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Biography Flavio VALENTI
Valens, Flavius - Roman emperor in 364-378 years. Brother of Valentinian I. Genus. 328 g. + 28 March 378 g.

Valens Augustus declared his older brother Valentinian shortly after his election. In the spring of 364 g. in Constantinople, he clothed him in purple, and put a tiara on his head and asked to manage the eastern provinces, while he took on a Western. Spring Valent moved to Syria. When he was far from Constantinople, there proclaimed himself emperor of Procopius, a distant relative of the emperors Constantius and Julian. This news is so struck by Valens that he lost his head and dreamed of is to reset the imperial dress like a heavy burden, and, of course, he would have done if it had not prevented his cronies and not dissuaded him from the ignominious step. Moreover, this rebellion, at first rapidly had grown to enormous size, in the early 365 g. just as quickly died down without much bloodshed. When the two armies met in Thrace, the legions of Procopius suddenly switched to the side Valenta. Sam Valens Procopius was issued by his supporters and executed. The death of the leader have been warned by the horrors of war. But then began a fierce persecution involved in the case, and to many far more severe than that demanded their mistakes or actions. Executioners, the instruments of torture, bloody interrogation began their march, without distinguishing neither age nor dignity. Among people of every situation and all segments of society ruled by a terrible trial, and reviled all unhappy victory, more serious than any war of extermination. The Emperor, more inclined to cause harm and willingly listens all sorts of accusations, took criminal denunciations, and various penalty gave him a wild joy. And there was no limit at this terrible disaster, while the Emperor himself and his family did not had enough money and blood (Marcellinus: 26; 4,6-9).

In 367 g. Valens marched against the Goths, who were allies of Procopius. Following three years he spent on the Danube, had many skirmishes with the Goths, mostly minor, and finally made peace (Marcellinus: 27; 5). In the 371 city, preparing to reflect the attack of the Persians, Valent arrived in Antioch. Here, he almost fell victim to a conspiracy, which was preparing against him Notari Theodore. Begin an investigation, vylivsheesya the custom in endless torture and executions. Because of the cruelty of his temper Valent did not take into account past achievements with anger and pressure came down on the guilty and the innocent; doubt was still very guilt, . and the emperor no longer had doubts about the penalty, . so that some had learned about his conviction, . than about, . that they were under suspicion,
. This persistent bias intensified greed as his own, and the court. When the investigation was completed, the emperor has spoken have all engaged by the case without reservation the death sentence was then collected as many manuscripts and books, all on fire in front of the judges. They were brought from various homes as prohibited writings, hoping in this way as to soften the impression of killing, although they were largely free books on science or on the right (Marcellinus: 29 1).

In 375 g. the east were the first signs of future great upheavals. Under the blows of the countless hordes of Huns, Goths retreated to the Danube and sent an embassy to Valens with humble request to take them to the Roman citizenship.

Valens allowed them to settle in Thrace. But soon, indignant at the oppression of the Roman commanders, the Goths rebelled and began to ravage Thrace. Valent, leaving all in the East, in 378 g. arrived in Constantinople, and then immediately went to Andrianopolyu. Nephew Gratian, who ruled after the death of Valentinian in the western part of the empire, hastened to his aid with a large army, but Valent did not want to share with him the glory, and, confident of his success, he decided to fight the Goths alone. When the battle began, the Gothic cavalry was suddenly struck with steep mountains and in the rapid onslaught of the Romans overthrew the cavalry. The infantry was thus without a cover, but nonetheless a long time to restrain the pressure of the barbarians. Finally system was broken, and the Romans turned to rout. . Valent left almost no entourage, fled from the battlefield. They say he was wounded by an arrow and, abandoned by all, gave up the ghost. But in another version, the eunuchs carried the wounded emperor in a wooden hut and hid on the second floor. While he did ligation, Goths surrounded the house, they besieged it and burned the reeds, along with people.

Marcellinus wrote that Valent was loyal and trustworthy friendship, sternly maintained discipline, faithfully guarded and kept the province entrusted to him. However, he was educated, very avaricious, rude treatment, irritable, eagerly listened to denunciations and not distinguish truth from falsehood. By nature he was lazy and indecisive (Marcellinus: 31; 3-5, II-14). Church historians add that Valent was very much devoted to Arianism. Some say that by this his wife persuaded Domnica, and others - that he was greatly influenced by his baptized Evdoksya. In any case, he built the harsh persecution of the Orthodox Church (Theophanes: 360). Everyone who did not want to accept the Arian bishop Evzoya, who ruled the Church of Antioch, Valens banished from the temples, subjected to various tortures and executions. There were rumors that many Orthodox, he ordered drown in the nearest river Orontes (Socrates: 4, 2).

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Flavio VALENTI, photo, biography
Flavio VALENTI, photo, biography Flavio VALENTI  Roman Emperor, photo, biography
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