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Gordian I

( Roman Emperor)

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Biography Gordian I
Gordian I, Mark Anthony - Roman Emperor in April-May, 238 g. Genus. 159 g. + 238 g.

His father belonged to the genus Gordian Metsiev Marullo, which owes its origin from the Gracchi, and the kind his mother went back to the Emperor Trajan. His grandfather and great grandfather were consuls, as well as his in-law, fathers and mothers-in-law and grandfather, two recent. He himself was twice consul, had a very large fortune, and enjoyed tremendous influence. In Rome, he belonged to the house of Pompey, and in the provinces he had so much land, how many had none of the individuals.

. In youth Gordian fond of poetry and has published five scientific poems, . inspired by the writings of Cicero and in imitation of him, . as well as a great epic poem 'Antonianidu' in 30 books of the emperor Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius, . which described their war, . as well as acts of public and private life,
. Quaestorship he performed with great brilliance, and as aediles gave the Roman people at their own expense for twelve shows, that is, one spectacle of a month, and produced some five hundred pairs of gladiators. After the execution of judicial duties as praetor, he became consul - the first time a couple of Antonin Caracalla, and the second - in 222 g. with the Emperor Alexander Severus. Finally, the Senate appointed him proconsul in Africa.

Gordian differed so balanced like that it can not be reproached in any act that would be caused by excitement or indiscretion, or intemperance. He was abstemious in the use of wine, very moderate in eating, wearing smart clothes and have great passion for bathing. Good manners, however, did not bring him any good. With such a respectable way of life, constantly read Plato, Aristotle, Tullia, Virgil and other ancient writers, he ended his life not as deserving. After all, he has already reached a ripe old age, and had to think about peace, when the fates decree was drawn into the thick of political events.

. It so happened that a countable officer exercised in relation to the Africans a rare brutality: quite often, he confiscated the property, many killed, disposed of all, constantly exceeding the powers of the procurator
. Africans, . not being able to tolerate such intolerable insult, . first kill of the counting officials, . and then decided to proclaim the emperor Gordian, . because he was the most worthy of konsulyarov, . bystanders (the Capitol: 'Three Gordian'; 2-8),
. The whole crowd of rebels came to the house proconsul in Tistre and burst into his room. Gordian just resting in my bed. They surrounded him from all sides, lashed out at his purple cloak and turned to him with honor, as to Augustus. Gordian, stunned unusual is happening, threw himself from the bed to the ground and first begged him to spare and maintain loyalty to the Emperor Maximin. But then around the house Gordian whole town gathered. All the shouting and praising him Augustus. Finally he gave. Along with him was proclaimed emperor by his son, also a Gordian. When they both arrived in Carthage, Africa and Libya immediately seceded from Maximinus. Gordian has sent letters to the Roman people and Senate with notice of its election. In the capital, immediately began an uprising against the emperor, the Senate proclaimed Gordian - father and son - August, and Maximian declared enemy. This decision is supported by almost all the provinces (Herodian: 7, 5-7).

But the triumph of the new emperor was short-lived. Numidians, neighbors of the Carthaginians and Libyans refused to recognize. One of the few they have remained faithful to Maximin, as their governor Kapellian was a personal enemy of the Gordian. Having collected a large force, he moved to Carthage. Gordian sent against his son with hastily recruited army. In the ensuing battle Kapellian won by a landslide. The younger Gordian was killed, and with them fell many of his supporters. When this became known elder Gordian, he decided that his case was hopelessly lost, and committed suicide, hanged himself in a loop (the Capitol: 'Three Gordian'; 15-16).

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Gordian I, photo, biography
Gordian I, photo, biography Gordian I  Roman Emperor, photo, biography
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