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SMIRNOV Vladimir Mikhailovich

( The Party leader)

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Biography SMIRNOV Vladimir Mikhailovich
Smirnov, Vladimir Mikhailovich (May 7, 1887, Moscow, May 26, 1937). From the family intellectual raznochinets. He graduated from the Juridical. Dept., Moscow. Zap. Participant Revolution of 1905-07 (Moscow). Tsp. RSDLP since 1907, the Bolshevik. In 1911 participated in the restoration of MK RSDLP. 1913 tsp. Editorial Bolshevik. gas. "Our Way". In 1914 he enlisted in the army: ensign in the 61 st art. Brigade Zap. Front.

After the February. Revolution of 1917 tsp. Brigadier-to-ta. Due to exacerbation of relations with the officers in April. transferred to Moscow. Officer then tsp. editorial gas. "Social Democrat". Elected member of. MK RSDLP (b), worked in Moscow. Region. Bureau RSDLP (b). Affairs. 6 th Party Congress (July 26 - August 3.) From the wash. org-tion. During his speech, the gene. L.G. Kornilov led roar. agitation among the soldiers of the garrison, took part in the formation of detachments Kp. Guard. Sep 23. attended the meeting RSDLP (b) a discussion of Dem. meeting and elections to the inaugural. Coll. In early. October. at a meeting of representatives of Moscow. Region. Office, Moscow. env. and mountains. to-ing RSDLP (b) in the discussion of Lenin's "Letters to the CC, . MK, . PC and the Council of Petrograd and Moscow Bolsheviks "on the necessity of taking power by the Soviets occupied the position of the majority of participants - Moscow can only support the uprising, . when it is somewhere to start, . but due to lack of forces can not start ( "Conducted,
. October. Sots. roar-tion ". Sat. memories of participants in the Revolution of Petrograd and Moscow, 1957,. 372).

October 25. elected member of. Mosk. SRW (MVRK). On October 28. tsp. Battle Staff at MVRK (responsible for the artillery and the flow of reserves). Evening Oct. 28., At the time of the threat posed by the cadets Mossoviet led to Skobelevskaya and Passion Square battery with Khodynka of 1-st art. emergency teams, than to secure preponderance roar. forces. Nov 2. 5 h. MVRK evening signed a contract with K-tom societies, security of surrender cadet forces. Soon recalled to Petrograd: on the recommendation RSDLP (b) (Meeting Nov 29.) Entered Econ. Meeting (org-tion by the Supreme Economic Council).

On the issue of a peace treaty with Germany was on the positions of "Left Communists". January 15. 1918 signed a "Statement of the Central Committee members and drug. Commissioners for the immediate convening partners. Conference to address the issue of peace, and in the case of the contract without convening a conference of Jews who warned of stopped their desks. and State. positions [ "Protocols RSDLP (b), with. 181]. On January 26. March 15, People's Commissar of Trade and prom-sti RSFSR. By the Party Central Committee meeting Feb. 22. signed a "Statement of the Central Committee of its members and the People's Commissars, in a rum-proclaimed, that the consent of the Central Committee of the signing of peace" ... is a capitulation vanguard Intern. proletariat to the Intern. the bourgeoisie, that after the victory in the Revolution of Russia "... the proletariat will inevitably faced with the task of CET. War Intern. scale "(ibid.,. 209); signatories believed his task to develop wide agitation against the policy of the Central Committee. 23 Feb.. at a meeting of the Party Central Committee acceded to the statement A.S. Bubnov, NI. Bukharin. A. Lomov (GI. Oppokov) and others, to rum, they declared, that do not wish to be responsible for the decision of the Central Committee of the signing of the world, is deeply wrong and harmful for the Russian. and Intern. Revolution of, stated that "... we leave all of Liability. desks. and owls. posts, leaving behind a complete freedom of agitation within the party and outside it, for the situation to-Roe, we believe the only correct one "(ibid., p., 216). 24 Feb.. resigned from the post of commissar, but 25 Feb.. deferred its decision, "while the Central Committee and CPC, are obliged to carry a line of defense" (ibid.,. 227). Affairs. 7-th Congress of the RCP (b) (6-8 March 1918) from Moscow. Region. Bureau; served on the commission to prepare a program of the Party. Resigned from his post as Commissar (after the signing of the Brest-Litovsk with Germany), worked. Tsp. College Glavmetapla. Since August. 1918 for military. and Voen.-watered. work Kp. Army. At the 8 th Congress of the RCP (b) (March 1919) served as co-rapporteur. "war. opposition on military. of. From 1920 to the State. work. In 1927 he expelled from the party decision, the 15 th Congress of the CPSU (b). Since January. 1930 has repeatedly been executed on charges of antises. activities. May 26, 1937 Military. Top panel. Court of the USSR on charges of belonging to terroristich. org-tion was sentenced to death. Rehabilitated January 16. 1989.

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SMIRNOV Vladimir Mikhailovich, photo, biography
SMIRNOV Vladimir Mikhailovich, photo, biography SMIRNOV Vladimir Mikhailovich  The Party leader, photo, biography
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