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( Byzantine Emperor)

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Biography Arcade
Arkady, Fl - Byzantine emperor in 383 - 408 years. Son of Theodosius I. Born in 377 g. May 1 + 408 g.

After the death of Theodosius I in January, 395 g. The Roman Empire was divided between his sons. Served as a boundary line drawn from the limits of Cyrene in Libya to Epidamna, located near the Ionian Gulf (dig: 'War of Justinian', 3, 1). Arkady went to the eastern part of. He ruled in Dacia, Macedonia, Greece, Thrace, Asia Minor, Syria and Egypt (Gibbon: 29). However, the supreme power belonged to him by name only. All my life painful and weak-willed, Arkady was influenced by those close to him. Pischug that it differed little growth and lean body was weak physically, and exposed the weakness of his soul and speech characteristics of eyes, which he sleepily and painfully closed (Philostorgy: II; 3). Initially, management was concentrated in the hands of the prefect of the East Gaul Rufinus. He gained such influence that all matters were decided by his will (Eunapius: 63, 64). However, this all-powerful military leader was soon bypassed by craft chief court eunuch Eutropius. Rufin, intending to further strengthen its power, intended to give the emperor his daughter. But Eutropius destroyed all his plans and arranged the marriage of the emperor with the beautiful Eudoxia, daughter held at the Roman service Frankish warlord Botou (Gibbon: 29). Then Rufinus entered into secret relations with the Goths, who since Theodosius had settled in Thrace on the Rights of the federates Empire (Dashkov: 'Arcady'). Goths who had not received after the death of Theodosius conventional gifts, delivered by the Romans deposed chiefs and elected King Alaric of the militant kind Bytes. He persuaded the ready, it's better to get his own kingdom, than a lifetime to obey foreign kings (Jordan: 146 - 147). Autumn 395 g. Goths rushed to Constantinople, but could not take this mighty fortress. Rufin, going to their camp, Alaric persuaded to divert his army to the west (Skrzhinskaya: 427). This was the last act of the all-powerful Prefect. In November, 395 g. Constantinople returned legions participating in the campaign against Eugenia Theodosia. They headed Goth Haina. He hated Rufina and made no secret of his intention to part with it (Gibbon: 29). And when Rufinus went to meet the troops arrived, the Legionnaires attacked him and stabbed at the feet of Arcadia (Philostorgy: II; 3).

Death of a powerful empire is not freed from external and internal disturbances. Rather than invade the western provinces, the Goths, led by Alaric, in 396 g. turned over to Macedonia and Thessaly, entered through the pass of Thermopylae in Greece, destroyed Athens, Corinth burned, devastated Peloponnese. Daunted by this formidable campaign, Arkady at 398 g. Alaric granted the title of Master of the army IL-lyric. Thus, the Goths again, as in Feodosia, became part of the Roman army and were able to obtain, except for salaries, weapons and content, like all the Roman soldiers (Skrzhinskaya: 427). Past impact Rufina passed to Eutropius, who was the first of the eunuchs was awarded the title of the post of consul and Patrick (Sozomen: 8; 7). According to the testimony of all historians, it was much worse than its predecessor, as distinguished insatiable greed. Eunapius wrote that Eutropius prevailed at court and, as a mighty serpent, obvivshis around him, all squeezed and embarrassed for his own benefit (Eunapius: 67, 67, 69). In the end, he lost all sense of proportion and, using his influence over the emperor, began to show tendencies of this despot. But he fell in 399, after cruelly insulted empress, threatening her for something expulsion from the palace. Sobbing, Eudoxia was to her husband, holding her two daughters. Hearing what was happening, Arkady flared, Eutropius stripped of all honors, and banished to Cyprus. Later he was convicted and beheaded (Philostorgy: II; 6). While performing this internal upheaval in Asia, revolted Haina. Frightened by the scale of his speech, Arkady met near Khalkedon with a proud goth and took all its conditions. Haina received the title of chief commander of the Roman armies and filled Constantinople troops loyal to himself, who behaved here with the audacity of the invaders. The insolence of the barbarians finally exhausted the patience of residents of the capital, especially after the Haina demanded open ddya their fellow Arian church. In July, 400 g. in the capital, a rebellion broke out, and after several days of fighting the Goths were driven out of town. Haina tried to cross back to Asia, but the Hellespont suffered another crushing defeat on the other barbarian Fravitta. With a few companions Haina fled across the Danube, and here was killed by the Huns. Following these tumultuous events Arkady came under strong influence of the Empress Eudoxia. Apparently, he really loved her greatly, as it does not survive her early death, and died shortly afterwards, at the thirty-first year of life and the thirteenth year of self-government (Gibbon: 32).

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Arcade, photo, biography
Arcade, photo, biography Arcade  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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