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( Byzantine Emperor)

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Mauritius, Flavius Tiberius - the Byzantine emperor in 582 - 602 years. Genus. 539 g. + November 602

Mauritius considered his fatherland Kapadokieli city Aravis. Leaving home, he arrived in Constantinople, where he began work as a metropolitan Notari. When Justin II, he received post Komichi eskuvitov and Komichi federates, and 577 g. proclaimed Master of the East, and he instructed the responsible war against the Persians (Dashkov: 'Mauritius'). According to Evagrius, it was the husband of a noble and prudent, always and everywhere a thorough and ongoing. And in the way of life and manners, he was firm and legible, avoided effeminacy and gluttony (Evagrius: 5, 19). Menander adds that the properties of high spirit he combined with gentleness, was neither proud nor arrogant (Menander: 58).

In 578 g. Mauritius moved into the interior of Persia. Despite a strong fever, he continued to bear the burdens of war. Violated Arzanenu and did not find the enemy, the Romans took Afumon - the so-called one of the strongest fortifications - the other building they destroyed and killed in the Persian State of an enormous number of people. From Arzanov Mauritius passed to the banks of the Tigris and subdued the fortress Singaron. The following year he again joined the Persian possessions and ruined both banks of the Tigris. At this time the Romans had laid waste all the fertile and the most flourishing area of Persia, beating people and destroying crops. In the summer of 580 g. Mauritius again entered the Persian possessions through the deserts of Arabia. But when he came to the banks of the Euphrates, it became known that the Persian army in the province of the Roman ruins Callinicus. Mauritius hurried march led his legions to the enemy and inflicted a defeat. In June, 581 g. Persian general Tamhosro with a large army stepped up to Constantine, and here there was a big battle between the Persians and the Romans, in which Mauritius won a landslide victory (Simokatta: 3, 15-17). Emperor Tiberius II showered Mauritius awards, gave him his daughter to wife Constance and died in August 582, bequeathed to him power over the empire (Simokatta: 1, 1).

. Throughout his presidency, Mauritius had to fight a stubborn war against foreign enemies
. In the Persian war, which he had successfully completed in 591 g. (Simokatta: 5, 2-3), many forces took up war with the Avars and Slavs. In 584 g. Slavs rushed to Constantinople, broke even for the 'Long Wall' and in front of everyone made a terrible massacre in the suburbs. With great difficulty commander Komentiolu could drive them away and cause the defeat of the Slavs (Simokatta: 1, 7). In the following years a bitter war continued with alternate success. In 599 g. Avars, breaking Komentiola, closed in on Constantinople, but were stopped opened in their army epidemic. One day, seven sons died Hagan. The Senate asked the emperor to send to the barbarians embassy in Driziperu, which would alleviate his gentle words. Kagan reluctantly accepted the gifts, but agreed to peace. We talked about the redemption of prisoners (there were 12 000). Avars asked for gold for every soul. Mauritius has not agreed to such amount. Kagan asked for half of the soul, and that the emperor can not give consent: do not even want to buy them for four ceramic, acceptance, and kag ^ n, angry, all killed and returned to their limits. Because of this, there was great hatred for Mauritius. Otpravilok emperor's army of deputies, accusing Komentiola in direct betrayal, as he led the soldiers are not ready to fight, and even warned them that leads to a battle - because this is what happened defeat. But Mauritius has not taken the charges against the commander and sent deputies without success. Among the soldiers persisted rumor that the emperor entrusted Komentiolu bring them to the enemy, in order to punish them for disobedience. Through this, according to Theophanes, the army launched against the evil mind of Mauritius.

Dangerous signs of dissatisfaction is increasing every day. Because of the drought were felt in the capital shortages of bread. Began even famine. In the autumn of 601 g. Caesar performed with the people of Te Deum and walked barefoot in Karpionah, suddenly some of the mob rebelled and started throwing stones in Mauritius, so that he barely escaped with his son, Theodosius ended the prayer in Vlaherna. The following year, the legions rioted Thracian. It was already cold, but Mauritius had ordered troops to cross the Danube and spend the winter in the land of the Slavs, and foodstuffs to procure himself in the same, that he had no need to send them to the public food. When Peter, the brother of the emperor summoned the commanders and told them the decree of Mauritius, who said that the army will accept this, and indeed, learning about the will of the emperor, it immediately revolted. Gathered, rebellious crowd proclaimed chief centurion Fok.

At this time, citizens have sent a request to Theodosius, the son of Mauritius, that he reigned over them, or put on the throne of his father-Hermann. Mauritius, on learning of this, carved birch Theodosius and Herman wanted to capture and execute, but the people did not allow the execution of his will. In the capital of the rebellion. Mauritius in the dead of night off his robe, dressed in a simple, sat on a light ship and fled with his wife and children. Niello all night shameful swore oaths to the emperor. At sea in the meantime there arose a great storm. Mauritius, completely broken gout, was arrested at Chalcedon, on the other side of the Strait. Meanwhile, Fok entered the capital and took the imperial power. A few days later he ordered the execution of his predecessor, along with all his sons. The imperial family have brought to the pier Eutropius in Chalcedon. First in front of Mauritius beheaded five of his sons, to tear his heart. But Mauritius with philosophical indifference, looked at their misfortune, and often proclaimed: "Righteous art thou. Lord, . and just court of yours! " Nurse stole was the youngest of the sons, . more baby, . and in its place introduced his own child, . but Mauritius exposed her deception (Theophanes: 592-594), . declaring, . it's unfair to the concealment of her son's death to insult the sanctity of other children,
. Then he himself was beheaded. Their corpses were thrown into the sea (Simokatta: 8; II), and their heads displayed on Tribunalnoy area and stood there until until it rotted. Peter, brother of the Emperor, and many others were killed. Only the elder son of Mauritius, Theodosia, was a rumor that he had escaped and found refuge in Persia (Theophanes: 595).

. An important innovation of Mauritius was the announcement of the Greek language the official language of the empire (before he was considered Latin) (Dashkov: 'Mauritius').

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MAURITIUS, photo, biography
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