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Biography Caracalla
Caracalla Marcus Aurelius Antoninus North Bassian - Roman emperor of the dynasty Severs, who ruled in 211-217 years. son of Septimius Severus. Genus. 174 g. + April 8. 217 g.

As a child, Julius Bassian, called later and Antonin Caracalla, its mild nature, was witty, affable with his parents, pleasant friends, all of these qualities have served him in good stead, attracting to it a common love. He did not reveal the stupidity in the science classroom, was not inclined to hide their location, do not skimp on the generous gifts, happy to show mercy, but it was all in the lives of parents. If he ever had seen convicts, loaned at the mercy of wild beasts, he wept or turned away and this caused a special arrangement for him the people. As a boy of seven, . he heard, . that his friend from childhood games severely flogged for, . that he professed Judaism, . and a long time he could not watch any of his father, . nor the father of the boy, . because he considered them guilty of flogging,
. Gifts that he received during the holidays from his parents, he was on their own accord distributed to clients and their teachers. Leaving Childhood, . he, . whether under the influence of his father's advice, . either by an innate cunning, . maybe, . because, . I considered it necessary to be like Alexander the Great, . king of Macedon, . become more withdrawn, . more important, . even his face grew more sullen, . so that those who knew him as a boy did not believe, . it is the same person,
. Alexander the Great and his actions were always on his lips. He is often praised as Tiberius and Sulla. He was more arrogant than his father, his brother Getu he despised because he carried himself very easily (Spartian: 'Antonin Caracal'; 1-2). In 196 g. father proclaimed Bassiana Caesar and then gave him the name of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, whom he regarded as the greatest of the emperors (Spartian: 'North', 10). According to Herodian, the two sons of Septimius Severus had been corrupted by luxury and metropolitan lifestyle, excessive passion for the sights, the commitment to the horse races and dancing. The brothers quarreled among themselves, first of childish vanity, because quail fighting and cock-fighting or because of fights between the other boys. Their hobbies circuses and music have always led to quarrels, they never liked anything one, but a pleasant one, another was hateful. On both sides of their egged sycophants and servants, and to please their children's whims and face each other brothers. The father, knowing this, tried to reconcile and to reason with his sons, but his efforts were in vain. To teach his sons to power, he took them with him on expeditions: in Parthia, and the British. Antonina he soon married the daughter of the praetorian prefect Plavtiana, hoping that as a result of marriage that senses. But not too pleased with marriage and married a forced, . than on their own, . Antonin hostile to the young woman: not shared with her or the bed, . no meal, . felt to her disgust, and often threatened to kill her, . as soon as the sole holder of power,
. It is said that he did not conceal his intention to occupy the throne at any cost. In Britain, when Septimius Severus finally took to his bed, struck down by serious illness, Antonin began intensively curry favor with the soldiers, and his brother slandered the most despicable manner. Seriously ill, slows down the father seemed to him to die a painful and burdensome. He tried to persuade doctors and servants as any damage to the old man during treatment, that they might get rid of it. Doctors refused to perform this inhuman order. Therefore, when Septimus in 211 g. Still dead, Antonin first thing ordered to kill all members of the household and the doctors who did not obey his instructions, and then teachers who taught him and his brother, as they are fed up with him, strongly pleading to live in harmony. In private he was God ples pleasing gifts and promises of military commanders to ensure that they persuaded the army to proclaim him one of the emperor, against his brother, he invented all sorts of machinations. Soldiers, however, have both brothers, the same respect and devotion. Then Antonin concluded a treaty with the British, gave them peace and took the Pledge. Then he hastened to his brother and stepmother. When they were all together, and Julia Domna, and senior officials tried to reconcile the brothers. Antonin, since all opposed to him in his will, more by necessity than willingly bowed to friendship and harmony, rather conspicuous, rather than true. Two brothers thus started to manage the empire, having equal power. They wanted to leave Britain and hastened to Rome, carrying with them the remains of his father (Herodian: 3, 10, 15). All the way they argued and did not even sit down at one table - too much was the suspicion that another first, whether himself or his servants persuaded, will have time to secretly poison some deadly poison food or drink, brother. Moreover, they were in a hurry: every thought, . that the risk decreases, . as soon as they are in Rome and divide in half palace, in this vast and crowded housing, . which exceeded the size of a city, . everyone can live by itself, . as he pleases,
. Indeed, according to their orders were tightly packed with all the passages between the two parts of the palace, and each put up their guard. Upon returning to the capital, they come together only in order to occasionally appear in public. But after a solemn funeral of Septimius Severus, they began to quarrel already open and the hatred build each other intrigues. Everyone did everything he could, only to somehow get rid of his brother and get their hands all power. Accordingly, the different views of all those who earned himself some position and honor in the State. Most inclined to Goethe, because he gave the impression of a decent man: for humility and gentleness to those spoken to, are usually dealt with more serious cases. Antonin same throughout showed the cruelty and irritability. And as he showed throughout the stormy temper and more threatening than the persuading, then his friends became more from fear than from a good position for him.

. Provrazhdovav so for some time, the brothers had gathered quite divided among themselves the empire in order to not wait against each other, staying together all the time
. Decided that Goethe must depart the eastern part of the Powers, with its capital at Antioch or Alexandria, and Antonina - West with the center in Rome. But when told about this agreement Julia Domna, she with her tears and persuasion to convince them to abandon such a disastrous venture. This is probably will prevent the Romans from the new civil war, but has led to the death of native son. Having tried all kinds of mischief, Antonin lost patience and decided to act openly - a sword and killing. February 26 212 g. he was suddenly attacked in the bedroom Getu Julia Domna and killed it. By carrying out the murder, he jumped out of the bedroom and stepmother with a loud cry rushed from the palace. The men of the palace guards, he ordered without delay to hold it in the praetorian camp, where they guarded him if there is still hope of escape: to stay here in the palace - so, go to certain death. Not knowing what happened inside the palace, they believed, and, as he fled without looking back, everything ran after him. Once in camp, he ran into the temple, where they bow in front of army icons and statues, and, falling to the ground, began to give thanks and vows to make sacrifices for the salvation. As reported by the soldiers, all of them slain, came running up to him. Antonin spoke to them, . but did not explicitly tell, . what actually happened, . but only shouted, . having escaped the dangers and machinations archenemy, . in heavy combat barely overpowered enemies, . that they were threatened both, . and through him, merciful fate kept at least one sovereign,
. Then he promised for my salvation and undivided power to issue every soldier a 2500 Attic drachmas, and a half times the increase they received allowance. After a speech he gave orders to disperse pretorians and immediately get the money from the temples and the treasury stores. Thus in one day was cruelly wasted all that North eighteen years accumulated and preserved, causing misery to other. Upon hearing about such amounts and realizing what had happened, the warriors have declared the sole emperor Antoninus, and Getu declared enemy. After spending the night in the camp temple, the courage and tamed the army of his hand hit Antonin went to the Senate with the whole army, armed with more than customary when accompanied by the emperor (Herodian: 4, 1, 3-5). Voinov, he put in the middle of a double row of seats between the senators and then delivered his speech. He complained about the machinations of his brother, his speech was confused and incoherent, all he blamed his brother and himself to justify. All of this Senate listened to without pleasure (Spartian: 'Antonin Caracal': 2). He spoke, slipping on the creek, full of anger, throwing a gloomy views on the brother's friends, leaving almost all trembling and pale, he hastened to the palace.

. Soon all were killed by relatives and friends of his brother, as well as those who lived in the palace for his half, killed all the servants; age, even if, and infant, are not considered
. Frankly scoffing, corpses pulled down together, piled on a cart and taken out of the city, where, having laid them in a heap, burned, or simply thrown higgledy-piggledy. Generally perished anyone who knew little Geta. Destroyed the athletes, the driver, artists of all kinds of music - in short, all those who indulged his sight and hearing. Senators, porodovitee or richer, killed at the slightest provocation or even without reason - it was enough for it to declare their followers Getae. Were slaughtered all those who came from an imperial sort. So was murdered daughter of Marcus Aurelius, an old woman (Herodian: 4, 5-6). Slew Pompeyana, the son of the daughter of Mark and Pompeyana. Before that he had been twice consul and military leader during the most important wars. Executed Gelviya Pertinax, the son of the emperor Pertinax, who was so revered Septimius Severus (Spartian: 'Antonin Caracal'; 3-4). Slain cousin of the Antoninus, also bore the name of the North, and some other. Of the senators killed all representatives patrician birth. Antonin dispatched his people and in the provinces, to destroy there the rulers and governors as friends brother. Each night brought with it the murder of different people. Vestals he was buried alive in the ground for what they allegedly did not comply with virginity. Told, . that one day the emperor was at the races, . it happened, . that the people just laughed at the driver, . which he was particularly located, taking it for an insult, . he ordered the soldiers to throw at the viewer, . remove and kill all, . who speak ill of his favorite,
. Since it was impossible to separate the guilty from the innocent, the soldiers ruthlessly murdered challenge and the first available (Herodian: 4, 6).

. His nickname Antonin received from the name of coming down to the heels of Gallic cloak with a hood, which he himself liked to wear, and a large number of people handing out
. In the future, such Caracalla called antoninovskimi. His stepmother Julia Domna, who was very beautiful, he took to wife. It is said that she herself, in order to seduce him, as if accidentally exposed to it most of his body. Antonin said: 'I would wish, if it were allowed'. To this she replied: 'If you like, then allowed'. When he heard this, his unbridled passion intensified. Contrary to all the laws he celebrated the wedding, adding to more fratricide and incest.

Following these events, it is the spring of 213 g. went to Gaul. Arriving there, he immediately killed narbonskogo proconsul. Citing the dismay of all the governor of Gaul, of persons, he brought upon himself the hatred of a tyrant. Having made a lot of injustices that he suffered from severe disease. According to those who are courting him, he showed extraordinary cruelty. Then, on the way to the East, he stopped in Dacia (Spartian: 'Antonin Caracal', 5, 9, 10). Here, . to exercise your body, . he was busy riding in chariots and battering different animals at close range, much less attention he paid court, . where, . however, . showed the ability to quickly understand the merits and accurately respond to the speech of other,
. All there the Germans, he arranged for himself and joined with them in friendship, someone took them to his troops and his personal guard. Often, handing over his Roman cloak, he changed his clothes in the Germanic. It places a blond hair and brushed them in Germanic. Barbara enjoyed looking at all this, and liked him very. Roman soldiers, too, could not get enough of him, . especially thanks to the additional pay, . which he was generous, . but also because, . that he behaved just like a warrior: the first took up a job, . if it was necessary to dig trenches, . a bridge across the river or cast a mount, . and generally the first to take up his every deed, . requiring hands and solid efforts,
. He had a simple table, it happened that for food and drink he used wooden utensils. The bread he served his production: he personally grind corn - as much as it was necessary for him alone, knead the dough and ispekshi on coals, eating. With all the expensive, he refrained; used only the cheapest, so what is available and the poor soldier. He tried to give the soldiers the impression that he was very pleased when he is called is not sovereign, and comrades. In campaigns, he often walked, rarely sat in the wagon or on horse, his arms wore himself. Sometimes, he bore the brunt of the icons Legion, huge, and even lavishly decorated with gold, so that the most powerful warriors scarcely able to bear them. Through these and other such things in it to love the warrior, admired his stamina, and it was not but admire, seeing that such a small body is accustomed to such hard work.

. When he coped with the camps on the Danube and moved into Thrace, which next to Macedonia, he immediately began to identify himself with Alexander, in every way refreshed his memory, and ordered all the cities to put his pictures and statues
. Eccentricities of his reach that he began dressing as a Macedonian: wore a white wide-brimmed hat, and put boots on his feet. After selecting boys and went with them in the campaign, he began to call them the Macedonian phalanx, and their superiors gave away the names of the generals of Alexander. From Thrace he crossed into Asia, spent some time in Antioch, and then arrived in Alexandria. Alexandrians took Antonina very solemnly and with great joy. None of them knew about the secret hatred, which he had long felt for their city. The fact that the emperor denounced on the jokes leveled at him by the townspeople. Deciding about punishing them, Antonin ordered the boys to gather the most prosperous in the country ostensibly for a military inspection, surrounded by their troops, and gave extermination. Of murder was such that the blood streams flowed across the plain, and the huge delta of the Nile and all the coast near the city was colored with the blood. Doing so with the city, he returned to Antioch in order to start a war with the Parthians.

In order to better conceal their intentions, he is to woo the daughter of the Parthian king. After receiving consent to the marriage, he freely entered into as a future son-in Mesopotamia, and then suddenly attacked those who came out to greet. After smashing a lot of people and looted all competing cities and villages, the Romans with a big booty and returned to Syria. During this shameful raid Antonin received from the Senate epithet 'Parthian' (Herodian: 4, 7-11).

Winter Antonin held in Edessa, and the spring 217 g. Curry arrived for the city to sacrifice to the god of the moon. While he went on the road for the administration of the toilet, he was killed by the centurion Martsialy. It is known that he Martsialy was moved by this act praetorian prefect Macrinus, who was proclaimed emperor after Antonina (Spartian: 'Antonin Caracal', 6-7).

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Caracalla, photo, biography
Caracalla, photo, biography Caracalla  Roman Emperor, photo, biography
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