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Biography Macrinus
Macrinus, Marcus sawdust - the Roman emperor in 217-218 years. Genus. 164 g. + 218 g.

On the life of Macrinus, before he became emperor, very little is known. It seems certain that he was the lowest origin and was born in Africa, a Moorish city of Caesarea. Some write that he was a freedman, a man of the house of tolerance, sang slave duties in the imperial house. Then he allegedly began to conduct small-scale court cases, speeches, taught in school, and when the North was recorded in the riders and finally became a lawyer of the Imperial Treasury. According to another version, Macrinus was the first slave and gladiator, and obtain the release, he went to Africa at first was a hunter, then a notary, and then counsel the Imperial Treasury. Whatever it was, he reached the highest position in the 212 g. was appointed prefect of the praetorian (Capitol: 'sawdust Macrinus', 4). According to Herodian, Macrinus was extremely experienced in litigation, and especially versed in the laws. But Caracalla now and then publicly mocked him, saying that he was not a warrior, or anything not suitable. He also said that the prefect of the praetorian devoid of courage and suffering of female weakness. Macrinus grieved at his disgrace, but encroached on the life of the emperor not before he felt a threat to their own. It so happened that Maternian, which has entrusted all the affairs of Caracalla in Rome, wrote to the Emperor in Edessa, and strongly advised to get rid of Macrina. He explained that this is the fact that mages pointed him to the threat posed by the prefect praetorian. Letter Materniana inadvertently falling into the hands of Caracalla Macrinus, along with a bunch of other letters. After reading it, decided to pay Macrinus preemptive strikes and for the execution of his plan drew a certain Martsialiya, who shortly before that on the orders of the emperor's brother was executed. And during the transition from Edessa to Carr, when Caracalla went to relieve himself away from his bodyguards, Martsialy struck him with a knife under the collarbone and killed on the spot. Germans bodyguards pounced on the assassin and killed him. When the army learned of the incident, all ran to the curry, and Macrinus himself first stood over the corpse and sobbed as if struck by grief. The soldiers were in confusion and bewilderment, as they continue to be. For two days they remained without a sovereign and wondering who proclaim the ruler, but already it was known that they are Parthian king Artaban with a large and mighty army. In the end, they opted for Macrinus, because they are strongly incited to this rostrum. In any case, Macrinus became emperor is not so much by the position and credibility troops, many under the influence of the need and the moment. Immediately after that started a long battle with the Parthians. Two days opponents fought with extraordinary tenacity and valor. On the third day of the Parthians, who had a considerable superiority in cavalry, attempted to surround the Romans, but Macrinus ordered the phalanx to stretch wide and so prevented them from exercising their intention of. By evening the lives of so many people and animals, that the whole field was covered with mountains of corpses. Between the armies formed an impenetrable wall of dead bodies, therefore, unable to go at each other, the enemies went to their camps. That evening Artaban learned that Caracalla was no longer alive, and agreed to make peace. Mesopotamia remained for the Romans (Herodian: 4, 12-15).

Macrinus took legions in Antioch and sent a letter to the Senate with notice of its election. Senators, against expectations, eagerly adopted the troops will, of course, not the location of Macrinus, but from the hatred of Caracalla. Mistake on the part of Macrina was the fact that he had not disbanded the army and not rushed at once to Rome, where he would surely have favorably. But he stayed in the camps and led a luxurious lifestyle, appearing before the soldiers decorated with plenty of gold and jewels. It eventually became irritated by Legionnaires. They all complained loudly to the fact that after heavy war forced to live in camps, enduring all hardships, while their commander spent his life in tender and delicate. Macrinus has further strengthened their dislike, trying to harsh measures to restore military discipline.

In the spring of 218 g. spread the news that the Phoenician legions proclaimed emperor young Heliogabalus, whom his grandmother Julia Mesa announced his son Caracalla. Macrinus initially treated his opponent with contempt. He himself remained in the camp, and sent Phenicia in camp Prefect Julian. But the soldiers killed him and went over to the side of Heliogabalus. Alarmed by this news, Macrinus gathered all its available troops and has himself made to meet rebels. The troops met at the border of Phoenician and Syrian. Now, many of the soldiers Macrinus fled to the enemy. In the battle that occurred on June 8 near Antioch, Macrinus suffered a complete defeat. Even before the end of the battle he "secretly fled from the imperial tent, dressed in a simple pavement and covering his head. Who was seriously ill and exhausted riding, he reached Khalkedon in Bithynia. Here supporters Heliogabalus overtook him and beheaded. Along with him was killed and his son (Herodian: 5, 2, 4).

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Macrinus, photo, biography
Macrinus, photo, biography Macrinus  Roman Emperor, photo, biography
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