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Biography Zinon
Zinon - Byzantine emperor in 474-491 years. + April 9. 491 g. The original name was Zinon Tarasikodissa Rusumvladesta. He was descended from a tribe Isaurian (Candid: 1). About 447, on the eve of war with the Huns, he brought to Constantinople, a strong detachment federates (Dashkov: 'Zinon'). Emperor Leo McKell became elevate Tarasikodissu, because I wanted to rely on Isaurian in the fight against the all-powerful nobles of Germany, which received a tremendous influence in the court of Constantinople. Leo renamed Tarasikodissu in Zinon and gave him his daughter, Ariadne, after Zinon widower (Kandad: 1). In 464 g. he appointed him military commander of troops of Asia Minor, then - Komichi eskuvitov, in 469 g. - Consul, and in 470 - head of the Thracian troops (Dashkov: 'Zinon'). He wanted to give him up after itself and the imperial power, but because the subjects were biased against Zinon, Leo, dying, proclaimed emperor's grandson, the son Zinonova, Leo II. After the death of his grandfather Leo, with the consent of the Senate immediately crowned his father to the throne. Thus knowing Isaurian yet reached the imperial throne (Candid: 1).
According Malha, Zinon was a man of war. He was not on the nature of the cruelty and the unquenchable anger that marked the Lion, was ambitious, had acted only because of the fame, more for show than for use. He was not experienced in affairs, had no knowledge of those in which the firm can manage the state. To gain was not so fond of, like Leo, however, and he was not deprived of this passion. But worst of all was that the emperor's favorite, Sebastian, has divided his power and rule the way they like them. Sebastian all selling as the market, and did not allow that at the imperial court to do something not for money. No it is not done without a bribe (Manx: 4). Zinon himself indulged in a furious pleasures and reigned wickedly (Theophanes: 466). (Evagrius: 3, 1).

Meanwhile reign Zinon proved difficult, full of unrest and riots. At the beginning of 475 g. in the Thracian Heraclea Basilisk, brother Verin, teshi Zinon, based on Vera's, and someone from the Senators rebelled against Zinon. Afraid, he fled on Jan. 9 from Constantinople with his wife Ariadna and lots of money in one strong Syrian fortress was called Wara. From there he moved to Tessedu, because generals and Fig Trokund, adherents basilisk, began to besiege it. Meanwhile Basilisk declared themselves on the emperor, and soon after that rose up against orthodoxy and a special edict rejected the decision of Chalcedon (Theophanes: 467). After this step, he quickly lost its popularity. Also among the usurper and his sister began feuds. Verin had hoped to marry Master Patrick and make him king. But the Basilisk killed Patrick. Then Verin has the money to help Zinon regain his power (Kandad: 1, 2). After the Basilisk reigned a year and eight months, almost all, especially the palace soldiers, hated him because of the terrible stinginess (dig: 'War of Justinian', 3, 7). Warlords and Fig Trokund, besiege Zinon, reconciled with him. Taking Zinon, they went to Constantinople (Theophanes: 469). Basilisk sent to meet his nephew Armat with orders to act and to fight against Zinon. When opponents camped near each other, . Armat gave Zinon his army with the condition, . to Zinon proclaimed him a very small son Basilisk Caesar, . in the case of his death would leave his successor to the throne (dig: 'War of Justinian', 3, 7),
. In August, 476 g. Zinon came to Constantinople and was adopted by the people and the Senate. Abandoned by all Basilisk fled to the church, laid his crown at the divine altar, and took refuge with his wife in the baptismal. Zinon ordered to take the basilisk, pledging that not decapitate him. However, after some time he locked him in Kukuze in Cappadocia in the tower with his wife and children and ordered to starve. Basilisk son Armat, he proclaimed Caesar. Fulfilled, thus his oath, he had to kill Armat on the staircase in the palace, when he went to the racetrack, and his son, Caesar, and commanded to devote readers (Theophanes: 469).

. After a little time, in 479, revolted against Zinon Marcian, son of Roman emperor Antemiya, married to the youngest daughter of Leo McKell, Leontiev
. Around the Imperial Palace there was a strong fight. And while many have fallen both in the one or the other, Marcian routed their opponents and could seize the palace, had not missed an opportunity, has postponed the case to tomorrow. The next day he was extradited to associates. He forcibly tonsured with his wife and sent to Tarsus of Cilicia (Evagrius: 3, 26). Since all the intrigue came from Verin, Ill. at 480 g. Zinon advised to remove the wife's mother from the capital. Under some pretext Zinon drove her to Chalcedon, and then to the fortress Papury. Ariadne asked the mother to return from exile and said to the emperor: 'Either Illu remain in the palace, or me'. Zinon replied: 'Of course, you. Do with Illom what you want! " Ariadne had sent to kill him sholyariya Spanic. When Fig ascended the stairs Hippodrome, Spanic raised his sword already, but the master swordsman, jumped up, took a blow over. Zinon ordered the execution of a murderer, claiming that he knew nothing about the plotted assassination. Fig pretended to believe him, and asked permission to retire to the East, where he was made chief military commander. Arriving in Panuriyu, Ill. freed Vera's and told her to marry at the kingdom Patrika Leontius, a native Syrian, his old friend. Shortly thereafter, Verin died, but the spark of rebellion, abandoned it, broke out with great force: rebel Syrian legions and federates, the Syrians joined the population of Egypt. In 484 g. Leonti came to Antioch. Zinon sent against the rebel army led by John Skif. He managed to defeat Illom and Leontiev and lock them in Panurii. After a four-year siege in 488 g. They were finally captured and executed (Theophanes: 472, 473, 476, 480). Around the same time, the Goths, who settled in Thrace in the time of Theodosius the Great, with arms revolted against the Romans under the command of Theodoric, Patricia, received the rank of consul in Byzantium. But Zinon, who could well use the circumstances persuaded in 488 g. Theodoric to go to Italy and joining the war against Odoacer ruled there, get yourself and Goths power over the Western Empire (dig: 'War of Justinian', 5, 1).

Epileptic Zinon died in 491 g. during seizure. Preserved the tradition that the emperor had issued a senseless corpse and buried on the orders of Ariadne, though, and heard his cries (Dashkov: 'Zinon').

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Zinon, photo, biography
Zinon, photo, biography Zinon  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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