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( Byzantine Emperor)

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Constans II - Byzantine emperor Irakleyskoy dynasty, who ruled in 641-668 years. Son of Constantine III. Genus. November 8 631 g. + 15 July (or September), 668

Constant (before ascending the throne he was called Irakli), was proclaimed emperor's uncle, Irakli II. This was preceded by violent events: the unrest in the capital and a revolt in the army raised by Valentin Arshakuni. Shortly thereafter, Irakli II was deposed, and constants that barely ten years old, became Emperor edinovlastnym (Theophanes: 633). The first time Valentine had a great influence on the affairs of the Board. Imagining the imperial power, he wanted to deceive the synod - the title crowned head and demanded permission to hold the position of commander with a crown on his head. For residents of the capital, he placed a heavy obligations - include first 3000 ordered his soldiers, and then added to them many other. Unhappy with the Byzantines came together one day in Sofia, and complained about the Valentine Patriarch Anthony. Valentine sent soldiers to disperse the crowd. Soldiers stormed the house, beat people, and inflicted blows himself patriarch. As soon as the news of this outrage spread through the capital, the citizens revolted, broke into the house of Valentin and beheaded him. Only after this Constans well established in the kingdom (Sebeos: 42). During his reign there were many wars with the Arabs. While the occurrence of Muslims have slowed, they continue to inflict painful blows Empire. In 642 g. Alexandria fell, the invaders finally captured Egypt and Cyrenaica. In 649 g. Arabic fleet attacked Cyprus and devastated many islands. In 652 g. patrician Pasagnates gave Armenia to the Arabs, and in 654 g. Arabs conquered Rhodes. The following year the Arab fleet was made against Constantinople. Constant with their ships met him at the Phoenician coast, but in the battle the Romans were defeated. Constant barely escaped death and fled, disguised as a simple dress. However, due to this civil strife in the caliphate campaign against Constantinople was never held, and 659 g. Emperor concluded with the Caliph Moab world. Constant successfully waged war with the Slavs who have won in the preceding period of most of the Balkan Peninsula in 658 g. he invaded Macedonia, and then subdued the Slavic tribes, who settled in Greece in the area of Corinth.

Relations with its own filed a spoiled constant from year to year. The Byzantines did not forgive him naked and cruelty (Theophanes: 633, 640, 643, 646, 649). Board constant was observed by so many executions of noble people, which, according to Sebeos, in the State there was not one man council (Sebeos: 45). Universal Constant Henavist brought upon himself the protection Monothelitism and persecution of the Orthodox clergy: in 652 g. Constant ordered the capture and humiliation after many exiled to the Chersonese Pope Martin and Maximus the Confessor, an old man, told him to have his tongue cut and his right hand. Many Orthodox, he executed a taunting, expulsions and deprivation of estates. In 663 g. Emperor ordered to kill his brother Theodosius (before that he ordered him to devote Deacons). Finally, unable to bear a strong antipathy, which awarded him the Byzantines, Constant Spring 663 g. forever left Constantinople and moved to Syracuse. Later he wanted to move the capital to Rome, and often attempted to take away there the empress and three sons, but Andrew, spalnichy, and Theodore, the head of the colonies, to prevent his intention. Constant held in Syracuse for six years and was killed in 668 g. the bath. According to Theophanes, named Andrew, and ministered to him during the washing, the emperor gang struck on the head at the moment when he soaped his head. Stunned Constant fell into the water and choked (Theophanes: 651, 653, 660).

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CONSTANTS II, photo, biography
CONSTANTS II, photo, biography CONSTANTS II  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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