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Lucius Verus

( Roman Emperor)

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Biography Lucius Verus
Lucius Verus, Caesar Aurelius August - the Roman emperor of the genus Antonines, who ruled in 161-169 years. Co-ruler Marcus Aurelius. Genus. at December 15. 130 g. + Feb. 169 g.

Lucius Verus belonged to the Etruscan family Tseyoniev LEVIN, from which emerged several consuls. All his ancestors belonged to the highest nobility, and his father was adopted by the Emperor Hadrian, and is scheduled to succeed his power, but died before his co-ruler. However, after this little Lucius remained in the imperial family. In order to provide for him the power of the future, Adrian shortly before his death, told his co-ruler and successor, Antoninus Pius to adopt Lucia, as well as Marcus Aurelius.

. Studied at first he was in the house Tibereya and was much loved teachers, despite the fact that no different abilities in the sciences
. But he loved fun, fun, and was very prone to any kind of decent amusements, games and jokes. After the adoption of 138 g. He was transferred to the family of Aurelius and was educated there, having before it the example of Marcus Aurelius. He loved hunting, fighting in palaestra and all kinds of exercise taken by young people. Access to higher-level positions was open to him from his early youth. In 153 g. He received questura in 154-m first consulate, and in the 161-meters - the second. But the big attraction to the cases he had never. Much more he was interested in the circus games and gladiatorial battles.

After the death in 161 g. Antoninus Pius Marcus Aurelius allowed Lucia to imperial power, gave him Tribunskii powers and gave consular dignity, and he made him his co-regent, though the Senate gave him the power of one. Since then Lucius has Verom be proud and August, whereas before that time was called Commodus. In the governance Lucius obeyed Mark as proconsul or legate to the emperor as governor. In the first couple, Mark turned to the soldiers with a speech on behalf of them both, and faith, mindful of the joint administration behaved with dignity and was considered an example of Mark. In general, despite his passion for luxuries and pleasures, he was a very simple-minded, and it smoothed out many of their shortcomings. However, going to 163 g. Syria, to lead the campaign against the Parthians, he had disgraced himself not only extravagant life and scandalous amours (he even shaved off his beard at the request of his mistress). Upon arriving in Antioch, he indulged in a luxurious lifestyle, while his generals with difficulty repulsed the invasion of the enemy army. Winter he spent in Laodicea, summer - in Daphne. While governor of Cappadocia Severin fell along with their legions, . and the Syrians were plotting to secede from Rome and the whole East has been devastated, . He hunted in Puglia, or rolling on the sea with music and singing from Corinth and Athens, and lingered in every pleasure known for its seaside city of Asia,
. Returning three years later in Rome, he gave full rein to his promiscuity. In his own house he had built this tavern, which went even after peers in Mark, and he served there all sorts of nasty people. The story also, . it all night playing dice, . assimilated this flaw in Syria, . and went so far, . that roamed the night in taverns and brothel, . ordinary hood covering his head, . which are on the road, . and feasting with different crooks, . undertaken more fights, . concealing, . sobutyldtskov, . who he is, . and often returned home beaten, . bruises on his face,
. In the taverns, he threw the large coin to break their bowl. During his peers, he often arranged gladiatorial contest, delay such feasts for the whole night and slept on the couch banquet, so it was raised, along with a stretcher and transferred to the bedroom. Marcus Aurelius knew everything about him, but pretended that nothing suspects ashamed to reproach brother. Not wanting to send Lucia a Markomannskuyu war or leave it unattended in Rome, Marcus Aurelius in 167 g. took him to a campaign. All concerns Mark took over, and Lucius spent his time hunting and feasts. After the liberation of Pannonia emperors went to Rome, but far from Altina Lucius died suddenly of apoplexy. Persistently rumors of his poisoning, but no clear evidence that was presented either then or later (Capitolina: 'DEF'; 1-4, B-7, 9).

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Lucius Verus, photo, biography
Lucius Verus, photo, biography Lucius Verus  Roman Emperor, photo, biography
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