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Frinovsky Mikhail Petrovich

( One of the leaders of state security, military leader, commander of rank 1)

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Biography Frinovsky Mikhail Petrovich
Frinovsky Mikhail Petrovich (Jan. 1898 Narovchat Penza province - 4/2/1940, Moscow), one of the leaders of public security, military leader, commander of rank 1 (14.9.1938). Son Teacher. Educated in a religious school (1914), the higher command course at the Military Academy of the RKKA Frunze (1927). In January. 1916 enrolled in the cavalry volunteer, non-commissioned officer. In August. 1916 defected. Was associated with anarchists, took part in the murder of Major-General MA. Boehm. Since March 1917 worked as an accountant. Vsent. 1917 joined the Red Guard in Khamovniki (Moscow). In Oct.-Nov. 1917 commanded a group of Red Guards, members storming the Kremlin, was severely wounded. In March-July 1918 the assistant superintendent Khodynskoe Hospital. In 1918 joined the RKP (b), in July 1918 - the Red Army, commander of the squadron, beginning. Special Section 1-First Cavalry. In 1919 transferred to the bodies of the Cheka. In August .- Nov.. 1919 Assistant to the early. active part of the Special Department of the Moscow Cheka. He participated in major operations of the Cheka - the defeat of the anarchists, the elimination of the anarchist and rebel troops in the Ukraine, etc.. Since December. April 1919. 1920 he served in the Special Division of the Southern Front. In 1920, the beginning. active part of the Special Section of the Southwestern Front, Deputy. early. Special Section 1-First Cavalry. In 1921-22 Deputy. early. Special Branch Deputy. early. Operational Detachment Bee-Ukrainian Cheka. In 1922-23 beginning. obsheadministrativnoy of Kiev and the secretary of the department of the GPU (from 23/6/1923 - OGPU embassy in South-East). In November. 1923 transferred to the Northern Caucasus, beginning. Special Section of the North Caucasian Military District. Since March 1924 1 st Vice. OGPU plenipotentiary in the North Caucasus, from January. 1926 - 1 st Vice. authorized representative and the beginning. Troops GPU. 8/7/1927 transferred to Moscow beginning assistant. Special Department of Military District. 28/11/1928 - 1/9/1930 commander and commissar of the division of special-purpose behalf F.E. Dzerzhinsky in the OGPU Collegium of the USSR. 1/9/1930 Frinovsky received another promotion, becoming before. GPU Azerbaijan. Since then, his career began to develop with incredible speed. 8.4.1933 he was appointed early. General Directorate of Border Guard OGPU USSR, 10.7.1934 - General Directorate of border and internal security NKVD. Moved after the removal of Mr.. G. Berries and the arrival of the NKVD NI. Ezhov, replacing almost all of Jagodina henchmen. From 16/10/1936 deputy. From 15.4.1937 1 st Vice. Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR. Simultaneously with the head of 15.4.1937 on 9.6.1938 General Directorate of State Security, and from 28.3.1938, the State Security NKVD. Since 1937 member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. One of the closest associates Ezhova and main organizers of mass repressions, participated in all "events" in t.ch. falsifying cases of "military-fascist conspiracy in the Red Army", etc.. Most of the arrest warrants signed by him personally (without warrants), personally supervised the arrests of the Far East. According to the memoirs NS. Khrushchev, "a hefty athlete with a scar on his face, physically powerful". After the arrival of the NKVD L.P. Beria's NKVD purges beginning of nominees Ezhova Frinovsky already after 17 days -8.9.1938 - was appointed People's Commissar of the Navy of the USSR. 6/4/1939 arrested, and 22 days later officially osvobozhlen: from the duties of the People's Commissar. Accused of involvement in the conspiracy in the NKVD and 4.2.1938 sentenced to death. Shot.

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Frinovsky Mikhail Petrovich, photo, biography
Frinovsky Mikhail Petrovich, photo, biography Frinovsky Mikhail Petrovich  One of the leaders of state security, military leader, commander of rank 1, photo, biography
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