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Constanta III

( Roman Emperor)

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Biography Constanta III
Constantius III, Flavius - Roman emperor in 421 g. + 421 g.

Constantius was born illiriets of Dacian city NAIS. At the time of Theodosius the Great, he made many trips (Olympiodorus: 39). Gonorrhea he had a reputation as a strong man in the military art and in many famous battles (Jordan: 164). Following the execution of a barbarian Stilihona, many years of refueling all the affairs of the empire, Constantius was assigned to war with tyrants and the Visigoths. According to Orosius, the state immediately felt a good, finally, has found it in the face of the Roman leader, and the danger is still going through, subject to such a long time, the commanders-barbarians (Orosius: 7, 42). In 411 g. Constantius was made against the tyrant Constantine, had mastered the entire Gaul, and besieged him in Ar-date. To help the beleaguered captain was Edow with the army of Alamanni and Franks. Constantius advance hid his cavalry, and joined battle with the barbarians. In the midst of the battle of his cavalry struck the rear of the enemy. Defeated Edow ran. Learning of this, the tyrant Constantine resigned from the signs of the imperial dignity and surrendered Constance. He was sent to Italy and was killed on the road (Sozomen: 9, 13-15). After that, Constantius was made against another usurper - strategos Geronti and forced him to take his own life. '<Having done so with all the unrest and strengthening the authority of the Emperor Honorius, Constantius returned to Italy and won in the court of the most prominent place. Olympiodorus pischet that when Constantius addressed the process, he had the look of sullen and somber. Goggle-eyed, with a thick neck and flat head, he drove, leaning his whole body at the neck of his horse, and looked askance at that one, then the other, so that everybody thought that he looked worthy of a tyrant. At feasts, on the contrary, was pleasant and polite, and often competed with mimes, who played in front of the table.

In 417, during the second consulate, Constantius married Galla Placidia, sister of the Emperor. She stubbornly refused to agree to marry him, and brought an action against Constance all his servants. Nevertheless, the day of his accession to the Consulate of Honorius forcibly took her hand and gave Constance. In 421 g. Honorius Constantius proclaimed co-emperor and gave him the title of August. Soon after, Constantius became ill. Imperial power was disgusted with him because, etiquette-bound, he could not at will, as before, to go where he wanted, and to return when he wanted, he, the emperor could not have been amused by what he was accustomed to amuse. Reigned for seven months, he died of lung disease. Prior to his marriage with Placidia, he was generous, but then fell into a love of money, and after his death in Ravenna from all sides flocked to complaints from those whom he offended by taking away money from them (Olympiodorus: 16, 23,34,39).

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Constanta III, photo, biography
Constanta III, photo, biography Constanta III  Roman Emperor, photo, biography
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