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Biography Domitian
Domitian, Titus Flavius - Roman emperor of the genus Flavian, who ruled in 81-96 years. Son of Vespasian. Genus. 24 OPT. 51 g. + 18 Sept.. 96 пЁ.
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. Childhood and early youth Domitian spent in misery and vice: in a house they could not be any silver vessels, and the former Praetor Clodius Pollio kept and occasionally showed handwritten note of Domitian, where he promised a night with him
. Some have argued that his lover was nerves and his future successor.

Shortly before the fall of Vitellius in December, 69 g. Domitian, together with his uncle, Sabine and a detachment of troops loyal to him took refuge on the Capitol (Suetonius: 'Domitian', 1). When vitelliantsy stormed the hill, he hid in the guard house. Soon, one of the freedmen was able to deftly bring it out: wrapped in a linen coat, Domitian mingled with a crowd of priests and, unrecognized, reached Velabrum, where he was sheltered by his father Cornelius Notes client (Tacitus: 'History', 3, 74). Only after the victory he went out to the people and was proclaimed Caesar. He accepted the position of the urban praetor with consular authorities and settled in the palace, . but in no hurry to take care, . associated with this title, . and like a son of princes, only their shameful and immoral adventures (Tacitus: 'History', 4, 2),
. For many, he beat ly, but on Domitius Lepidus was married in 70, though she was already married. For one day, he gave 20 posts, so that Vespasian would say even, surprisingly, as a son and he did not priiskal successor.

For all this he received a reprimand and advice, better to remember her age and situation. When in Rome returned Vespasian and Titus, Domitian pretended to be a modest and extremely fond of poetry, which before was not engaged, and then contemptuously threw. After his father died in 79 g. He hesitated whether he did not bribe the army, and all the reign of his brother built the intrigues against him overtly and covertly. During the severe illness of Titus in 81 g., he ordered everyone to leave him, and when he died, gave him no honors, but the deification of, and often touched him in his speeches and edicts.

. In the early days of his reign Domitian each day locked alone for several hours, as if for the cases, but do things that catch flies, and pierced their sharp pencil
. Yet his reign was not without some brilliance, especially in the early years. He arranged numerous and varied spectacle, handing out money and feasts for the people. Many magnificent buildings he restored after the fire, 80 g., including the Capitol, burned a second time. Other monuments were built by him and on his own initiative (Suetonius: 'Domitian'; 1-5). In 83 g. Domitian made a campaign against the Chatti. Although decisive battle did not happen, the campaign was successful: to Rome were added 'Dekumatskie field' - a large wedge of Germanic lands between the Rhine and the Danube (Dion: 67, 7).

. In the same year he divorced his wife of Domitius, betrayed her having an affair with the actor Paris, but then again took her to himself, and executed Paris
. Actually, he was distinguished by an immense sensuality. It was said that he had plucked the hair from his concubines, and tinkering with the most filthy prostitutes. His niece, Julia, daughter of Titus, he seduced during his lifetime and then loved her passionately and openly, and even became the cause of her death, forcing obliterate the fruit, which she had suffered from it.

. In the beginning of all the bloodshed it was hateful
. It showed no signs of greed or avarice - on the contrary, he repeatedly had to be disinterested and even generosity. However, this mercy, and selflessness, he remained faithful for long. This cruelty, he found earlier than greed. In 84 g. He brought down the first persecution against the Senators, and many sent to death, including several konsulyarov. Some were executed on charges of mutiny, and the other on the most trifling pretexts. Over the years, his ferocity and cunning of all increased. Having exhausted the treasury at the cost of construction, entertainment, high salaries to soldiers, he rushed to get rich by any means: seize the state and with great severity exacted taxes, especially to file with the Jews. Love of power it also increased from year to year: from 85 g. He received a life tsenzorstvo, with 86 first entered treatment 'lord and god' and commanded so to call it in written and oral appeals, as consul for his life, he was seventeen times, than anyone before him.

. Earning at the end of the life of universal hatred, he was killed by a conspiracy closest friends and freedmen, whom she knew, and his wife
. Kill him Stephen, manager of the Empress Domitsilly. Pretended he had a sore left hand, he walked a few days, winding it into a woolen shawl, and by the established deadline a dagger hidden in her. Promises to reveal the plot, he was admitted to the emperor, while he was puzzled to read his note, he stabbed him in the groin. Other members of the conspiracy, bursting into the bedroom, finished off Domitian family blows. The people remained indifferent to his death, the Senate met her with joy, and the soldiers with indignation (Suetonius: 'Domitian', 3, 9-14,17,22,23).

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Domitian, photo, biography
Domitian, photo, biography Domitian  Roman Emperor, photo, biography
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