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Tsanava Lawrence Fomich

( One of the leaders of state security, Lieutenant-General)

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Biography Tsanava Lawrence Fomich
Tsanava (real name - Dzhandzhava; changed his name in 1938) Lawrence Fomich (August. 1900, s Nahunovo Kutaisi Province - 12.10.1955), one of the leaders of the state security, Lieutenant-General (9.7.1945). The son of a peasant. In Feb.. Organized in 1921 in his native village of rebel troops. In March 1921 moved to the bodies of the Cheka, the early. Political Bureau of the various county Cheka in Georgia. Here he met L.P. Beria, who constantly patronized him. In 1922 he was charged with illegal hijacking of girls and of expulsion from the party was rescued and restored in the party (1924) only through the intervention of Beria. From 1926 he worked in the prosecutor's office, from 1929 in the special departments, and from May 1929 back to the Cheka. Finally, in June 1929 he was appointed to the post of independent early. Chiatura district department of the GPU, but in December. 1930 transferred to Beria in the apparatus of the GPU of Georgia, assistant early. HCP. On Feb.. 1933 he worked in the People's Commissariat of state and Consumers; Deputy. Director Limantresta (1933-34), Deputy. early. Subtropic management ZSFSR People's Commissariat of Agriculture (1934-35), Deputy. Managing Samtrestom (1935). In March, 1935 - July 1937 1 st Secretary of Poti City Committee of the CP (b) of Georgia, in October. 1937 - December. Early 1938. "Kolhidstroya". Since 1937 member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Following the appointment of Beria, the People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR in 1938 made a brilliant career. 17/12/1938 Tsanava was appointed People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of Belarus, in Feb.-June 1941 the People's Commissar of State Security of the BSSR. In 1939, organized mass arrests to join the Soviet Union territories of Western Belarus. In 1939 - 52 Member of the Central Auditing Commission CPSU (b). In 1941-42 Deputy. early. Office of the special divisions of the NKVD of the USSR, while in 1941-43 beginning. Special departments of the Western and Central Fronts. During the fighting on the Western Front, was seriously wounded and shell-shocked. From 7.5.1943 Commissar (1946 - Minister) national security of Belarus, while in 1943-45 was a Deputy. early. Central Headquarters of Partisan Movement, and in 1945 was deputy. Commander of the 2-Byelorussian Front. Feeling behind him Beria, Tsanava was almost the most powerful man in the country, where his name was "Lawrence second". On instructions from Moscow, took active part in plotting the assassination of SM. Mikhoels, who was killed as a result of giving Tsanava. In 1949-51 published a book "A people's guerrilla war in Belarus against the fascist invaders". 29.10.1951 appointed Deputy. Minister of State Security, and 6/11/1951, in addition, another early. 2 nd General Directorate (counterintelligence) MGB. 15/2/1952 withdrawn for "serious mistakes" and dismissed retirement. After the death of I.V. Stalin's former patron Tsanava - Beria published material on the assassination of Mikhoels, and was arrested on 4.4.1953 Tsanava. In prison, committed suicide.

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Tsanava Lawrence Fomich, photo, biography
Tsanava Lawrence Fomich, photo, biography Tsanava Lawrence Fomich  One of the leaders of state security, Lieutenant-General, photo, biography
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