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Maximin Thracian

( Roman Emperor)

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Biography Maximin Thracian
Thracian Maximinus, Gaius Julius Vere - Roman emperor in 235-238 years. Genus. app. 172 g. 010 May 238 g.
* * *

Maximin was born in the Thracian town on the border with the barbarians, the barbarians were his parents: his father came from a country is ready, and the mother from the tribe of Alans. In early childhood he was a shepherd and leader of youth, set up ambushes against robbers and guarding their attacks on their. Military service, he began in the cavalry under Septimius Severus. He stood with his enormous increase (almost 2.4 m), as well as distinguished valor, manly beauty, indomitable temper, was stern and haughty, contemptuous of treatment, but often showed the validity. The reason for his fame was the next event. On the day of birth of his youngest son, Getae, North gave a war games. During the competition Maximin won one after the other sixteen opponents. Then the emperor, wishing to test their endurance in running, Maximin ordered to accompany him and put his horse into a gallop. After passing a sufficiently large distance (with Maxi-min did not depart from it even a step), the North offered him again to take part in competitions. Maxi-min joined the fight and won without a break another seven of the strongest opponents of. Emperor rewarded him with a gold Torc and took in his personal guard. Since that time he became famous among the soldiers. North has always loved and made him. Under his patronage Maximin took the first steps in his career. When Caracal le he had long had served centurion. During the reign of Macrinus, whom he strongly hated for the fact that he killed his son, the emperor, he left military service and I bought estates in Thrace. When Macrinus was killed, Maximin came to Geliogabalu and again asked to serve. But it is dirty and unworthy of man he could not make no difference. Though he was given the rank of tribune, he mostly was traveling on business and treating imaginary diseases. After becoming emperor, Alexander Severus Maximinus immediately appointed tribune of the fourth legion. Despite his advanced age, he remained in full force. They say that he caused the fight and was falling to the ground for fifteen people, and a loaded wagon could pull in a one-handed.

Went to the 235 g. the war against the Germans, the emperor Maximian appointed Prefect of the recruits and gave him a beginning of all recruits (the Capitol: 'Two Maximino'; 1-7). Performing with great care all of his assignment, he bought the full location of the soldiers, since not only teach them what should be done, but himself in all things showing them how to. In addition, he attracted them to their gifts and various differences. Consequently, young men conspired to overthrow Alexander and proclaim the emperor Augustus and Maximinus. And here, collected weapons in the plain, as if for the ordinary exercises, they laid on released and was made before them Maximinus royal purple and proclaimed him emperor. It is not known whether he was in the dark about what is happening, or he secretly prepared in advance. At first he refused and threw off his purple, but when it was surrounded with a dagger and threatened to kill him, he took honors. Immediately afterwards the rebels marched on the camp of Alexander the North. All the legions went over to Maximian, and Alexander was killed along with his mother (Herodian, 6, 8-9).

. Having become the Emperor, Mak-Simin always acted very cleverly, and not only drove his men because of their prowess, but also instilled in them the greatest love for himself by giving away prizes
. But having such advantages, he at the same time was so cruel that some called him a Cyclops, others - Skironom, and many - Typhon. Some he crucified, . other a body of freshly killed animals, . other cast to be devoured by wild beasts and pinpointing rods - and all this, . not paying attention to the human condition: it seemed, . he wanted, . to military discipline prevailed everywhere,
. He was convinced that the government can not keep anything but cruelty. However, he feared, as it were, because of its low, barbaric origin was not known was despised. In order to hide the past, he destroyed all those who knew of his kind, even some friends who are out of pity for his poverty gave him a lot. He could not stand about him or a noble person (the Capitol: 'Two Maximino'; 8-9). After that the Maxi-min removed all those who accompanied Alexander as advisors, elected by the Senate. All the servants of the former emperor, he also banished from the palace (Herodian: 7; 1). Another circumstance increased his cruelty: he was revealing the real or imaginary conspiracy of some konsulyara Magna, which is supposed to kill the emperor, after he crossed the Rhine to Germany's bank. But hardly Maximin became aware of this plan, he ordered the capture and slaughter of all suspected. Total without trial, without charges, without denunciation, without protection, were executed about four thousand people. The haste with which everything was done, has led to what is killing many innocent. And generally unaware that there was no conspiracy, just the emperor thus dealt with his enemies (the Capitol: 'Two Maximino', 10).

. This done, Maximin fearlessly crossed the Rhine, together with the whole army and began to brutally ravage the enemy's land
. No one dared to give it resistance. The Germans retreated into the thicket of their forests, but Maximin persistently pursued them, pushed to the swamps and are forced on the battle. The Romans were slow to attack, then he bravely started the fight and the first on horseback rode into the swamp. The soldiers, seeing their monarch crushes enemies, despite the fact that his horse's belly for the most immersed in the water, took heart and rushed after. Both sides in this battle, more like a naval battle, fell so many people that all the swamps were filled with corpses, and the water was red from the blood. The Germans brought to almost total destruction, and the Romans, although it suffered huge losses, were the winners.

With the onset of winter Maximin led troops in Pannonia and settled in Sirma. In Rome he never went, but preparing for war with the Sarmatians. However, the internal affairs distracted him from this hike. K 238 g. resentment against Maximinus spread throughout the empire, because people were not able to endure more than its relentless brutality and an equally boundless greed. Emperor easily turns his ear to the calumny, they spared neither age, nor the dignity of man. It was enough for the most petty and low-hex that the most worthy people were brutally repressed. Many of them have been deprived of property, expelled or executed. Impoverishing and destroying a lot of famous names, the emperor moved to public property: he robbed all the cities and temples, which are only able to reach, and embezzled their property under the pretext of military needs. All that is possible: the statues of gods, heroes honorary gifts, decoration of public places or jewelry - melted into coin. This aroused the masses to hatred and rebellion.

Of the speech put Africa. The local residents had killed the governor, who named Maximinus ruined and plundered the country, and proclaimed emperor Gordian konsulyara. As soon as this became known in Rome, the hatred of Maximin, before concealed, manifested clearly. All the statues and images of the emperor had been overthrown, and his supporters have been killed. The Senate immediately recognized Gordian and his son August, and Maximian declared enemy. In all the provinces were sent to the embassy with the notice of the coup, and most of them joined the revolt. When Maximin told the accomplished, he became gloomy and very concerned about, but pretended that he belongs' to it with contempt. In the first and second day he was calm at home, advice from friends about what to do. On the third day he gave the soldiers a lot of money, and announced a campaign to Rome. But since the war broke out suddenly and there was nothing for it is ready, the emperor moved slowly, gathering from all over provisions and reserves pulling. Meanwhile it was announced that Gordian defeated in Africa and the supporters of the emperor committed suicide. In this extreme majority of the senators elected from its midst emperors Maximus and Balbinus (Herodian: 7; 2-5,7-10).

Hearing of the approach of the imperial troops, the inhabitants fled in fear, ruining their land. The soldiers spent the night in the deserted towns. Even then, they were in need of food. Nevertheless, they were able to smoothly cross the Alps and down into Italy, where their path stood Aquileia. Living it with great haste, prepared his city for a siege: to restore the walls, towers and fortifications, which are not used for many years. Supplies and weapons they have also proved to be abundant (Herodian, 8, 1-2). Thus, unexpectedly came upon the Emperor stubborn resistance. A strong storm brought him success. Akvileytsy protected by gray soldiers, fire and other similar facilities: many soldiers suffered severe burns or lost vision, were burned and siege machines. Thinking that the war is delayed due to inaction of his supporters, Maximin executed his commanders. In this he aroused intense anger against him by the soldiers. This joined by a shortage of food, as the Senate sent letters to all provinces and all the guards of the harbor, so that no food should not fall into the hands of Maximinus. In addition, he sent out to all the cities of the former palace, and Quaestors for alarms in all places and protection against Maximinus. Finally, encamped himself began to experience distress, which usually feels besieged. Amid all this came the news that the whole world is united in hatred of Maximin (Capitolina: 'Two Maksimanov': 22, 23). The soldiers were in his desperate situation: they have suffered severe hardship in literally everything gradually fell into a depression. Finally, some foreign players, whose camp was near the Alban mountains, conspired among themselves to kill Maximinus to get rid of the long and endless siege and no longer ravage Italy, for the sake of all of the convicted and the hated tyrant. Summoning the spirit, they are at noon approached the imperial tent. Maximin came out to talk with them, but they are not allowing him to even open his mouth, on the spot, and slew him, and his son. Then killed were all his generals and friends, and their corpses were thrown, without burial. Heads of Maximinus and his son were sent to Rome (Herodian: 8, 5). The news of the death of a hated ruler caused great jubilation. According to Capitolina, it is difficult to even express how great it was fun, when carried through the whole of Italy in Rome's head of Maximinus and all ran to meet them, to take part in the general merriment (Capitolina: 'Two Maximino', 24).

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