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Shakhovskoi Dmitri Ivanovich

( State and public figure, a leader of the Liberals.)

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Biography Shakhovskoi Dmitri Ivanovich
photo Shakhovskoi Dmitri Ivanovich
Shakhovskoi Dmitry Ivanovich (1861, Tsarskoe Selo - 1939, Moscow) - State. and public figure, a leader of the Liberals. Genus. in the princely family of the officer, the grandson of the Decembrist F.P. Shakhovsky ( "I - the grandson of the Decembrist and always remembered it as far as I can remember"). In 1880 he graduated from Warsaw High School and joined the Historical-Philological Faculty of Moscow. Zap, then moved to St. Petersburg University Press, where he was arrested twice for participating in the student movement. In 1884 he graduated from the University Press and, . had declined to a professorial chair, . prefer practical work in zemstvos: in charge of primary education in Tver Province., . engaged Zemstvo statistics (Zemstvo pictured me a practical way to implement the two most expensive I started in public life: liberty and nationality),
. Since 1887 had been under police surveillance. Since 1890 actively participated in public life, becoming vseross. "collector of the opposition". Anonymously published in freestyle rus. Print your brochures, Zemsky address "," Khodynka "," royal grace ". In 1902 Shakhovskoi became one of the organizers of the liberal "Union of Liberation", in 1906 - one of the founders of the Constitutional Democratic Party, a former member of its Central Committee. He served as Secretary of State 1. Duma. In signing the Vyborg Manifesto, calling people for passive resistance to the Government in protest against the dissolution of the Duma, Shakhovskoi was sentenced to 3 months. conclusion, to-rye served in Yaroslavl prison. He was barred from participating in elections to the Duma and rural authorities. Worked in co-operation ( "In the service of Russian cooperation, I see now its a major problem ... Russian democrat and an intellectual in nature and especially members of the great complexity of the cooperative, to whom the name - Humanity). In May-July 1917 he was Minister of State. Charity in the Provisional Government. After the October roar. 1917 almost two years continued to work in Moscow. consumer cooperatives, trying to establish a supply of the city. In 1920 the Cheka was arrested, but released. He served in the State Planning Commission, then engaged in literature. works published his research on AY. Chaadayev, studying to-cerned worked all my life. Posted by a number of works on the history of Russian. Culture and the liberation movement, part of the f-ryh lost. He was arrested in 1938, next year was sentenced to death. Was rehabilitated posthumously in 1957.

Used materials kn.: Shikman A.P. Figures of national history. Biographical Directory. Moscow, 1997.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Shakhovskoi Dmitry Ivanovich (1862. Moscow - April 15. 1939). The prince, grandson of the Decembrist F.P. Shakhovsky. He graduated from the Juridical. Faculty of Petersburg. Zap (1885): in studench. years was in the circle of SF. Oldenburg, VI. Vernadsky, AA. Kornilov. He served in the zemstvo Tver (which approached the FI. Rodichev I.I. Petrunkevich) and Jaroslav. Lip. District marshal of nobility. One of the founders of the Union of Liberation and Well. Liberation (1904-05). Tsp. Central Committee of the Cadets (from 1905). Affairs. 1 st State. Duma, secretary. Duma faction and the Cadets (4906). In 1910, deprived izbirat. right, left W-mo. imprisonment for the liberal-social activities. Mason (after 1910). Organizer and chairman obestva "Cooperation" (1916). Possessed an outstanding organizational skills.

After the February. roar-ching 1917 members of the executive committee sinks. K-ta Societies. org-tions (1 March). At the 7 th Party Congress, the Cadets (March - May.) Speaking to the report, called for a fight in alliance with the Socialist-Revolutionaries and Mensheviks, with all sorts of maximalism and Bolshevism ", considering that the program Sots. parties on RGM. and working on similar programs Cadets. May 5 - July 2 min. State. Charity ACCESSED. Prospect Island. At the 8 th Party Congress, the Cadets (May) proposed to seek from the time. pr-va creating alternative inaugural. Assembly of the "authoritative" power of the members of the 1 st, 2 nd and 4 th State. Doom: Shakhovsky proposal was rejected by the Congress. However AI. Shingaryov and AA. Manuilov in the middle. June made a pr-ve to the holding of elections in the inaugural. Coll. in sept., tk. not adulterated, and true "to establish. Coll., They believed, could be elected only at a later date. In a speech at the 9 th Party Congress of the Cadets on July 25 indicated the willingness of cadets to the absolute power, arguing with performances Rodicheva and VA. Maklakova, denied that the Cadets represent the interests of large landowners. August 10. a private meeting of the Society, officials in Moscow, was elected a member of the permanent office of the companies, personalities.

After October. armament. Restore. Petrograd tried on October 27. disrupt the meeting sinks. Gore. City Council, on a rum-attended Chapter. arr. Bolsheviks. 15 Nov.. addressed a meeting of the underground ACCESSED. Prospect Island to the report (together with E.D. Sod) on the situation in Moscow and the provinces. According to one version of the Cheka, was the organizer of the failed assassination attempt on VI. Lenin January 1. 1918 (see: Golinkov D.L. Collapse antises. underground in the USSR, 3 ed., п¦п+.1, M., 1980,. 184). One of the organizers of the Union of Revival of Russia "(May 1918) and" tactical. Center "(April. 1919). In Feb.. Arrested by the Cheka in 1920, soon released under an amnesty before the court. In early. 1920. away from his political activities, working in cooperation, the State Planning Commission, then was engaged in literary. labor (publ. materials on P.L. Chaadayev, see: "Lit. inheritance, T. 22-24, 1935). In July 1938 arrest, in April. 1939 sentenced to death. Rehabilitated in 1957.

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Dmitry Ivanovich

Shakhovskoi Dmitri Ivanovich, photo, biography
Shakhovskoi Dmitri Ivanovich, photo, biography Shakhovskoi Dmitri Ivanovich  State and public figure, a leader of the Liberals., photo, biography
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