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Cherevanin Fyodor

( The Party leader)

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Biography Cherevanin Fyodor
photo Cherevanin Fyodor
Cherevanin (cf.. Pham. Lipkin) Fyodor (Nov.. 1869, Mr.. Cherikov Mogilev lips - March 8, 1938). From the family action. State Councilor. Magistrate. He graduated from high school and 5 semesters Juridical. Faculty Petersburg. Zap, for participation in studench. disturbances was excluded from the Zap. Since 1891 in the c-d. Traffic. Member RSDLP since 1900, the Menshevik. Member of the Revolution 1905 - 1907. Affairs. 4 th (1906) and the 5 th (1907) Congresses RSDLP. During the reaction involved in the publications of the liquidators' direction, in the Menshevik. five-volume "Society, the movement in Russia in the early. XX in. On August. Conf. Mensheviks (1912) elected a member of. OK. During the 1-st world. War Defencist; worked consume, cooperatives, member. Council Workers' Union will consume, on-in in Petrograd.
In the days of Feb. Revolution of 1917 party meeting of representatives of workers in the capital (25 Febr.), decided to create the example of the 1905 Council RD. After the formation of the Petrograd. RDA Board member of his executive committee, and from 23 March, the representative of the Center, cont. to-te. In March, re-entered the OK RSDLP and in red. "Working papers" (CO Mensheviks). In Article. "What is making Lenin?" ( "Working paper, 1917, April 11.) Criticized in April. theses, called VI. Lenin's apostle of anarchy "to-ing utopian striving for an immediate" introduction of socialism ". Rejected the feasibility of converting the Soviets. In state. agency: "All right people to express their will through the Council can not, and on behalf of the Council should the RNC can speak and act only as long as people do not co-organizing and does not find the correct expression of his will in the inaugural. Coll. "(Ibid.). In Article. "No annexations and indemnities", and "Fighting for peace and defense" ( "Working paper, 1917, 9 and 16 May) linking the problem of the struggle for peace and protection of the Revolution of external. enemy.

21-23 April. OK as a representative participated in the conference of the Mensheviks in South-West. Kiev region. Gave a report on the Soviets for the RNC, said that they "are a kind of bodies roar. government people, but as such - the Soviets are surrogates true Dem. municipalities, for plural. elements are not represented in the Soviets, did not show her there will, therefore securing the Soviets have poured, the need to create a committed Dem. self-government "(" New Life ", . 1917, . May 12) claimed, . that "... considerations of a purely social class must reject the idea of polit, . speeches of the Soviets in the election campaign (municipal and obschegos.) se, . because it could lead to the dissolution, . to assimilation with the-d,
. the mass of the Burj. and melkodemokr. element "(ibid.). In conclusion, a word spoken against the allocation of the working part of the Soviets, believing such a gap with the general roar. mass risky and dangerous for the Revolution of. The report on RGM. question stated that nothing to fear from the transfer of state-woo expropriate. land now, when the state-recognized factor in regulating the consumption and the consumption of organizing, organizing in a neck-rum for production of "(ibid.). Delivered containing abstracts red. Commission on RGM. tactics of the Mensheviks: "In this thesis develops the need to combat anarhich. Bolshevik agitation and invited to participate actively in the cause of land committees, remaining on the soil of the old RGM. program of the Party "(ibid., 13 May).

In early. May the participants have in common?. Conference Petrograd. org-tion RSDLP, then Vseros. Conference Menshevik. and the combined org-tion RSDLP (7-12 May). May 16 Cherevanin at a meeting of the Petrograd. Council said: "We need an overall plan to regulate all economical. life "Izvestia Petrograd. Council RDA ', 1917, 19 May). At the 1 st Conference. factory committees in Petrograd (30 May-3 penalty) was against the establishment of workers' control over production-tion and in his proposed resolution calling ACCESSED. Prospect of State to establish. control in the prom-sti. Cherevanin said: "The capitalists fear that is broken capitalist. system, but you need to reassure them and give them a neck-Rui profit. otherwise they just refuse to conduct their pr-ment "(TSGAOR, f.. 472, op. 1, q. 1, ll. 20-21). The Conference rejected the proposal Cherevanin of State. control and called for greater workers' control. In May - August. participated in the red. Commission "Working papers". He was a zh Editorial. "Trud", gas. Our Voice "(Body Hd. to-ta RSDLP Ukraine, Kharkov: 1917-19), "Forward" (1917), "Business International" (P-M.. 1918).

Affairs. 1-st All-Russia. Congress of Soviets of the RNC (3-24 June), . June 21, made a presentation: "we must reckon with the direct disadvantage of a number of important products, . the country needs ", called for org-tion of the normalized consumption of products and the introduction of planning in their production of, . to establish a system of distribution of raw materials and transport, . that would be "some kind of control over the production-tion"; proposed to replace the intervention in economy,
. Life representatives decomp. ministries and local councils, acting separately, creating special. State. bodies in the central and local levels, to be considered to have been agreed between himself and-rye might develop an overall plan and act on it ", and" direct interference in the production of can only occur when .- org. participation and cooperation of workers acting precisely in the area, a paradise-regulated .- It is necessary. to roar. Democrats showed max. energy in promoting, creating and democratization of these bodies "(" 1 st Congress of the Soviets ", t. 2,. 2054) 7). He was appointed a member of the Central Executive Committee of the Menshevik faction.

At Vseros. Conf. unions on June 27 made a presentation on the control of production-tion and distribution and office-tion pro-wah in Russia. At the bureau meeting of the Central Executive Committee on July 14 appointed head. economical. Department of the Central Executive Committee. July 19 at the plenary session of the Central Executive Committee and Board Vseros. Council KD warned that "the country's supply of food every day gets worse. Supply of bread is reduced "(" Roar-tion 1917, t. 3,. 196). August 9. 2 nd Conference. kontrdokladom factory committees, made a report to the VP. Milutin "On the current situation and workers' control". In Merge, RSDLP Congress (19-26 August). August 25. elected member of. CC RSDRGKo). Sep 15. Central Committee put forward Cherevanin Candidate. in the inaugural. Coll., Elected not. At Vseros. Dem. meeting 18 Sept.. rapporteur economical. Groups. In late. Sept.. elected to the All-Russia. Dem. Council, and then in the Pre-Parliament of RSDLP (o). October 4. at a meeting of the working section of the Petrograd. Council report on the overall economical Cherevanin. situation of the country ended with the words: "Economy. 5,. 27). October 5. the report "On economical. situation in Russia at the moment "in the test section of the Petrograd. Council suggested that: " 'creation of a number of economical. org-tion with mean, . representation in these working masses, . to-rye, . Taking, . Thus, . directly, . participation in the struggle with the conditions, . K-income originating in the country now, . would suggest the broad working masses, . that in this direction is a feasible work,
. This certainly would increase the activity of working "(" Izvestia Sovetov RNC "," 189).

October. Revolution of not accepted: "Go away, especially with their experiences) Give the opportunity to speak cohesive democracy. And maybe it still will be able to bring the country is not healing - this is nothing in the near future and to think - that, at least, the delay of the process to lead-ing the country to the economical. death "" Working paper, 1917, 9 Nov.).. However, in the late. Oct-early. Nov., was a supporter of negotiations with the Bolsheviks on the formation of "homogeneous Sots. pr-va ". Soon broke with the "defencists". In exceedingly. Congress of the Mensheviks, December 5. on the report on workers' control (IM. Maisky and Cherevanin) adopted a resolution that recognizes that workers' control generates among the working class anarcho-syndicalist. illusion and that RSDLP (o) must fight for the state. regulatory economical. life, contrasting it fatal to the cause of the proletariat experiments of workers' control; December 6. joined the committee for editing and harmonizing resolution YU.O. Martov on "On the Current Situation". Advocated the abandonment of armament. against the Soviet. power, only methods for combating his political opposition.

Since January. 1922 has been repeatedly link (Ryazan, Kaluga). In 1930, arrested in April. 1931 College of the OGPU sentenced in the case of the Federal Bureau of Central Committee of the Mensheviks' to 5 years in prison, in May 1935 was exiled for 3 years in Akmolinsk. March 8, 1938 Military. Top panel. Court of the USSR sentenced to death. Completely rehabilitated in 1989.

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Cherevanin Fyodor, photo, biography
Cherevanin Fyodor, photo, biography Cherevanin Fyodor  The Party leader, photo, biography
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