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Maximin DASA

( Roman Emperor)

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Biography Maximin DASA
Maximin Daza, Galerius Valery Roman emperor in 309-313 years.
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. Maximin was the son of sister of Emperor Galerius and wore until the authorities his real name - Daza (Victor: 'On the life and morals of the Roman emperors', 40).

. In his youth he was a shepherd, then a warrior, then a bodyguard, then camp testers, and, finally, in 305 g
. Galerius adopted him, declared his co-regent with the title of Caesar, and gave to the management of Syria and Egypt (Lactantius: 19). Aurelius Victor says that Maximin was shy and because of old age could not cope with the work of (Victor: 'On the life and morals of the Roman emperors'; 40). According to the same Eusebius, he was not in condition to bear the burden of higher power, not merit received - he did not have enough good sense and state of mind, all the things he was stupid and clumsy (Eusebius: 'Ecclesiastical History', 9, 10). But despite this, Maximin jealously watched the progress of their rivals and did not want to give them anything. By electing Licinius the emperor, Galerius lot of pains to reassure Maximinus, who, ignoring the name of Caesar, did not want to take third place. In the end, Galerius elevated him to Augusta. The death of his uncle in 311 g. Maximin immediately spoke out against Licinius, but, having met in Bithynia, they agreed to share power (Lactantius: 32,36).

On the character of Maximinus pagan historians write very sparingly, and Christian described it in the blackest colors. Victor said that Maximin was quiet spirit, revered most intelligent men and men of letters, but he was greedy for wine (Victor: 'On the life and morals of the Roman emperors', 40). Eusebius Pamphilus was not so forgiving of its flaws. According to him, the passion of Maximinus to drink wine, and had reached such an extent that at feasts, he was drinking until he lost consciousness, and gave orders in a drunken state in which the next day, sober, he regretted. He could not pass a single town, not to stigmatize women and not to kidnap the girls (Eusebius: 'Ecclesiastical History', 8, 14). Lactantius adds that on the orders of eunuch Maximinus roamed everywhere, and if we find where a beautiful girl or a married woman, neither the father nor the husband had had authority over her. He went to such extremes that, without his permission to marry one clumsily, and each had to give him the right to use the first night. Finally, not knowing a law other than his will, he did not spare even the wives of his predecessor and benefactor, whom he called his mother. The death of Galerius, Valerius, his widow, retired in possession of Maximinus, but he began to pursue her with harassment and threats. When she refused him, he angrily denied her property, slaves, and subjected the entire domain of heavy link. He resumed, and the persecution of Christians, suspended Galleries.

After Licinius announced his intention to marry a sister of Constantine, Maxi-min began to seek friendship reigned in Italy Maxentius. But they were unable to connect to the joint fight. In 312 g. Maxentius was defeated by Constantine and died. Licinius went to Mediolan at her wedding. Maximin thought it time convenient for the war. From Syria, he invaded Bithynia, and from there crossed over into Europe, captured Byzantium and Heracleia. However, in the ensuing battle was won legions of Licinius. Maximin himself fled the battlefield in clothes slave and barely managed to swim across the sea. Only in Cappadocia, scrape up the remnants of the troops, he put on again in the Emperor's Clothes. But Licinius persecuted him, and in Asia. Maximin took refuge in Tarsus and decided to commit suicide. After a sumptuous feast, he took poison. But because of the abundance of food ingested the poison has not had the expected action, and only turned it into a solid stomach ulcer. Since that time, a Maximian began a deadly disease (Lactantius: 36, 38, 39 ^ 3, 45, 47, 49). He could not take food and tossed in cruel torment ', exhausted from hunger. His body was in a short time all the flock, as if in an invisible flame, there was only skin and dry bones. Finally, he died from exhaustion (Eusebius: Ecclesiastical History ', 9, 10).

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Maximin DASA, photo, biography
Maximin DASA, photo, biography Maximin DASA  Roman Emperor, photo, biography
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