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Shatov Vladimir

( Economic activities)

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Biography Shatov Vladimir
Shatov Vladimir Sergeevich (Dec. He studied at the Kiev Institute of Technology. In 1906 he emigrated to the United States, where he joined the anarcho-syndicalist organization "Industrial Workers of the World". In October 1917 a member of the Petrograd Military Revolutionary Committee of the Union of anarcho-syndicalist propaganda. Since 1918 Extraordinary Commissioner for the Protection of railways of the Petrograd Military District. In August. 1918 - May 1919 beginning. Central commandant of Petrograd, with the beginning of July 1919. control of the Petrograd commandant of the fortified region. Involved in the organization of "red terror" in Petrograd. Since the end of 1920 empowered to manage the railways and waterways of Eastern Siberia. In 1921-22 the War Minister, Minister of Communications Saigon Far Eastern Republic. In 1927-30 beginning. construction Turksib and Sibzheldorstroya. In 1932-36 Deputy. People's Commissar of Railways and the beginning. Glavzheldorstroya. At led them to building began to be widely used slave labor of prisoners. However, the scale of construction is not suited I.V. Stalin Shatov was arrested, and the construction of railways in fact passed into the hands of the NKVD USSR. Shatov was sentenced to long prison terms. He died in the camps.
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Shatov Vladimir Sergeevich (24 December. 1887, Kiev - August 7. 1943). Genus. Domestic Servant. He graduated from Kiev, Commercial. uch-School. From 1903 belonged to the c-d. movement in 1904 was arrested for the roar. activities. In 1907 he emigrated to the United States, where he worked as a compositor in the printing. Entry into a massive professional org-tion of anarcho-syndicalist. direction "Industrial Workers of the World (IWW): led Russian. department.

After the February. Revolution of 1917 dealt with org-tion sent to Russia of political refugees from the United States in May, arrived in Vladivostok - and that day has already spoken at a rally roar. sailors of the cruiser, standing on the roads of Golden Horn Bay. He ... supports the Bolsheviks "(according to the memoirs of AA steps - wife of C.). On his arrival in Petrograd (June), worked as a typesetter in the gas. "Kopek", took an active part in the factory committees (FZK), have repeatedly elected a member of the Presidium of the Center. Council FZK Petrograd and its environs. At the 2 nd Conference FZK Petrograd (7-12 August.) Supported the Bolsheviks to establish a line of action. workers' control of production-ve and said: "... fab. factory-to-you, whose aim is to control production-tion, - a product of Russian. Revolution of nowhere in the West. Europe is nothing like that in this work, there are no traditions, have to play a pioneering new ways .- "(October. roar-tion and factory committees. Mat-ly on the history of Factory Committees', M. 1927 h. 1,. 188). The 3 rd emergency conference. FZK Petrograd (10-Sep.) Opposed the circulars min. Labor ACCESSED. Prospect Island MI. Skobelev, aimed at disrupting the work FZK: "The representative of Min-aa labor can not digest what we are experiencing a period roar-tion, and he refers to the laws of the tsarist autocracy ... When we are established, we are reorganizing their lives so that no circulars we will not fear, just as we would not be frightened society factory owners "(ibid., h. 2,. 22-23). Attended the 1 st All-Russia. Conf. FZK (17-22 oct.) And 5-th Conference. FZK Petrograd, convened in November, 1917, at the k-Roy was elected to the Center. Executive staff. to-t FZK.

On October 22. member of the Petrograd. WRC of the Union of anarcho-syndicalist. propaganda ", participated in the preparation and holding of October. armament. Restore, A. Reid recalled that on October 23. 3 h. nights at Smolny on the stairs he met C.: "Well," he shouted, - we started! Kerensky sent cadets to close our gas. "Soldier" and "Work Path". But here come our force, and tore the state-owned press, and now we are sending people to capture the Burj. editions "(" 10 days, to-rye Shook the World ", Moscow, 1958, C. 70-71). According F.F. Raskolnikov, "Comrade. S., anarcho-syndicalists, the first day of Revolution of working together with us "(" Kronstadt and St. Petersburg in 1917, 2 ed., M., 1990,. 237). October 26. with Raskolnikov, S.G. Roshal, IN. Volodarsky W. participated in a rally in the barracks Egerskogo regiment to campaigning soldier to speak at Tsarskoselsky front to protect the Revolution of. Member of the Civil. war.

Was sent to the D. East to org-tion Dal'nevost. Republic (DDA), served as military. min., min. Railways, before. Voen.-Ing. Mission to the Japanese. command (see: gas. "Far Eastern Republic", 1920, April 29.). 11-15 July 1920 before. DDA peace delegation at the talks with the command of Japanese. Expedition. Troops on Cessation of Hostilities. action on behalf of Prospect Island DDA July 15, 1920 signed an armistice agreement ( "Docs external. policy of the USSR ", t. 3, M, 1959,. 44-46). Since the end of 1921 households. work. October 4. 1937 "troika" of the NKVD Administration of Novosibirsk Region. on charges of anti-Soviet activities was sentenced to death. Rehabilitated in 1955.

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Shatov Vladimir, photo, biography
Shatov Vladimir, photo, biography Shatov Vladimir  Economic activities, photo, biography
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