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Anastasius I DIKOR

( Byzantine Emperor)

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Biography Anastasius I DIKOR
Anastasius I Dikor - Byzantine emperor in 491 - 518 years. Genus. 430 g. + July 9 518

Anastasius was a native of Dirrahiya in Illyricum (Evagrius: 3, 29). He was well educated, famous for its intelligence, good conduct and enjoyed the favor of Empress Ariadne (Dashkov: 'Anastasius Dikor'). Ariadne's husband, Emperor Zinon, died in 491, was not leaving a single son and only brother Lance, a man senseless, cruel and extravagant. Longin hoped to seize the throne, . but Ariadne, . Senate and all the army proclaimed emperor Anastasia, . and at that time in the post Silenciarij (so-called ministers, . the duty which lay the maintenance of order in the palace) (Theophanes: 483),
. Patriarch Euthymios was opposed to this election, calling Anastasia heretic because of his penchant for teaching Monophysites. But Ariadne and the Senate was forced to agree Euphemia. However, it is not otherwise allowed it, as with the condition that Anastasia provide a written promise to adopt a definition of faith of Chalcedon, which he did (Fedor: 2, 6). Then Euthymios Anastasia crowned in the kingdom, and he took me to the marriage of Ariadne. Isaurian know, supported by Lance, did not immediately recognized his defeat and never tired of intrigues against the new emperor. In 493 g. Anastasius expelled from Constantinople all Isaurian for many perpetrated by their disorder. Isaurian rose and came even before Phrygia, when Anastasius sent against the rebel commander John Skif. John won over Isaurian complete victory, but those relying on the fortress and the mountain strongholds of Brands, waged war for three more years. In 496 g. John Skiff, after a long siege, captured and executed their leaders. Many isavriytsev were resettled in Thrace. Patriarch Euphemia, who was suspected of collusive Anastasius with their enemies, the bishops deposed and excommunicated. Before that Anastase power away from him his written confession. In place of the patriarchs erected Euphemia in Macedonia. However, a relationship with him from the Emperor, too, did not exist (Theophanes: 483, 485, 487, 488).

. Evagrius writes that Anastasius, as a person, located to the world, absolutely not like any innovation, especially in the situation of churches, and all the measures concerned that the church had not been vozmuschaemy
. Decisions of the Council of Chalcedon in it were neither clearly adhered by, nor does otvergaemy - and each are over disposed of as he pleases. However, despite this, all his time in office was in the religious turmoil, and the Orthodox clergy never ceased to attack the heretical views of the emperor. Anastasius not remain in debt (Evagrius: 3, 30). In 511 g. singing in the palace church of the Archangel Trisagion began to sing the song, inserting it contrary to custom word 'crucified for us', as it used to be a Monophysites Antioch. Orthodox attacked them, and between them was fierce feud. Anastasius for this anger to the patriarch, showering him clearly and publicly the most filthy insults through the renegades monks. Angered svoemysliem emperor, the patriarch, in turn, accused him of indulging Manichees, then between Anastasi and Macedonia, there was a complete rupture. Capital rabble mostly stood on the side of the Orthodox Church and not just a noisy expressed their hatred of the emperor-heretic. The intensity of the struggle reached the point that Anastasius in fear locked doors of the palace and kept in readiness for flight vehicles. In 512 g. He persuaded the two villains to blame Macedonia in sodomy and heresy. Based on these allegations by the power of the patriarch was taken out of his house, many priests, his supporters were put in prison. Not daring to inflict on the Macedonia result, Anastase banished him without trial, and appointed Patriarch Timothy (Theophanes: 499, 503, 504). In 512 g. of the same word 'crucified for us' in Constantinople there was great indignation, as if this completely rejected by the addition of Christian faith. Many people have been killed, many houses were burned. Alarmed by rampant mob, Anastasius went to horse the lists without the crown, and sent heralds to announce to the people that he is ready to lay down the supreme power. Seeing this, people immediately calmed down, began to ask Anastasia to wear the crown, and promised to calm down (Evagrius: 3, 44). The following year religious war spilled outside the capital. Count federates Vitaliano declared himself a defender of orthodoxy and with a lot of the Huns and the Bulgars took all Thrace, Scythia and Moesia, went to Constantinople, and began his siege. In 514 g. Anastasia had to accept all the demands of the rebels: he agreed to convene a new ecumenical council, and it out all differences of opinion in the interpretation of the dogmas of faith, and to return the throne of the deposed Orthodox bishops. But no sooner stepped Vitaliano, Anastase renounced his promises. All the people and the Senate loudly criticized the emperor for perjury, but he brazenly told them that there is a law allowing the emperor, if need be to violate the oath and deceiving (Theophanes: 506). The rebels had marched an army, but Vitaliano won a complete victory in the battle for the second time went to the capital. In 515 g. Anastasius again sought peace. But the truce, he himself broke it treacherously and suddenly attacked the fleet Vitaliano. In this naval battle the rebels were defeated and their leader escaped (Evagrius: 3, 43).

Soon after this victory in July, 518 g. Anastasius died last night during a terrible storm that has led the Orthodox chroniclers say that the Emperor was killed by lightning (Theophanes: 510).

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Anastasius I DIKOR, photo, biography
Anastasius I DIKOR, photo, biography Anastasius I DIKOR  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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