12.1892, Volmarsky county Liflyanyaskoy province - 10.1.1938, Moscow), party and state leaders. The son of a forester, who was executed in 1906. In 1907 joined the RSDLP, Bolshevik. Conducted party work in Petrograd in 1915 and exiled to Siberia. In 1917 there was a Committee of Kronstadt RSDLP (b), was before. Regional Committee of the Army and Navy. In the 1917-20 term, in 1920-21 a candidate member of the Party Central Committee. Since October. 1917 authorized the SNK of the RSFSR in Finland, a member of the Revolutionary Military Council (PBC), the 3rd Army. From May 1919 to early 1921. Political Department and a member of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic, at the same time a member of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Western, Southern and Caucasian fronts, before. Labor Army Council of South-East. Was closely connected with the Cheka, a staunch supporter of L.D. Trotsky, at the same time, objected to his plans for "industrial armies" - actually the predecessors of the Gulag. In 1921, lost their jobs. Since 1921 member of the Presidium of the Supreme Economic Council, then Deputy. prev. Supreme Economic Council of the USSR and the beginning. General Directorate of fuel. In 1922-23 and 1924-25 of the candidate members, since 1925 member of the CC, CPSU (b). In 1925-26 Deputy. prev. State Planning Commission, in 1925-27 the rector of the Institute of National Economy named after GV. Plekhanov. In 1927, as an active Trotskyite removed from their posts, removed from the CC, CPSU (b) and expelled from the party; 9/6/1927 exiled to Siberia. The summer of 1929 with K.B. Radek and EA. Preobrazhensky sent a letter to the CC, where he said about the "ideological and organizational break with Trotskyism". In January. 1930 restored CPSU (b). In 1930-34 member of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Economic Council, Deputy. prev. Gosplan, the beginning. Office of Consolidated Planning, Deputy. prev. State Planning Commission of Central Asia. In 1934 transferred to the Central Committee of the CPSU (b). After the assassination of SM. Kirov 1/1/1935 Smilga was arrested. Long kept in prison. 10/1/1938 sentenced to death on charges of counterrevolutionary terrorist. Shot. In 1987, rehabilitated.

To use material from the book.: Zaleski KA. Stalin's empire. Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary. Moscow, Veche, 2000

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Ivar Smilga Tenisovich (December 2. 1892 Volmarsky y. Livonia lips. - Jan. 10. 1937). From family forester (in 1906 shot for the punitive part in the revolutionary movement). After graduating from the real uch-School in 1909 - 1910 he studied at Moscow University. Tsp. RSDLP since 1907, the Bolshevik. In 1914-15 tsp. RSDLP. Repeatedly arrested, cited.

After the February. Revolution of 1917, after returning from exile, sent RSDLP to Kronstadt, where the elected member to the one-party. Delegate 7 th (April) Vseros. Conf. RSDLP (b) (24-29 May.): Made a report on the situation in the party. org-tsiyah and Petrograd soviets, and in Finland (Peterhof, Kronstadt, Vyborg. Helsingfors, etc.), noted that "... the work of the Social Democrats now just beginning, ... the influence of the Social Democrats in the mass of a large and organizationally in the Council, they are a minority" [7-I (April) All-Russia. Conf. RSDLP (b). Protocols, 1958, with. 125], was elected a member of the Central. Continued partner. work in Kronstadt and in Finland. Affairs. 6 th Party Congress (b) (July 26 - August 3.) From the Kronstadt org-tion: elected member of the Credentials Committee, spoke with Finance. CC report

In the debate on the report of NI. Bukharin, on war and the Intern. situation so evaluated the prospects of Revolution of: "To say that our situation is similar to the situation of the internationalists in the DR. countries prematurely. Can not ignore the fact that the roar-tion we have not stopped. Talking about the stability of power can not. If we have the power of the bourgeoisie, it relies on military. dictatorship, and this power is not strong. Inflammable material we still have many. Cross. roar-tion has not yet started. The fact that we have not left the scene, a fact that an absolute fact. In Revolution tsiyah are hitches. During Conducted. French. Revolution of the reaction occurred during. They can be and we. but the roar-tion we have going on ... "[6 Party Congress (b). Minutes, 1958, with. 105 -06] in the debate on the report I.V. Stalin on the political situation said that the peace Revolution of the period ended: "The power is now in the hands of the military clique. And those are right who say that even if the majority of the Council, we would not have received government. In order to power could go into the hands of those classes, to serve as rye-Revolution of development, it is necessary to overthrow the existing government ... We do not have the apparatus of repression, to-ing force in the West. Europe, we state. apparatus in catastrophic. state. It creates new elements for the explosion, and we need to take the initiative of the explosion ... It is impossible to put the question this way: we can act only if the West will roar-tion. Nobody has the right to deprive us of the initiative, if fate once again will give us an opportunity to become the head of the movement "(ibid.,. 131-32).

The congress elected a member of. CC, August 5. at the plenum of the Central Committee elected at its narrow part (before the arrival S.G. Shaumian) and appointed representative RSDLP (b) in Finland. At the meeting of the Central Committee on August 6 delegate to the 2-S Petrograd Insurance Conference (September 3-5, made a report on the policies of the Party) and the Petersburg Committee (b) (before the arrival A.S. Bubnov). In August-September, attended VI. Lenin in Helsingfors, receiving letters from him and verbal instructions, helping him to communicate with the Party Central Committee ( "VI. Lenin. п-пTп+пЁя-. Chronicle, t. 4, Moscow, 1973,. 319, 363). One of the organizers and the delegate 3rd Cloud. Congress of Russian. Councils of Deputies of the army, navy and working in Finland (Helsinki, Sep 9.): Elected before. Executive Committee army, navy and working in Finland. Sep 14. Joint. with others. Bolsheviks introduced Dem. Meeting (Petrograd, Sept. 14-22.) statement on the resumption of the session Finley. Parliament, in a-rum on behalf of the Cloud. Congress of Russian. Councils of Deputies emphasized that "... any attempt to inaugurate the obstacles to the resumption of the sittings are considered as an act of counter-revolutionary", suggested Dem. meeting "... to reaffirm the right fin. people to freely dispose of their destiny and thus prevent a sharp conflict as between the Russian. and FY. democracies, and in most Russian. democracy-. "(Rev-tion 1917". t. 4,. 213).

October 5. debated in RSDLP (b) of Lenin's "Letters to the CC MC, PC and the Council of Petrograd and Moscow Bolsheviks" (see: PSS, m. 34,. 340-41) said: "You can not talk about how to take power or not to take power. We go to the authorities, and it is a foregone conclusion long ago. It is necessary to evaluate: whether we have come to the point? Can we pull longer? I, personally, - a supporter of Lenin. Lenin did not talk about tomorrow's seizure of power, he just wants to say: Enough politics, time to move on to the rails strategy. By the time the Congress, we must be prepared, taking as a basis for the issue of armament. rebellion "(" The first legal PCs of the Bolsheviks in 1917, M-, 1927. with. 303).

During October. armament. Restore. in Petrograd, one of the organizers of sending a roar. troops from Finland to Petrograd. At the 4-m Cloud. Congress of Russian. Councils of Deputies of the army, navy and working in Finland (Helsinki, Nov. 25-27.) Re-elected before. Executive Committee. While Finley. Working Revolution of (Dec. 1917 - May 1918) assisted in the org-tion roar. Force Fin. proletariat in Feb.. 1918 appointed a commissioner of the RSFSR in Finland.

The delegate of the 7 th Congress of the RCP (b) (6-8 March 1918) by Finley. Region. org-tion RSDLP (b): in vysuplenii at the Congress, appreciating the global situation and the situation in Russian. Army, the state created by Kp. Republic "... the war will not roar. war, raise Intern. labor movement, and will be a war of extermination rus. proletariat to the detriment of Intern. Revolution of "[" 7-th extraordinary congress of the RCP (b). Stenografich. report, Moscow, 1962,. 571 elected member of. CC. Since the summer of 1918 the military., Desks. and State. work.

In 1927, for participation in the Trotskyist opposition dropped 15 th Congress of the CPSU (b) of the party: in 1930, restored. January 10. 1937 the Military Collegium of the USSR Supreme Court charged with belonging to a terrorist organization and sentenced to death, the sentence carried out on the same day. Rehabilitated in 1987.

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SMILGAIvar Tenisovich, photo, biography
SMILGAIvar Tenisovich, photo, biography SMILGAIvar Tenisovich  Party and state leaders, photo, biography
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