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( Byzantine Emperor)

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Theodosius II, Flavius - Byzantine emperor in 402 - 450 years. Arcadia Son. Genus. April 10. 401 g. + 28 July 450 g.

Theodosius was proclaimed co-emperor Augustus and Arcadia, when he was only nine months old. Seven years later, his father, . dying, . made a will, . in which he announced his successor, Theodosius, . could he appointed guardian of the Persian king Isdigerda, . begging him in the same testament to use all their power and foresight to preserve the throne for his son,
. When Isdigerd saw the document delivered to him, he showed a virtue worthy of a great surprise and eternal memory. He did not ignore the request of Arcadia, all the time kept a definitive peace with the Romans and kept Theodosia Power. Senate, he immediately sent a message in which he threatened war to anyone who tries to arrange a conspiracy against him (dig: 'War of Justinian', 1, 2). Office of the State was assigned first to the Prefect Anfimov (DS: 7, 1), and with 414 g. concentrated in the hands of the eldest sister of Theodosius Pulkheria (Theophanes: 401). Although she was only 15 years old, she says Sozomen, had wisely wisest. His virginity, she dedicated to God. In addition, she sent her sisters, and to suppress any snares removed from the palace of all men. Assuming caring government, Pulcheria run all things beautiful and very well-behaved, making a good disposition (Sozomen: 9; 1). However, Eunapius describes this time completely different colors and said that if Pulkheria exhibited at a public sale of large and small nations for those wishing to buy management. Entire countries were sold at public clearly bankers, like any other product on the market. Who wanted to rob the Hellespont, bought the Hellespont, the other bought Macedonia, the third - Kyrenia. Everybody could buy management and one people, n the detriment of many nations subservient. It could not fear the laws that were not so much weaker and thinner than the web, but scattered and floated easily dust (Eunapius: 87).

Brother Pulcheria tried to give the rightful king of Education. People knowledgeable taught him to ride a horse, I reported to possess weapons of knowledge in the sciences (Sozomen: 9; 1). Theodosia knew Greek and Latin languages, mathematics, astronomy, history, draw, paint, and even copied them illustrated books, and for the beautiful handwriting was nicknamed 'Calligraphy'. He read a lot, often at night, in the light, designed by a special lamp (Dashkov: 'Theodosius the Younger'). My sister also gave him instructions on how to behave on the outputs of the king how to dress, how to sit and walk. At least she managed and its piety, accustomed always to pray and read the priests (Sozomen: 9; 1). In the future, becoming a young man and mature man, Theodosius continued throughout the subject's sister, which is one of the only offspring Theodosius 1 resembled the character of his great grandfather (Gibbon: 32). In the Imperial Palace, Theodosius gave the order, such a monastery: to get up early in the morning and together with her sisters sang antiphons for the glory of God, known in the memory of Scripture and argued about it with the bishops as a priest. By nature he was a gentle man (Socrates: 7, 22), gullible, and, according to Theophanes, worn by every wind, why frequently signed papers without reading them at all. Once Pulcheria planted among other papers on the impact of her as a slave of his wife, the Empress Eudoxia, whom he did not read, signed, for his sister later reproached him. This Evdokia was the daughter of the philosopher Leontius. Pulcheria itself zhenila her brother in 421 g. Empress distinguished minds, beauty, eloquence, and Theodosia warmly loved her. Unfortunately for him, the two are deeply revered by the woman he could not get along with each other. In 439 g. Evdokia to remove Pulcheria from power, tried to remove her from the yard and make a deacon, with giving a vow of virginity. Learning of this, Pulcheria left the palace in Evdomon. But in 441 g. Evdokia reign ended. Theophanes says that someone Pavlian, a man highly educated and beautiful, enjoyed a special position of the Empress, who often talked with him alone. On the day of Christmas Yuletide someone brought Theodosia apple extraordinary size and beauty. The emperor sent him Evdokia, and she sent Pavlianu. Pavlian same two days later, brought him to the emperor. Thus, their relationship was revealed. Theodosia Pavliana exiled to Cappadocia and ordered the execution. Evdokia she retired to Jerusalem and lived there until his death. After this, Theodosius with great difficulty persuaded to return to the palace Pulcheria (Theophanes: 411, 440-442). Almost all of the reign of Theodosius, except for a short war with Persia, took place in the world. But shortly before his death, the empire suffered a devastating invasion of the Huns. In 442 g. Hun leader Attila demanded of Theodosius, that he had been given all peremetchiki and sent tribute, and also to have been sent envoys to negotiate the payment of tribute for the future. In response, he received notification that the Romans will not tell anyone invoking their protection under the people, but together with them will be a war (Prisk: 3). Enraged by this arrogant answer, Attila moved his hordes at the Empire. In three successive battles of the Roman army was divided. After that, the Huns took and destroyed all the cities in Illyria and Thrace, except Andrianopolya and Heracles, and spread their dominion from the Hellespont to Thermopylae and the suburbs of Constantinople (Theophanes: 442). In 447 g. concluded there was peace. Theodosius agreed to give all Attila peremetchikov immediately pay the 6000 Libre gold every year to pay more to 2000. According to Priscus, the horror in front of Attila was so great that the Romans obeyed his every request and to any compulsion on his part was regarded as the order of the ruler (Prisk: 5, 6). Soon after this shameful peace Theodosius suffered sudden death. During the hunt, the horse threw him into the river Lycus, he was injured during the fall of the spinal column and the next day he died (Gibbon: 34).

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THEODOSIUS II, photo, biography
THEODOSIUS II, photo, biography THEODOSIUS II  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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