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Valentinian II

( Roman Emperor)

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Biography Valentinian II
Valentinian II, Flavius Placide - Roman emperor in 375-392 years. Son of Valentinian I. Genus. July 2 371 g. + 15 May 392 g.

Immediately after the sudden death of Valentinian I was sent to the commanders Trevira for his young son, and after six days of Valentinian in compliance with all formalities had been proclaimed emperor and Augustus was called the solemn. At that time, assumed that his older brother Gratian be displeased, because without his permission was placed another sovereign. But then disappeared all fears: brothers lived in perfect harmony, and Gratian, as someone benevolent and thoughtful, gently loved his brother and made all the care for his upbringing (Marcellinus: 30, 10). As is known, in 383 g. Gratian was killed by the rebels against him Maximus, Valentinian had to share with the usurper their possessions in the west of the empire. Behind him were Italy, Africa and the Western Illyricum, but all the land on the other side of the Alps, went to Maxim. In 387 g. Maxim suddenly invaded Italy. Valentinian and his mother Justina fled to Thessalonica, and placed under the protection of the Eastern Emperor Theodosius. Theodosius at the same time gathered a large army, spoke out against the usurper and defeated his. He returned to the throne of Valentinian, and then spent three years in Italy, resulting in the order of things. Shortly after his departure to the East died of Justin. Little Caesar, who is under ten more years, was at the mercy of the commander Arbogast, who concentrated in his hands all the threads of the military and civil administration and reached a high power (Gibbon: 27). He was a man of outstanding and held themselves freely, even with the emperor and did not give to do what he believed was wrong and unprofitable.

. Valentinian endured a difficult and often argue with him, but did not seek, for Arbogast enjoyed the love of all soldiers
. Finally Valentinian could not resist their subordination. One day, seeing that Arbogast close to the imperial throne, Valentinian angrily looked at him and handed the document, which deprive him of his duties. Anyone reading the paper, said: 'Do not you give me the power and you can not take it away'. With these words he tore up the document, threw it on the floor and turned to leave (Zosim: 4, 53). Then, grief, anger, Valentinian tried to grab the sword from standing beside spearmen, but he prevented him. When the boy started asking about what he wanted to do, Valentinian replied: 'I wanted to kill himself, because, as the emperor, I can not do anything at will'. Arbogast at that time there was nothing else to ask him, . but after, . VIENNA in Gali, . seeing, . that the emperor after lunch at noon in a secluded area of the palace having fun with the clowns inflate bubbles in the river, . sent to him several bodyguards, . that, . exploiting the lack of servants, . gone by lunch time, . brutally strangled the unfortunate,
. Then they put him on the neck of her dress in the form of a loop and hang him, as if he hanged himself on his own free will (Philostorgy: II; 1).

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Valentinian II, photo, biography
Valentinian II, photo, biography Valentinian II  Roman Emperor, photo, biography
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