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Tiberius II

( Byzantine Emperor)

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Biography Tiberius II
Tiberius II, Flavius Constantine - Byzantine emperor in 578 - 582 years. + August 14. 582 g.

Thracian Tiberius moved to the Emperor Justin II and served under him the post of captain of the guard. In 573 g. he led an unsuccessful war with the Avars, suffered from them 'defeat, and he barely escaped by flight. However, thanks to the patronage of the Empress Sophia Tybery not lose the location of Justin (Theophanes: 566, 567). In 574 g. on the advice of Sofia ball fathered the Emperor Tiberius, and announced his co-regent with the title of Caesar. According to Evagrius, the new emperor was marked by all the virtues. He was very high, and article. His soul was gentle and humane - and has seemingly had by all (Evagrius: 5, 13). He did not care about personal gain and money, and saw the highest happiness that his subjects will prosper and enjoy great wealth, and general welfare, and he considered the greatest treasure nepohischaemym (Simokatta: 3, 16). In September 578, after the death of Justin, Tiberius became the sovereign ruler. Soon the people at the racetrack, demanded that the Emperor Augustus showed them. Then Tybery brought to the podium his secret wife, Anastasia. Theophanes says that Sofia was shocked to learn that Tiberius married, as hoped to marry him and stay August (Theophanes: 571). Holding his stepson on offense, she tried to deprive him of his throne, and later Tiberius was forced to conclude Sofia under the supervision of one of her palaces (Dashkov: 'Sofia').

Board that have befallen the reign of Tiberius, had been extremely heavy. Since, . as he sat on the throne, . John wrote, . it was surrounded on all sides of war: first and foremost a war against the Persians, . and simultaneously with a war against all the other barbarian peoples, . who rose to the strongest kingdom of Romeo and threatened him from all sides,
. Equals and after the death of Justin enemies severely beat upon him, especially the Slavs and Avars. Then he and a short time there was no rest from the messengers and rumors in the set came to him from all places. So many great men and some of the common people suffered for it, . words: in the ordeal and in bad days, got him the kingdom, . as the days and nights he is subject to care about, . to collect and send troops anywhere ih.vo all parties to the numerous war (John: 3, 6, 25),
. Persian war is draining all the forces of the Romans. But gradually their affairs in Asia has improved, especially after the Tiberius sent against the Persians talented commander Mauritius. Meanwhile Hellas in 578 g. experienced many disasters from invasions of the Slavs. Tiberius had no opportunity to resist the enemy all along. Then he offered Avar Kagan Bayan surprise attack on the land of the Slavs. Romans missed the 60 000 accidents through Illyria and send them on their ships on the Danube. Accident was immediately burn the villages of the Slavs and ravage their fields. Thus, the Slavs were defeated, and their prince Dove-rhythmic fell in battle. At the same time almost all of Italy was devastated by the Lombards. Tiberius Roman Senate pleaded for help, but he was forced to deny their support to save the eastern provinces. In 579 g. Avars began to demand the Emperor Sirmium - the last city, which still remained with the Romans in Pannonia, on the northern shore of the Sava. Tybery replied that he would rather give kagan his daughter than allow possession of this important fortress. But he could not have anything to protect her - after a two-year siege of the city was taken Bayan (Menander: 47, 48, 50, 58, 64, 66). In 581 g. many Slavs crossed the Danube. They quickly passed Thrace, Macedonia and the whole of Hellas, devastated and burned many towns and castles, and took the captives. This time they did not leave the Danube, and settled on the abandoned lands. Devastated tercentenary invasions and the end of the deserted Thrace became their new homeland, so that the settlement of the Slavs reached almost to the capital (John: 3, 6, 25). Tiberius had to accept the status quo. In 582 g. He married his daughter to Constantine for Mauritius and elevated him to the dignity of Caesar, along with another military leader - Germany. Shortly thereafter, the emperor ate red mulberry fruit and ill with tuberculosis. August 13, feeling his end, invited to the palace of the patriarch and all the bodyguards and close. He himself had been made on a stretcher and being no longer able to speak, through the narrator announced that Mauritius be named Emperor. The next day Tybery died (Theophanes: 574).

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Tiberius II, photo, biography
Tiberius II, photo, biography Tiberius II  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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