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Gordian III

( Roman Emperor)

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Biography Gordian III
Gordian III, Mark Anthony - Roman emperor in 238-244 years. Genus. January 20. 225 g. + 11 Feb.. 244 g.

Gordian III was the grandson of Gordian I. He was born, as many claim, from his daughter, and according to some - of his son, Gordian II (Capitolina: 'Three Gordian'; 22). According to Herodian, in June 238, after the death of the first two Gordian, the Senate elected the emperors Maximus and Balbinus, it aroused strong indignation in Rome. The crowd blocked the way to elect the Capitol. All were shouting that the emperor was proclaimed a kind of Gordian and that the title of imperial power remained in the house and the name. 'Maxim and Balbinus first tried to break through by force, but were met with a hail of stones. Here, luckily, someone remembered that the daughter of Gordian I have a small child, bearing the same name as the grandfather. Immediately sent him a few people. Those found him playing at home, raised his shoulders and carried through the crowd, proclaiming loudly that this is the grandson of Gordian. People began to praise him and throw leaves. When the Senate has a child by Caesar, because he could not control the age of cases, the people ceased to be angry and allowed sovereigns to join the Imperial Palace (Herodian: 7, 10). A month later, with little co-ruler, both Gordian soldiers were killed by rebels. Throwing their bodies on the road, the Legionnaires raised his arms and proclaimed his Gordian emperor (Herodian: 8, 8).

Later Gordian rules quietly and enjoyed the great love of people and soldiers. He was a cheerful, handsome, polite young man - all he liked in life was pleasant and distinguished erudition. In 241 g. He married Furies Sabina, daughter Miziteya, a learned man, who was appointed prefect. Since that time, all the threads of control concentrated in the hands-law, and it is beneficial to all spheres of public life. Put an end to self-will of the eunuchs, who had until then a great influence on the young emperor. In 242 g. Gordian with a large army marched to the East. He first appeared in Moesia, who was suffering from the raids prepared, Sarmatians and Alans. Discarding the enemies, the Romans crossed into Syria. This military action also were successful: the Persians left Antioch, Carr, Nazibis and retreated to their limits.

But soon the happiness of departed Gordian. In 243 g. died suddenly Mizitey. His death was a great loss to the emperor, as there was a man wise who are concerned about the welfare of the troops. Philip was appointed Prefect of the Arabian, the cruel and cunning man who yearned for the same on the imperial power. He immediately began to intrigue against Gordian, and taking advantage of his inexperience, soon succeeded in all his designs. First of all, the ships, was bringing bread, were diverted to other countries, and then the soldiers were assigned to places where it was impossible to get provisions. That he immediately restored the Gordian against the Warriors, because they did not understand that the young man was treacherously deceived by Philip. Not content with this, Philip started a rumor among the soldiers that Gordian too young and can not manage an empire, it is better to edit the one who knows how to manage the soldiers and the State. In the end, he achieved what they all began to demand that Philip has divided the imperial power with the Gordian. First friends Gordian strong resistance, but then because the famine prevailed over the soldiers, the power was entrusted to Philip. The soldiers demanded that Philip was an emperor on an equal footing with Gordian was like a guardian.

Having assumed the imperial power, Philip began to behave in relation to the Gordian very arrogant. Finally came the moment when the Gordian could not stand his arrogance and decided to seek the support of the army. He rose to the podium and began to complain to the chiefs and warriors of his co-ruler. But it does not produce any results. Finally, seeing that he was placed below Philip Gordian began to request that, at least, power was divided between them on the basis of equality, but has not made and this. Then he asked to be considered a Caesar, or even a prefect Philippe, but this was denied. His last request was that Philip took him to the commanders and left him alive. At this Philip almost agreed - he kept his silence, working through others and giving them the signs and indications. But, . was alone and thinking about, . that because of the love of the people and the Senate to the Gordian could happen, . what ever the location of soldiers will return to Gordian, and it will be returned to power, . Philip, . using the fact, . that intense anger against the soldiers Gordian, . cause hunger, . still warm, . ordered to take him away, . despite his cries, . and kill (the Capitol: 'Three Gordian'; 22 - 23, . 26, . 28-31).,

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Gordian III, photo, biography
Gordian III, photo, biography Gordian III  Roman Emperor, photo, biography
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