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Gratian Flavio

( Roman Emperor)

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Biography Gratian Flavio
Graziano, Fl - Roman emperor in 367-383 years. Son of Valentinian I. Genus. April 18. 359 g. + 25 August 383 g. Gratian was born in Sirmium. In 367, when he was still a lad, his father proclaimed him their co-regent with the title of August. Gratian was an educated man who composed the poem, beautifully told, was able to understand the rules of rhetoric (Victor: 'On the life and morals of the Roman emperors'; 47). Marcellinus also writes that the young Gratian had good looks and excellent qualities of mind. Because it could eventually get a good emperor, but the people closest to him dimmed his unstable yet the quality of bad acts (Marcellinus: 27; 6). They sent him to an empty pursuits of Emperor Commodus. Gratian fell into a superhuman ecstasy, when he managed to kill a large number of animals with arrows (Marcellinus: 31, 10). Day and night the Emperor was busy with anything else, as javelin throwing, counting for the greatest pleasure and for the divine art, if the bull's -. He was very moderate in food and to sleep, . overcame in his passion for wine and carnal pleasures and be full of all virtue, . if sent his mind to the knowledge of statecraft, but he shunned not only by his dislike of this knowledge, . but deviating from the practice,
. He neglected military affairs and preferred the old Roman army small detachments of the Alans, who were attracted to its service for a lot of money. Gratian is so fond of socializing with the barbarians and almost friendship with them, which sometimes even appeared in people in barbarian garb, which led to his hatred among men (Victor: "The life and morals of the Roman emperors'; 47). Nevertheless, he was not deprived of valor and shortly after the death of his father, who died in 375, scored a big victory over a major Alemц¦n, who had invaded Gaul (Marcellinus: 31, 10). In 379, after the death of his uncle Valens, when the Goths and Alans took possession of Thrace and Dacia, Gratian proclaimed emperor in Sirmium commander Theodosius (Theophanes: 370). He himself hurried to the west, to reflect the invasion of the Vandals. After some time, hearing that Theodosia was seriously ill, Gratian opposed ready and concluded peace with them, but not by force of arms, and sending gifts and food (Jordan: 141). In 383 g. British legions proclaimed emperor Magna Maxima. Gallic army of hatred Graziani immediately supported the rebels. Gratian fled from Parisi in Lyon, but here was captured by commander Maxim Androgafiem and killed (Gibbon: 27). Androgafy hid in the imperial chariot road, and ordered the guides to declare, as if riding the wife of Emperor. Graziano, a man newly married, still young and passionately fond of his wife, hastened to see her, and thus fell into the hands of their enemies (Sozomen, 7, 13).

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Gratian Flavio, photo, biography
Gratian Flavio, photo, biography Gratian Flavio  Roman Emperor, photo, biography
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