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Biography YAKOVLEVA Varvara
photo YAKOVLEVA Varvara
Yakovleva Varvara (1.1.1884, Moscow - 11.9.1941. Eagle), statesman. Daughter tradesman. Studied at the University for Women (Moscow). In 1904 joined the RSDLP, Bolshevik. In 1916-18 Secretary of the Moscow regional bureau of the Central Committee, member of the Party Center. In 1917-18 a candidate member of the Party Central Committee. Since March 1918 a member of the Board of the NKVD, worked in the Moscow Cheka, in July 1918 a member of the board of the Cheka, in Sept.. 1918 - January. Before 1919. Petrograd Cheka. Since January. 1919 Member of the Board of People's Commissariat of food, managing the affairs of the Supreme Economic Council. Woman Commissioner, led the interrogation, executions and punitive operations supply detachments is marked by complete lack of any compassion. In 1918, opposed the conclusion of peace with Germany, the "left communist". Since April. 1920 Member Sibbyuro TSKRKP (B) and beginning. Sibpolitputi. Since December. 1920 Secretary of the Moscow Committee of the RCP (b), from 1921 - Sibbyuro RCP (b). During the discussion on trade unions (1920-21) supported the NI. Bukharin. In 1923 he joined the Trotskyites;. Since 1922 Deputy. Commissar of Education of the RSFSR. Since 1929 the People's Commissar of Finance of the RSFSR. 12/9/1937 arrested. Sentenced to lengthy terms of imprisonment. After the beginning of the Great Patriotic War on the orders L.P. Beria shot in Orel Centrale. He was posthumously rehabilitated.
To use material from the book.: Zaleski KA. Stalin's empire. Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary. Moscow, Veche, 2000

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Yakovleva Varvara (19 December 1884, Moscow - September 11, 1941, Medvedev's woods, near the Eagle). From the middle class. She graduated from the physics and mathematics. Dept., Moscow. vyssh. wives. courses (1907). RSDLP member since 1904, the Bolshevik. Participant December. into-weapons. uprising of 1905 in Moscow. Was repeatedly arrested, cited, lived in exile. Since the autumn of 1916 a member of the Moscow. Region. Bureau RSDLP in Feb.. 1917 Secretary.

In the February Revolution of 1917 did not participate (in hospital). Since April. secretary. Mosk. Region. Bureau RSDLP (b). She has worked in the gas. "Social Democrat, was engaged in reorganization of the Party. org-tions in the Center, prom. reg no. Affairs. 6 th Party Congress (b) (26 July -3 August.) From Moscow. org-tion; elected candidate. in tsp. CC.

At a meeting of representatives of the Moscow. Region. Office, Moscow. env. to-ta and MK RSDLP (b) in the early. October. the discussion of Lenin's "Letters to the CC, MC, PC and the Council of Petrograd and Moscow Bolsheviks" performed together with GI. Lomov-Oppokov and M.F. Vladimirsky for the opportunity to begin armament. insurrection in Moscow.

October 14. reported on the meeting, Moscow. Region. Bureau RSDLP (b) the decision of the Central Committee immediately prepare armament. revolt. On October 25. member of the militant Party. Center for Hand-Vu rebellion, became part of Moscow. MCS; supporter decides. Action on the seizure of power by Moscow. By the RD and the suppression of speech of cadets.

It was one of the leaders of the "Left Communists" on the conclusion of peace with Germany.

January 15. 1918 signed a "Statement of the Central Committee members and drug. Commissioners for the immediate convening partners. Conference to address the issue of signing a peace treaty on germ. conditions, the statement pointed out that if the contract is signed, the members of the CC and commissars leave their positions [see: "The Protocols of RSDLP (b), 1958, with. 1811 22 Feb.. signed a "Statement of the Central Committee of its members and drug. Commissioners, in a rum-stated that the signing of a peace treaty ... a blow to Intern. proletariat ... "(ibid.,. 209). 24 Feb.. member of the Moscow meeting of the narrow. Region. Bureau RSDLP (b), to-Roe expressed distrust of the Party Central Committee, refused to obey the decision of the Central Committee on the question of peace with Germany and stated that it considers appropriate in the interests Intern. roar-tion to the possible loss Owls. power after becoming a purely formal contract (see: "Studies of History of Moscow. org-tion of the CPSU, "Prince. 2, Moscow, 1983,. 56). Since March, a member of the Board of the NKVD, worked in Moscow. Cheka: May Deputy. prev. in December. prev. Petrograd. Cheka, in July was part of the Collegium of the Cheka.

Since January. 1919 for households., Desks. and State. work. Sep 12. 1,937 arrested, 14 May 1938 Military. Top panel. Court of the USSR unjustly sentenced for "belonging to a subversive terroristich. org-tion "to 20 years in prison. Sep 8. 1941 sentenced by the Military. Top panel. Court of the USSR to be shot. Rehabilitated in 1958.

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YAKOVLEVA Varvara, photo, biography
YAKOVLEVA Varvara, photo, biography YAKOVLEVA Varvara  Statesman., photo, biography
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